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FedExField, located in Landover, Maryland, is an iconic landmark that has captivated football enthusiasts and concert-goers alike since its opening in 1997. As the home stadium of the Washington Football Team, this massive venue has witnessed countless memorable moments in NFL history. But there’s more to this state-of-the-art facility than meets the eye. From its impressive seating capacity to its innovative design, FedExField is truly a marvel of modern engineering. In this article, we will explore 11 astounding facts about FedExField, shedding light on its unique features and fascinating trivia. So let’s dive in and discover the hidden wonders of this beloved landmark!

Key Takeaways:

  • FedExField is the largest NFL stadium, hosting iconic moments and legendary concerts. It’s a hub for sustainability and fan excitement, making it a premier destination for sports and entertainment.
  • With a rich history, vibrant fan culture, and modern amenities, FedExField offers an electrifying experience for football and music enthusiasts alike. It’s a must-visit venue for unforgettable memories.
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The Largest Stadium in the NFL

FedExField, home to the Washington Football Team, holds the distinction of being the largest stadium in the National Football League (NFL). With a seating capacity of over 82,000, this iconic venue creates an electrifying atmosphere on game days.

A Venue Rich in History

FedExField, originally known as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, opened its doors in It was named after the late owner of the Washington Football Team, who played a pivotal role in the team’s success and its home stadium’s construction.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

FedExField boasts state-of-the-art amenities and facilities to enhance the fan experience. From high-definition video boards and luxury suites to premium seating and spacious concourses, every aspect has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

A Venue for Music and Entertainment

In addition to hosting football games, FedExField has played host to numerous concerts and entertainment events. Renowned artists such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and U2 have graced the stage, attracting audiences from all over the country.

Home to Memorable Moments

FedExField has witnessed its fair share of iconic moments in NFL history. From playoff victories to record-breaking performances, this stadium has been the backdrop for some unforgettable football memories.

A Green Initiative

FedExField is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The stadium has implemented various eco-friendly initiatives, including the use of solar panels, LED lighting, and a recycling program, making it a leader in green sports venues.

Legendary Tailgating Tradition

FedExField is famous for its vibrant tailgating scene. Fans gather in the parking lots surrounding the stadium hours before kickoff, firing up grills, playing games, and celebrating the football spirit with fellow enthusiasts.

Hosted Super Bowl XXVI

In 1992, FedExField had the honor of hosting Super Bowl XXVI, where the Washington Football Team faced off against the Buffalo Bills. The game was a memorable event that showcased the stadium’s capacity to host major sports events.

Rich Fan Culture

FedExField boasts a dedicated fan base known for their passion and loyalty. These die-hard supporters create an electric atmosphere during games, making the stadium roar with excitement.

The Redskins Marching Band

The Washington Football Team’s official marching band, known as “The Redskins Marching Band,” adds to the game-day experience at FedExField. With their spirited performances and musical talents, they keep the energy alive in the stadium.

Modern Technology Integration

FedExField embraces modern technology to enhance the fan experience. With free Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the stadium, fans can stay connected, share their experiences on social media, and never miss a moment of the action.

These eleven astounding facts about FedExField highlight the stadium’s significance and its impact on the world of football and entertainment. From its grandeur and history to its commitment to sustainability and the incredible experiences it offers, FedExField continues to be a premier destination for sports and entertainment enthusiasts alike.


FedExField is truly a remarkable stadium that has left a lasting impact on the world of sports and entertainment. From its massive seating capacity to its state-of-the-art facilities, it has been the site of countless memorable moments and performances. Whether you’re a football fan or simply appreciate impressive landmarks, visiting FedExField is an experience you won’t soon forget.


1. How many seats are there in FedExField?

FedExField has a seating capacity of 82,000, making it one of the largest stadiums in the NFL.

2. What is the history behind the name “FedExField”?

The stadium was originally known as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium when it opened in 1997, but its name changed to FedExField in 1999 after FedEx Corporation acquired the naming rights.

3. Can visitors take stadium tours?

Yes, guided tours of FedExField are available, allowing visitors to explore the stadium’s facilities, locker rooms, and even walk on the field.

4. Does FedExField host events other than football games?

Yes, besides NFL games, FedExField has hosted concerts, soccer matches, and other major events throughout the years.

5. Are there any unique features of FedExField?

FedExField is known for its iconic “Hail to the Redskins” end zone, as well as the massive HD video display board that spans over 30 feet tall and 100 feet wide.

6. How can I purchase tickets to events at FedExField?

Tickets for events at FedExField can be purchased through the official Redskins website, ticketing platforms, or at the stadium box office.

7. Is parking available at FedExField?

Yes, FedExField has ample parking spaces for visitors, and parking passes can be purchased in advance or on the day of the event.

8. Are there any nearby attractions to visit before or after an event at FedExField?

There are various attractions near FedExField, including the National Harbor, Smithsonian museums, and downtown Washington, D.C., which offer plenty of options for sightseeing and dining.

9. Can I bring outside food and drinks into FedExField?

No, outside food and beverages are not permitted inside the stadium. However, there are numerous concession stands and food options available for purchase.

10. Is FedExField accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, FedExField is equipped with accessible seating, parking, and facilities for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, there are elevators and ramps available for easy access throughout the stadium.

11. Can I bring a bag or backpack into FedExField?

Safety protocols at FedExField restrict the size and type of bags that visitors can bring into the stadium. It’s recommended to check the official stadium website for the specific bag policy before attending an event.

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