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When it comes to libraries, the Malpass Library is a true gem. Located in Macomb, Illinois on the campus of Western Illinois University, this library is a hub of knowledge and resources. With its towering shelves filled with books, digital archives, and state-of-the-art facilities, Malpass Library is a haven for students, scholars, and book lovers alike.

In this article, we will explore 19 intriguing facts about Malpass Library, uncovering the little-known details that contribute to its uniqueness and grandeur. From its architectural wonders to its extensive collection, you will discover why Malpass Library stands out among its peers.

So, grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and join us on this journey as we delve into the fascinating world of Malpass Library.

Key Takeaways:

  • Malpass Library is a stunning hub of knowledge with 1.5 million resources, state-of-the-art technology, and breathtaking views, making it a perfect place for students to expand their knowledge and collaborate with peers.
  • With special collections, study rooms, and extended hours, Malpass Library ensures all students have equal opportunities to access resources, receive academic support, and engage in innovative projects, fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.
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Architectural Marvel

The Malpass Library boasts a stunning architectural design that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with classic elements. Its grandeur is a testament to the university’s dedication to providing a visually stunning and functional space for learning.

Vast Collection

The library houses an extensive collection of over 1.5 million resources, including books, journals, multimedia materials, and digital archives. Whatever your field of study or research interest, you are guaranteed to find valuable resources to expand your knowledge.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Malpass Library offers students access to advanced research tools, computer labs, and high-speed internet. This ensures a conducive environment for academic pursuits and enhances the learning experience.

Special Collections

Malpass Library is home to several special collections, including the WIU Archives, Rare Books Collection, and Government Documents. These collections provide students and researchers with unique materials for in-depth exploration and analysis.

Stunning Views

From its upper floors, the library offers breathtaking views of the surrounding campus and the Macomb community. It serves as a tranquil oasis for studying while enjoying the picturesque scenery.

Collaboration Spaces

The library features numerous collaborative study spaces that encourage group work and foster a sense of community. These areas are equipped with modern furniture and technology to facilitate productive teamwork.

Research Assistance

Expert librarians are always ready to assist students in navigating the vast collection and finding relevant resources for their research. They provide guidance and support, ensuring students have the necessary tools for academic success.

Digital Commons

The library’s Digital Commons serves as a platform for scholarly publishing, showcasing the research and creative works of WIU faculty, students, and staff. It promotes open access to knowledge and fosters intellectual collaboration.

Exhibitions and Events

Malpass Library frequently hosts exhibitions and events that showcase the university’s rich history and promote cultural engagement. These initiatives contribute to a vibrant academic and social atmosphere on campus.

Study Rooms

Students can reserve private study rooms within the library for individual or small group study sessions. These rooms are equipped with whiteboards and audio-visual equipment, offering a conducive environment for focused learning.

Accessibility Services

The library is committed to providing equitable access for individuals with disabilities. It offers various assistive technologies and accommodations to ensure all students have equal opportunities to benefit from its resources.

Interactive Learning Spaces

The library features interactive learning spaces, such as the Virtual Reality Lab and Makerspace, where students can explore emerging technologies, engage in innovative projects, and unleash their creativity.

Academic Support Centers

Within the library, students have access to academic support centers like the Writing Center and Math Center. These resources provide personalized assistance to enhance their writing and mathematical skills.

Extended Hours

The Malpass Library understands the importance of flexible study hours, and it offers extended opening hours during exam periods, allowing students to make full use of its resources, even during late-night study sessions.

Special Events Venue

The library’s spacious atrium serves as a multifunctional event space, hosting lectures, presentations, and other university events. It offers a captivating backdrop for intellectual and social gatherings.

Interlibrary Loan Services

If a resource is not available within the library, students have access to interlibrary loan services, allowing them to borrow materials from other libraries across the country. This expands the range of resources available for research.

24/7 Online Access

Through the library’s website, students have round-the-clock access to a vast array of digital resources, including e-books, databases, and online journals. This ensures uninterrupted learning, even outside of regular library hours.

Multimedia Studios

The library provides multimedia studios equipped with audio and video recording equipment, allowing students to create and edit audiovisual projects for presentations and multimedia assignments.

Community Engagement

Malpass Library actively engages with the local community through outreach programs, partnerships with schools, and collaborations with public libraries. It fosters a sense of lifelong learning and knowledge sharing beyond the university campus.

These 19 intriguing facts about Malpass Library only scratch the surface of what this remarkable institution has to offer. From its architectural beauty to its cutting-edge resources, it remains a vital hub of knowledge, supporting and inspiring the academic pursuits of students and scholars.


In conclusion, Malpass Library is not just a building filled with books, but a hub of knowledge, resources, and history. With its intriguing architecture, extensive collection, and commitment to providing a dynamic learning environment, this library stands as a testament to the importance of libraries in our society. Whether you are a student, a researcher, or simply a curious individual, a visit to Malpass Library offers a unique and enriching experience. So next time you find yourself in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this remarkable institution.


Q: What are the operating hours of Malpass Library?

A: Malpass Library is open from Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM. On weekends, it operates from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. However, please note that the library hours may vary during holidays and breaks.

Q: Can anyone visit Malpass Library or is it only accessible to Western Illinois University students?

A: Malpass Library is open to both Western Illinois University students and the general public. Visitors who are not affiliated with the university can access the library’s resources and services on-site.

Q: Does Malpass Library have study spaces and group study rooms?

A: Yes, Malpass Library provides a variety of study spaces to cater to different preferences. It offers individual study carrels, quiet study areas, as well as group study rooms that can be reserved by students for collaborative work.

Q: Can I borrow books and other materials from Malpass Library?

A: Yes, library patrons, including students, faculty, and staff of Western Illinois University, can borrow books, journals, DVDs, and other materials from Malpass Library. These items can be checked out using the library’s online catalog.

Q: Does Malpass Library offer assistance for research and finding resources?

A: Absolutely! Malpass Library provides research assistance services where librarians are available to help students and visitors find relevant resources, navigate databases, and answer any questions related to research or information retrieval.

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