Ardelia Dennis

Ardelia Dennis

Published: 19 Sep 2023


Welcome to the scenic wonderland of Platte Clove! Nestled in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in New York, Platte Clove is a natural paradise filled with breathtaking landscapes and rich history. This hidden gem offers a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, and nature lovers alike. From its towering waterfalls to its stunning hiking trails, Platte Clove never fails to captivate visitors with its awe-inspiring beauty.

In this article, we will explore 18 fascinating facts about Platte Clove that will deepen your appreciation for this remarkable destination. Whether you have already visited or are planning your first trip, these facts will illuminate the hidden stories and secrets of Platte Clove. So, get ready to discover the wonders that await in this enchanting corner of the world!

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A Spectacular Natural Wonder

Platte Clove is a breathtaking natural landmark located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in New York. Its picturesque landscapes and majestic waterfalls make it a popular destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Historic Significance

Platte Clove holds significant historical importance as it has been a part of the local Native American culture for centuries. Native American tribes utilized its resources and sought spiritual solace in the beauty of the clove.

The Palenville Overlook

The Palenville Overlook provides visitors with a panoramic view of Platte Clove and the surrounding mountains. It offers a great vantage point to appreciate the stunning scenery and capture memorable photographs.

A Hiker’s Paradise

Platte Clove offers a plethora of hiking trails suitable for all skill levels. From leisurely strolls through wooded areas to challenging hikes up mountain peaks, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy.

The Devil’s Kitchen

The Devil’s Kitchen is a unique rock formation found within Platte Clove. Its mysterious name derives from the steam that rises from the ground, creating an illusion of a kitchen in action.

Breathtaking Waterfalls

Platte Clove is home to several stunning waterfalls that cascade down the cliffs, creating a mesmerizing display of nature’s power and beauty. These waterfalls are a sight to behold and a favorite subject for photographers.

Wildlife Haven

Platte Clove is a sanctuary for a diverse range of wildlife. Visitors may spot various bird species, deer, foxes, and other creatures as they explore the area. It provides an excellent opportunity for nature enthusiasts and photographers to observe these animals in their natural habitat.

The Artist’s Inspiration

Platte Clove has long been a source of inspiration for artists, writers, and poets. Its serene and enchanting landscapes have influenced many creative minds throughout history.

Geologic Marvels

Platte Clove contains unique geologic formations that showcase the area’s geological history. From towering cliffs to deep gorges, these formations provide a glimpse into the Earth’s ancient past.

A Lush Botanical Paradise

The clove is adorned with a rich variety of plant species, including vibrant wildflowers, lush ferns, and towering trees. It is a haven for nature enthusiasts keen on exploring the many facets of its diverse flora.

The Kaaterskill Falls

The famous Kaaterskill Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in New York, is located near Platte Clove. Its breathtaking beauty has attracted visitors and artists for centuries, capturing their imaginations.

An Outdoor Adventure Hub

Platte Clove offers a multitude of outdoor activities like camping, fishing, birdwatching, and rock climbing. Adventure seekers can satisfy their thirst for thrill and exploration in this natural wonderland.

A Place of Tranquility

Platte Clove provides a sense of peace and serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It offers visitors a chance to disconnect from the noisy world and rejuvenate in the lap of nature.

Natural History Abounds

The area surrounding Platte Clove is rich in natural history. Fossils, rock formations, and geological phenomena offer an opportunity to explore and learn about the Earth’s ancient past.

Fall Foliage Spectacle

During the autumn months, Platte Clove becomes a mesmerizing display of vibrant colors as the foliage transforms into a tapestry of red, orange, and gold. It is a prime destination for leaf peepers and photographers.

Accessible All Year Round

Platte Clove is accessible throughout the year, offering different experiences during each season. Whether it’s hiking in the summer, admiring fall foliage, or enjoying winter activities like snowshoeing, there is always something to do and see.

An Educational Experience

Platte Clove provides an excellent outdoor classroom for students and nature enthusiasts. Its diverse ecosystem and geological features offer endless opportunities for learning and discovery.

A Place of Endless Beauty

Platte Clove’s natural beauty is awe-inspiring and everlasting. The ever-changing landscape and the tranquility it offers make it a truly remarkable destination for anyone seeking a connection with nature.


Platte Clove is truly a remarkable destination that offers a wealth of natural beauty and fascinating history. From its breathtaking waterfalls and scenic hiking trails to its rich cultural heritage, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Platte Clove is sure to captivate your heart.


1. How do I get to Platte Clove?

To reach Platte Clove, you can take NY State Route 23A, also known as the “Mountain Clove Scenic Byway.” The Clove can be accessed from various points along this picturesque road.

2. Are there any accommodations available near Platte Clove?

While there are no accommodations directly at Platte Clove, there are plenty of options in nearby towns such as Phoenicia and Tannersville. You can find cozy bed and breakfasts, charming inns, and even vacation rentals to make your stay memorable.

3. Are pets allowed in Platte Clove?

Yes, pets are allowed in Platte Clove, but they must be leashed at all times to ensure the safety of both your furry friend and the wildlife in the area.

4. Can I swim in the waterfalls of Platte Clove?

Swimming in the waterfalls of Platte Clove is not recommended due to the strong currents and unpredictable nature of the water. It’s best to admire the beauty of the falls from a safe distance.

5. Is there an entrance fee to access Platte Clove?

No, there is no entrance fee to access Platte Clove. It is a public area maintained by the local authorities for everyone to enjoy free of charge.