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Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a world-renowned outdoor music venue nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Denver, Colorado. With its stunning natural beauty and acoustically perfect sandstone cliffs, it has become a beloved landmark and bucket-list destination for music enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

But there’s more to Red Rocks than meets the eye. Beyond its breathtaking scenery and incredible live performances, there are fascinating facts and legends surrounding this iconic amphitheatre. From its geological marvels to its storied history, here are 16 captivating facts that will make you appreciate Red Rocks even more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre: A Natural Wonder
    Discover the natural beauty and exceptional acoustics of Red Rocks Amphitheatre, a historical site with stunning rock formations and a rich musical legacy. It’s a must-visit for music lovers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre: More Than Just Music
    From sunrise yoga to film locations, Red Rocks Amphitheatre offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural significance, and entertainment. Explore its history, breathtaking views, and iconic staircases for a memorable experience.
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Natural Formation

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a natural geological formation located in Morrison, Colorado. Its breathtaking red sandstone rock formations have been a popular attraction for thousands of years.

Historical Significance

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre has been an important gathering place for Native American tribes for centuries. It holds cultural and spiritual significance for the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes, among others.

Unique Acoustic Qualities

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is its exceptional natural acoustic qualities. The rock formations create a natural sound system, providing unmatched acoustics for concerts and performances.

Record-Breaking Venue

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre holds the title for the highest elevation outdoor amphitheater in the United States, sitting at an elevation of 6,450 feet.

Musical Legacy

Over the years, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre has hosted countless legendary musicians and bands, including The Beatles, U2, The Grateful Dead, and many more. It has become a symbol of live music excellence.

Sunrise Yoga

Imagine practicing yoga while watching the sunrise over the stunning natural surroundings. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre offers a unique and serene setting for sunrise yoga sessions.

Film Location

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre has been featured in several films and documentaries, including “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “U2: Under a Blood Red Sky.” Its striking beauty adds an extra layer of visual appeal to these productions.

Iconic Staircase

The staircases leading up to the seating area of the amphitheater are famous for their challenging nature. They have become a popular spot for fitness enthusiasts looking for an intense workout.

Natural Phenomenon

During heavy rainfall, water cascades down the rock formations at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, creating a mesmerizing waterfall-like effect. It is a sight to behold and adds to the natural beauty of the venue.

Yoga on the Rocks

Another unique offering at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is the “Yoga on the Rocks” event, where participants can practice yoga in a stunning outdoor environment, surrounded by the majestic rock formations.

City and Mountain Views

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre offers breathtaking views of both the Denver city skyline and the majestic Rocky Mountains, making it a truly picturesque and awe-inspiring location.

Amphitheatre Museum

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is home to the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre Visitor Center and Museum, where visitors can dive deeper into the history, geology, and cultural significance of this iconic venue.

On-Site Restaurant and Bar

Visitors to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre can enjoy a delicious meal and refreshing drinks at the Ship Rock Grille. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Exercise and Fitness Zone

In addition to hosting concerts and events, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre provides a dedicated space for fitness enthusiasts. The amphitheater’s outdoor exercise area allows visitors to stay active while enjoying the natural beauty of the venue.

Music in Pictures

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre boasts a collection of iconic concert photographs from the past, showcasing the rich musical history and the unforgettable performances that have taken place within its majestic confines.

Tours and Sightseeing

Guided tours are available at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, allowing visitors to explore the venue’s rich history and experience its breathtaking views. It’s a must-visit destination for music lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a truly remarkable landmark that combines natural beauty with incredible music experiences. Whether it is the majestic rock formations, the breathtaking views of the city of Denver, or the awe-inspiring performances that take place on its stage, Red Rocks Amphitheatre continues to captivate visitors from around the world. With its rich history, unique geological features, and legendary concert lineup, Red Rocks Amphitheatre remains an iconic destination for music lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. So, if you ever find yourself in Colorado, make sure to visit this one-of-a-kind venue and experience the magic of Red Rocks firsthand.


1. How old is Red Rocks Amphitheatre?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre was formed around 160 million years ago, making it one of the oldest amphitheatres in the world.

2. Can I hike in Red Rocks Park?

Absolutely! Red Rocks Park offers several hiking trails that allow visitors to explore the stunning natural surroundings of the amphitheatre. Just make sure to wear proper footwear and be prepared for varying levels of difficulty.

3. Are there any food and beverage options available at Red Rocks?

Yes, Red Rocks Amphitheatre has a selection of concession stands where you can purchase food and drinks during events. However, outside food and non-alcoholic beverages are also allowed, so you can bring your own snacks if you prefer.

4. Can I visit Red Rocks Amphitheatre even when there aren’t any concerts?

Absolutely! Red Rocks Park is open year-round, so you can visit and explore the amphitheatre even when there are no scheduled events. It’s a great opportunity to admire the natural beauty of the area and take in the panoramic views.

5. Is Red Rocks Amphitheatre accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, Red Rocks Amphitheatre provides accessible seating options for individuals with disabilities. They also have designated parking and accessible restrooms to ensure that everyone can enjoy the venue.

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