Sherri Kroll

Sherri Kroll

Published: 23 Sep 2023


W.W. Hagerty Library, located in the heart of Philadelphia, is not just your average library. It is a treasure trove of knowledge, innovation, and history. With its stunning architecture and vast collection of resources, this library serves as an essential hub for students, researchers, and book lovers alike.

In this article, we will delve into 17 astonishing facts about W.W. Hagerty Library that are sure to amaze and captivate you. From its fascinating history to its impressive features, get ready to uncover the hidden gems of this remarkable institution. Whether you have visited this library before or are just discovering it for the first time, prepare to be wowed by the incredible world that W.W. Hagerty Library has to offer.

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The W.W. Hagerty Library Holds over 250,000 Print Volumes

The W.W. Hagerty Library, located in Philadelphia, is home to an extensive collection of more than 250,000 print volumes. From classic literature to scientific journals, this vast array of resources provides valuable knowledge and information to students, researchers, and the wider community.

It Boasts a State-of-the-art Digital Media Studio

One of the standout features of the W.W. Hagerty Library is its state-of-the-art digital media studio. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this studio allows students and faculty to create and edit multimedia content for academic and creative projects. From video production to audio editing, the digital media studio is a hub of innovative storytelling.

The Library Offers Access to Over 250 Online Databases

With a focus on catering to the diverse research needs of its users, the W.W. Hagerty Library provides access to over 250 online databases. These databases cover a wide range of subjects, including engineering, business, science, humanities, and more. Students and researchers can access scholarly articles, research papers, and other invaluable resources at the click of a button.

It Houses a Dedicated Maker Space

The W.W. Hagerty Library is at the forefront of promoting creativity and innovation. With its dedicated maker space, it provides students with the tools and resources necessary to bring their ideas to life. From 3D printers to laser cutters, the maker space enables students to explore and experiment with various hands-on projects.

The Library is Known for its Special Collections

Among the impressive features of the W.W. Hagerty Library is its remarkable collection of special materials. These special collections encompass rare books, manuscripts, archives, and artifacts that offer unique insights into various subjects. Whether it’s exploring historical documents or examining rare artwork, the special collections at Hagerty Library offer a treasure trove of knowledge.

It is the Main Library for Drexel University

As the main library for Drexel University, the W.W. Hagerty Library plays a central role in supporting the academic pursuits of its students and faculty. It serves as a hub of information, research, and collaboration, providing a conducive environment for learning and discovery.

The Library Provides Access to E-books and E-journals

Recognizing the growing importance of digital resources, the W.W. Hagerty Library offers a vast collection of e-books and e-journals. Students and researchers can conveniently access these digital materials, enhancing their research capabilities and expanding their knowledge base.

The Building Features Modern Architecture

The W.W. Hagerty Library stands as a testament to modern architecture. Its sleek and contemporary design not only provides a visually appealing space but also creates an atmosphere conducive to study and collaboration. The library’s architecture reflects its commitment to embracing innovation and forward-thinking approaches to education.

The Library Hosts a Variety of Workshops and Events

With a focus on enriching the academic experience, the W.W. Hagerty Library hosts a wide range of workshops and events throughout the year. These events cover diverse topics such as research strategies, information literacy, technology skills, and more. Students and faculty can participate in these educational opportunities, further enhancing their skills and knowledge.

It Offers Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

The W.W. Hagerty Library embraces emerging technologies to enhance the learning experience. With the availability of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) equipment and software, students can explore immersive educational experiences. From virtual field trips to interactive simulations, these technologies open up new possibilities for learning and engagement.

The Library Supports Open Access Publishing

The W.W. Hagerty Library is committed to promoting open access publishing, which allows for increased accessibility and sharing of scholarly research. Through initiatives like institutional repositories and support for open access journals, the library facilitates the dissemination of knowledge and fosters collaboration among researchers.

It Provides Access to Specialized Research Guides

To assist students and researchers in navigating the vast array of available resources, the W.W. Hagerty Library offers specialized research guides. These guides provide curated lists of recommended databases, journals, books, and other resources tailored to specific subjects and disciplines. They serve as valuable tools in the research process, saving time and ensuring high-quality information retrieval.

The Library Collaborates with Other Libraries and Institutions

The W.W. Hagerty Library actively collaborates with other libraries and institutions to expand access to resources and foster knowledge sharing. Through consortial partnerships and interlibrary loan services, students and researchers have access to a vast network of libraries, greatly enhancing their research capabilities.

It Houses Dedicated Study Areas and Group Collaboration Spaces

Recognizing the importance of both individual study and collaborative work, the W.W. Hagerty Library provides a range of study areas and group collaboration spaces. These spaces cater to different learning styles and preferences, ensuring that students have the necessary environment to focus, collaborate, and succeed.

The Library Offers Expert Librarian Assistance

The W.W. Hagerty Library employs a team of expert librarians who are readily available to provide research assistance and guidance. These librarians possess deep subject knowledge and can help students and researchers navigate through complex information sources, formulate research strategies, and locate relevant materials.

It Embraces Sustainability Initiatives

The W.W. Hagerty Library is committed to environmental sustainability. Through initiatives such as recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting, and eco-friendly practices, the library strives to minimize its ecological footprint and create a greener, more sustainable learning environment.

The Library Facilitates Accessible Services for Users with Disabilities

The W.W. Hagerty Library ensures inclusivity by providing accessible services for users with disabilities. From assistive technology and adaptive equipment to specialized accommodations, the library strives to create an environment that promotes equal access to information and resources.


W.W. Hagerty Library is truly an astonishing institution that continues to amaze visitors with its rich history and incredible features. From its state-of-the-art technologies to its vast collection of resources, this library offers a unique and immersive experience for students, researchers, and book enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re seeking a quiet study space, conducting in-depth research, or simply exploring the world of knowledge, W.W. Hagerty Library is the ideal place to indulge in your intellectual pursuits. So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this remarkable landmark and be captivated by its impressive offerings.


1. What are the operating hours of W.W. Hagerty Library?

The library is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and on weekends from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

2. Do I need a library card to access the facilities?

No, you do not need a library card to access the facilities. The library is open to both Drexel University students and the general public.

3. Can I borrow books from W.W. Hagerty Library?

Yes, Drexel University students and faculty members can borrow books from the library using their Drexel ID. Visitors may also check out books through interlibrary loan services, subject to certain restrictions.

4. Are there any group study rooms available?

Yes, the library has several group study rooms that can be reserved in advance. These rooms are perfect for collaborative work or group discussions.

5. Are electronic resources available for research purposes?

Absolutely! W.W. Hagerty Library provides access to a wide range of electronic resources, including databases, e-books, and online journals, to support research and academic pursuits.

6. Is there a café or food available inside the library?

No, the library does not have a café or food available inside. However, there are several dining options nearby where visitors can grab a bite to eat.

7. Can I access the library’s resources remotely?

Yes, Drexel University students and faculty members can access the library’s electronic resources remotely by using their Drexel credentials.

8. Is there parking available for library visitors?

Yes, there is parking available for library visitors in the vicinity of the library. However, it is important to check the designated parking areas and adherence to any parking regulations.