Murial Leija

Murial Leija

Published: 23 Sep 2023


The Morgan Library is not just a library, but a remarkable cultural institution located in the heart of New York City. Its history and collection make it a must-visit destination for book lovers, history enthusiasts, and art connoisseurs alike. Founded by J.P. Morgan Jr. in 1906, the Morgan Library has grown to become a premier research library and museum, housing an extensive collection of rare books, manuscripts, drawings, and even musical compositions.

Stepping into the Morgan Library is like entering a treasure trove of human knowledge and artistic brilliance. From ancient Egyptian papyrus to medieval illuminated manuscripts, the library’s holdings span centuries and continents. This article will take you on a fascinating journey through the Morgan Library, unveiling astounding facts that highlight its significance and make it a true architectural and intellectual gem.

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A Legendary Legacy

The Morgan Library, located in New York City, is an iconic institution with a rich history that spans over a century. It was originally founded by American financier J.P. Morgan in 1906 as a private library, and it has since evolved into a renowned public research institution.

A Treasure Trove of Literary Gems

The library boasts an impressive collection of over 650,000 books, manuscripts, drawings, and artifacts, making it a haven for book lovers, scholars, and art enthusiasts alike. From ancient manuscripts to modern masterpieces, the Morgan Library houses some of the world’s most valuable literary treasures.

Exquisite Architecture

The Morgan Library is housed in a magnificent building designed by acclaimed American architect, Charles McKim. The architecture seamlessly blends various styles, showcasing elements of Neoclassical, Renaissance, and Beaux-Arts design. The stunning interior features soaring ceilings, marble columns, and intricate woodwork, creating an ambiance of grandeur and elegance.

The Gilded Age Connection

J.P. Morgan, the library’s founder, was one of the most influential figures of the Gilded Age, a period known for its unprecedented wealth and opulence. The Morgan Library stands as a symbolic representation of this era, preserving its legacy through its vast collection and architectural splendor.

A Haven for Scholars and Researchers

The Morgan Library is not only a place of aesthetic pleasure but also serves as a vital resource for academic pursuits. Scholars and researchers from around the world flock to its doors, drawn by the opportunity to explore its vast collection and engage in scholarly endeavors.

The Magnificent Morgan Manuscripts

One of the crown jewels of the Morgan Library is its collection of medieval manuscripts. These exquisitely crafted works of art provide a glimpse into the rich history of illuminated manuscripts and offer invaluable insights into the cultural and intellectual developments of the past.

The Morgan Bible

The library is home to the famous Morgan Bible, also known as the Crusader Bible. This remarkable manuscript dates back to the 13th century and is renowned for its detailed illustrations depicting biblical scenes. It is considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic illumination.

The Original Gutenberg Bible

The Morgan Library also proudly houses one of the few surviving complete copies of the Gutenberg Bible. This groundbreaking work, printed by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century, revolutionized the world of printing and is recognized as one of the most important books ever produced.

Celestial Gems

The library houses a remarkable collection of astronomical manuscripts and celestial maps, showcasing humanity’s fascination with the stars throughout history. These celestial gems not only provide scientific insights but also demonstrate the intricate connection between art and science.

J.P. Morgan’s Study

Visitors to the Morgan Library can explore J.P. Morgan’s personal study, which has been faithfully preserved. This intimate space offers a glimpse into the mind of an influential tycoon and bibliophile, with its richly adorned walls and shelves filled with rare books and artifacts.

The Morgan Cafe

Nestled within the library is the Morgan Cafe, a charming spot where visitors can take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee or a light meal. With its cozy atmosphere and a view of the courtyard, it provides a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city.

Inspiring Exhibitions

The Morgan Library regularly hosts engaging exhibitions that showcase various aspects of its diverse collection. From themed displays on famous authors to immersive experiences showcasing rare manuscripts, the exhibitions offer visitors a chance to delve deeper into the world of literature, art, and history.

A Landmark Film Set

The Morgan Library has served as a backdrop for numerous films and television shows, adding to its allure and cultural significance. Its iconic architecture and rich ambiance have provided the perfect setting for scenes in movies such as “The Age of Innocence” and “The Thomas Crown Affair.”

Educational Programs

Recognizing the importance of education and public engagement, the Morgan Library offers a wide range of educational programs and workshops for learners of all ages. These programs aim to foster a love for literature, art, and history, and inspire the next generation of scholars and creatives.

The Morgan Shop

No visit to the Morgan Library is complete without exploring its enticing gift shop. From beautifully crafted stationery to unique literary-themed merchandise, the shop offers a delightful selection of souvenirs that allow visitors to take a piece of the Morgan Library’s magic home with them.

A Haven of Tranquility

Amidst the fast-paced city life, the Morgan Library provides a serene and tranquil retreat. Its peaceful reading rooms, beautifully landscaped gardens, and calming ambiance make it a perfect sanctuary for those seeking solace and inspiration.

These astounding facts illustrate the allure and grandeur of the Morgan Library. With its rich history, diverse collection, and architectural splendor, it continues to captivate visitors from around the world. Whether you are a book lover, an art enthusiast, or a history buff, a visit to the Morgan Library is sure to be a memorable and enriching experience.


The Morgan Library is a truly astounding institution, with a rich history and a treasure trove of knowledge and art. It stands as a testament to the passion for collecting and preserving rare manuscripts and literature. From its stunning architecture to its exceptional collection, the Morgan Library serves as a hub for scholars, artists, and bibliophiles alike. Whether you are interested in exploring ancient manuscripts, immersing yourself in literary history, or simply enjoying the beauty of a remarkable building, the Morgan Library is a must-visit destination. So, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this cultural gem firsthand and be captivated by its magnificence.


Q: What is the history behind the Morgan Library?

A: The Morgan Library was founded by financier J. P. Morgan in 1906 to house his extensive collections of manuscripts, rare books, and artwork. It has since grown to become one of the world’s premier cultural institutions.

Q: What can I see at the Morgan Library?

A: The Morgan Library houses a vast collection of manuscripts, rare books, drawings, prints, and more. Visitors can explore treasures such as the original Gutenberg Bible, works by renowned authors like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, and stunning illuminated manuscripts.

Q: Is photography allowed inside the Morgan Library?

A: Photography is not permitted in the manuscript and rare book reading rooms. However, photography is allowed in certain areas of the library’s public spaces. Make sure to check with the staff and follow any restrictions in place.

Q: Are there any special exhibitions held at the Morgan Library?

A: Yes, the Morgan Library regularly hosts special exhibitions that showcase various themes, artists, or collections. These exhibitions offer visitors a chance to delve deeper into specific topics and explore different aspects of the Morgan Library’s extensive holdings.

Q: Can I visit the Morgan Library without a guided tour?

A: Yes, you can explore the Morgan Library at your own pace without a guided tour. However, guided tours are available for those who wish to have a more in-depth understanding of the collection and its history. It is recommended to check the website or call ahead to inquire about tour availability.