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The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a renowned educational institution nestled in the beautiful city of Manoa, Hawaii. It is known for its picturesque campus, diverse student body, and academic excellence. While many people are familiar with the University of Hawaii at Manoa, there are some surprising facts about this prestigious university that may not be commonly known. In this article, we will delve into 14 surprising facts about the University of Hawaii at Manoa, shedding light on its unique features and accomplishments. From its fascinating research initiatives to its vibrant student life, this article will explore the many facets that make the University of Hawaii at Manoa a remarkable place of higher education.

Key Takeaways:

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa has a stunning campus with diverse student population, strong academic programs, and a commitment to sustainability and community engagement.
  • The university offers a unique opportunity for students to connect with nature, celebrate different cultures, and immerse themselves in the arts and sports scene.
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Stunning Campus

The University of Hawaii at Manoa boasts a breathtaking campus that spans over 320 acres. With its lush greenery, striking architecture, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, it provides an inspiring environment for students and faculty.

Diverse Student Population

With over 20,000 students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries, the University of Hawaii at Manoa is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. This diverse community enriches the learning experience for everyone.

Strong Academic Programs

Offering over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs, the university is known for its strong emphasis on research and innovation. From fields like astronomy and marine biology to Hawaiian language and Asian studies, students have a wide range of academic disciplines to explore.

Hawaiian Studies Program

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is renowned for its Hawaiian Studies program, which focuses on the history, language, culture, and traditions of the Native Hawaiian people. It offers a unique opportunity for students to engage with the rich heritage of the islands.

World-Class Faculty

The university attracts top-notch faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Students have the privilege of learning from distinguished professors who are leaders in research, teaching, and community engagement.

Research Excellence

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a hub of research activities, with numerous research centers, institutes, and collaborations. From exploring the depths of the ocean to studying climate change, the university contributes significantly to scientific advancements.

Sustainable Campus

As a leader in sustainability, the university is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. It has implemented various initiatives, such as energy-efficient buildings, recycling programs, and sustainable transportation options.

Connecting with Nature

Located in beautiful Honolulu, the University of Hawaii at Manoa offers students the unique opportunity to connect with nature. From surfing and hiking to exploring the diverse wildlife, students can experience the beauty of the islands right on their doorstep.

Cultural Celebrations

The university celebrates its vibrant and diverse community through various cultural events and festivals. From the annual International Night to the Hawaiian Cultural Festival, students have the chance to learn, share, and appreciate different cultures.

Thriving Arts Scene

The university’s arts scene is alive and thriving, with a range of performances, exhibitions, and artistic events throughout the year. From theater productions to art galleries, students can immerse themselves in the creative spirit of the campus.

Sports Excellence

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is home to the Rainbow Warriors, a highly competitive athletic program. From football and basketball to volleyball and swimming, the university’s sports teams have a strong presence in collegiate competitions.

Volcano Research

Being located in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the university is uniquely positioned to study volcanoes and volcanic activities. Its scientists and researchers actively contribute to the understanding and monitoring of volcanic behavior.

Commitment to Community Engagement

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is deeply rooted in the local community and is committed to making a positive impact. Through service-learning programs, community partnerships, and outreach initiatives, students and faculty work together to address societal challenges.

Stunning Campus Accommodations

For those who want to live on campus, the University of Hawaii at Manoa offers a range of modern and comfortable accommodations. From traditional residence halls to apartment-style complexes, students have a variety of options to suit their preferences.

These 14 surprising facts about the University of Hawaii at Manoa showcase why it is such a unique and remarkable institution. From its stunning campus and diverse student population to its academic programs and commitment to research, the university provides an enriching and vibrant educational experience for students from around the world.


In conclusion, the University of Hawaii at Manoa is not only a renowned educational institution, but it also holds a wealth of surprising facts that make it truly unique. From its stunning location on the island of Oahu to its top-ranked programs and diverse student body, this university offers an exceptional experience for both students and visitors alike.Whether you’re interested in pursuing a degree in marine biology, exploring the vibrant cultural scene of Honolulu, or simply soaking up the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands, the University of Hawaii at Manoa provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to combine academic excellence with the aloha spirit that defines the state.With a rich history, a commitment to sustainability, and a thriving research community, it’s no wonder that this institution continues to attract students and faculty from all corners of the globe. So, if you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable educational journey, consider the University of Hawaii at Manoa as your destination.


1. How many students attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa?

The University of Hawaii at Manoa has an average enrollment of around 20,000 students.

2. What is the most popular major at the University of Hawaii at Manoa?

The most popular majors at the University of Hawaii at Manoa include business, biology, psychology, engineering, and liberal arts.

3. What is the campus like?

The campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa is located in a lush and tropical setting, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

4. Is the university involved in research?

Yes, the University of Hawaii at Manoa is a leading research institution, with a strong focus on areas such as oceanography, astronomy, and sustainable energy.

5. Are there opportunities for outdoor activities on campus?

Absolutely! The University of Hawaii at Manoa offers plenty of outdoor spaces for students to enjoy, including botanical gardens, hiking trails, and nearby beaches.

6. What is the university’s commitment to sustainability?

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is dedicated to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives, including renewable energy projects, recycling programs, and sustainable food practices.

7. Can I study abroad at the University of Hawaii at Manoa?

Yes, the university offers a range of study abroad programs, allowing students to explore different countries and cultures while earning credits towards their degree.

8. Is the University of Hawaii at Manoa diverse?

Yes, the university prides itself on its diversity, with students from all 50 U.S. states and over 100 countries represented on campus.

9. What are some notable alumni from the University of Hawaii at Manoa?

Notable alumni include former President of the United States Barack Obama, Olympic gold medalist Duke Kahanamoku, and renowned author Lois-Ann Yamanaka.

10. How can I apply to the University of Hawaii at Manoa?

You can apply to the University of Hawaii at Manoa online through their official website, where you will find detailed instructions and deadlines for the application process.

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