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Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium, located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a legendary landmark that holds a special place in the hearts of football enthusiasts. The stadium, named after the renowned Bosnian football player Asim Ferhatovi?, is not only a sports venue but also a symbol of resilience and passion for the beautiful game.

Constructed in 1947, Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium has witnessed countless thrilling matches and historic moments. Its rich history and unique features make it truly mind-blowing. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating facts that make Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium a must-visit destination for football fans from around the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium, with its rich history and unique design, has become a beloved sporting and entertainment hub in Sarajevo, hosting football matches, athletics events, and music concerts.
  • Renamed in honor of legendary football player Asim Ferhatovi?, the stadium offers a state-of-the-art experience with modern facilities, breathtaking surroundings, and a vibrant atmosphere for fans and visitors.
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Historical Significance

The Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium, located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, holds great historical significance. It was built in 1947 and was initially named Koševo Stadium. The stadium has witnessed numerous memorable events, including hosting the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Capacity and Design

Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium has a seating capacity of around 34,500 spectators. The stadium’s design is unique, featuring an impressive oval-shaped structure with four main stands that provide excellent views of the playing field.

Sporting Mecca

Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium has become a sporting mecca in the region, hosting not only football matches but also national and international athletics events. Its modern facilities and track have attracted numerous athletes and spectators over the years.

Home of FK Sarajevo

The stadium is the beloved home of FK Sarajevo, one of the most successful football clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The team’s passionate and dedicated fanbase fills the stadium during matches, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Concert Venue

In addition to sports events, the Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium has also hosted several prominent music concerts. Renowned national and international artists have graced its stage, entertaining thousands of fans.

Renaming in Honor of Asim Ferhatovi?

In 2004, the stadium was renamed in honor of Asim Ferhatovi?, a legendary Bosnian football player who achieved great success both nationally and internationally. This renaming is a tribute to his significant contributions to the sport and his enduring legacy.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The stadium underwent extensive renovations and modernization in the early 2000s to meet international standards. Upgrades included improved seating, upgraded facilities for players and officials, and enhanced spectator amenities.

Spectacular Surroundings

The Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Koševo Park, creating a stunning backdrop for the sporting events that take place there. The park offers a serene environment for visitors to enjoy before and after matches.

These 8 mind-blowing facts about Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium highlight its rich history, cultural significance, and its impact as a sports and entertainment venue. Whether you’re a football enthusiast, a music fan, or simply someone who appreciates remarkable architecture, this stadium offers an unforgettable experience for visitors and locals alike.


Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium is undeniably an iconic landmark in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The stadium’s rich history, captivating architecture, and passionate fan base make it a must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts and travelers alike.

From hosting historical football matches to witnessing memorable live concerts, this stadium has been a witness to numerous unforgettable moments. Its capacity to hold thousands of spectators ensures a vibrant and lively atmosphere during matches and events.

With its strategic location and close proximity to other popular attractions in Sarajevo, visitors can easily explore the city and its surrounding areas after experiencing the exhilaration of Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium.

Whether you’re a football fanatic or simply appreciate remarkable landmarks, a visit to Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium will leave you in awe of its grandeur and significance. So, make sure to include this extraordinary stadium in your itinerary when visiting Sarajevo.


Q: How can I get to Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium?

A: The stadium is located in the heart of Sarajevo, making it easily accessible by public transportation, such as buses and trams. You can also opt for a taxi or take a leisurely walk if you are staying nearby.

Q: Can I visit the stadium even if there are no events or matches?

A: Yes, you can visit the stadium even when there are no scheduled events or matches. However, it is advisable to check the stadium’s visiting hours beforehand as they may vary.

Q: Are guided tours available at Asim Ferhatovi? Hase Stadium?

A: Yes, guided tours are available for visitors who want a more in-depth understanding of the stadium’s history and architecture. These tours provide fascinating insights into the stadium’s significance and offer behind-the-scenes access to certain areas.

Q: Can I buy official merchandise at the stadium?

A: Yes, there are shops and kiosks within the stadium premises where you can purchase official merchandise, including jerseys, scarves, and other souvenirs related to the local team.

Q: Are there any restaurants or food options inside the stadium?

A: Yes, there are several food stalls and concession stands inside the stadium where you can grab a snack or a beverage during matches or events. However, the variety of food options may depend on the specific event.

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