Kimberly Conaway

Kimberly Conaway

Published: 25 Jul 2023


Regional Express, also known as Rex, is a popular regional airline that has been serving passengers in Australia since its establishment in 2002. With a focus on connecting smaller regional communities, Rex has grown to become a significant player in the Australian aviation industry. If you’re curious to know more about this airline, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will explore 14 fascinating facts about Regional Express, covering everything from its fleet and destinations to its awards and accolades. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a curious aviation enthusiast, these facts will give you a deeper understanding of what makes Regional Express a standout in the airline industry. So let’s delve into the world of Regional Express and discover some interesting tidbits about this renowned regional airline.

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Regional Express (Rex) is a leading Australian regional airline.

With its headquarters in Mascot, New South Wales, Rex operates scheduled regional flights to over 60 destinations across Australia.

The airline was established in 2002.

Regional Express was founded by two Australian aviation pioneers, Kevin Bowe and John Sharp, with the vision of providing safe and reliable regional air travel.

Regional Express is known for its exceptional safety record.

The airline has maintained a strong safety culture since its inception, earning the trust and confidence of its passengers.

Rex operates a fleet of over 60 aircraft.

Regional Express has a diverse fleet that includes the Saab 340, Saab 340Bplus, and the Boeing 737-800NG.

The airline offers a range of services, including passenger flights, charter flights, and freight services.

Regional Express caters to the needs of both passengers and businesses, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation.

Rex has an extensive regional network in Australia.

The airline connects regional communities, providing vital air links to remote and underserved areas across the country.

Regional Express is committed to sustainability.

The airline actively pursues environmentally-friendly practices, such as fuel efficiency initiatives and waste reduction programs.

Rex is known for its excellent customer service.

The airline strives to provide a pleasant and comfortable flying experience for passengers, with friendly and professional staff.

Regional Express offers affordable fares.

The airline focuses on providing competitive prices, making regional air travel more accessible for all Australians.

Rex has received numerous awards and recognition for its contributions to the aviation industry.

The airline’s dedication to excellence has earned it prestigious accolades, including the Airline of the Year award.

Regional Express supports local communities through various initiatives.

The airline is involved in sponsorships, partnerships, and charitable contributions to support regional development and welfare.

Rex has a frequent flyer program called Rex Flyer.

Passengers can earn points and enjoy exclusive benefits when flying with Regional Express.

Regional Express has a strong focus on regional tourism.

The airline collaborates with local tourism authorities to promote regional destinations, stimulating economic growth and employment in those areas.

Rex continues to expand its services and network.

With its commitment to connecting regional Australia, Regional Express is constantly exploring opportunities to enhance its operations and offerings.

In conclusion, Regional Express is a prominent regional airline in Australia, providing essential air travel services to numerous communities. With its commitment to safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Rex has established itself as a trusted provider in the aviation industry. Whether it’s flying passengers or transporting freight, Regional Express plays a vital role in connecting regional Australia.


Regional Express (Rex) is a prominent regional airline in Australia, known for providing reliable and convenient air travel options to various destinations across the country. With a strong focus on safety, exceptional service, and competitive fares, Rex has established itself as a trusted choice for travelers seeking regional air travel.

Throughout this article, we have explored 14 interesting facts about Regional Express. From its humble beginnings to its expansion into new routes, Rex has continually displayed resilience and adaptability within the competitive airline industry. With a fleet of modern aircraft and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Rex continues to play a vital role in connecting regional communities and supporting economic growth.

Whether you are a frequent flyer or have yet to experience the convenience of regional air travel, Regional Express stands out as a reliable and customer-centric airline that is dedicated to making your journey comfortable and enjoyable.


1. How can I book a flight with Regional Express?
Booking a flight with Regional Express is easy. Simply visit their official website or use their mobile app to search for available flights, select your desired travel dates and destinations, and follow the prompts to complete your booking. You can also book through authorized travel agents or contact their customer service for assistance.

2. What destinations does Regional Express fly to?
Regional Express operates flights to various destinations across Australia, including major cities and regional towns. Some popular destinations include Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and many more. Visit their website or contact their customer service for a complete list of destinations.

3. What services does Regional Express offer?
Regional Express provides a range of services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. These include in-flight refreshments, spacious seating, baggage allowance, and friendly cabin crew. They also offer corporate travel packages, charter services, and cargo transportation.

4. What is the baggage allowance for Regional Express flights?
The baggage allowance for Regional Express flights varies depending on the fare type and destination. Generally, passengers are allowed a certain weight limit for checked baggage and a smaller limit for carry-on baggage. It is recommended to check the specific baggage allowance for your flight when booking or contact their customer service for more information.

5. Does Regional Express participate in any frequent flyer programs?
Yes, Regional Express offers a frequent flyer program called “REX Flyer.” By joining this program, frequent travelers can earn points for each flight and redeem them for various rewards, including flight upgrades, discounted fares, and exclusive privileges. Visit their website or contact their customer service to learn more and sign up for the program.