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Kokomo, Indiana, is a city with a vibrant entertainment industry that offers a diverse range of attractions and activities for residents and visitors alike. From live music venues and theaters to art galleries and cultural events, Kokomo's entertainment scene is thriving and dynamic. In this article, we'll explore 14 fascinating facts about the entertainment industry in Kokomo, shedding light on its rich history, current offerings, and future prospects. Whether you're a local looking to delve deeper into your city's cultural landscape or a traveler planning a visit to this charming Midwestern gem, these insights will provide valuable and engaging information about Kokomo's entertainment scene. So, let's dive into the unique and captivating world of entertainment in Kokomo, Indiana.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kokomo, Indiana’s entertainment industry is rich with history, from the world’s oldest stained glass company to vibrant community theaters, offering diverse and captivating experiences for residents and visitors alike.
  • The city’s entertainment scene is a colorful tapestry of music, art, culinary delights, and historic charm, providing a wide range of engaging and immersive experiences for everyone to enjoy.
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Kokomo, Indiana is home to the historic Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company.

The Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company, established in 1888, is the oldest manufacturer of opalescent and cathedral stained glass in the world. This renowned company has contributed to the entertainment industry by providing unique and vibrant glass for use in movies, theaters, and artistic installations.

Kokomo Automotive Heritage Museum showcases the city’s rich automotive history.

The museum features a fascinating collection of automobiles, memorabilia, and exhibits that highlight Kokomo’s significant role in the automotive industry. It serves as a hub for car enthusiasts and history buffs, offering an entertaining and educational experience for visitors.

The Kokomo Symphony Orchestra presents captivating musical performances.

With its talented musicians and diverse repertoire, the Kokomo Symphony Orchestra enriches the city’s cultural landscape. The orchestra’s engaging concerts and events provide entertainment for music lovers while contributing to the vibrant arts scene in Kokomo.

Kokomo has a thriving community theater scene.

The city boasts several community theater groups that stage compelling productions, ranging from classic plays to contemporary performances. These theaters offer a platform for local talent to showcase their skills and entertain audiences with high-quality theatrical experiences.

Kokomo hosts a variety of annual festivals and events.

Throughout the year, Kokomo welcomes residents and visitors to enjoy a diverse range of festivals and events, including music festivals, cultural celebrations, and art fairs. These lively gatherings provide entertainment for people of all ages and interests.

The Kokomo-Howard County Public Library offers engaging programs and activities.

With its extensive collection of books, multimedia resources, and interactive events, the library serves as a hub for entertainment and learning in the community. It hosts storytelling sessions, workshops, and other activities that cater to diverse audiences.

Kokomo is home to a vibrant arts community.

Art galleries, studios, and public art installations contribute to the city’s creative atmosphere, offering residents and visitors a visually stimulating and culturally enriching experience. The local art scene adds a unique dimension to Kokomo’s entertainment industry.

Kokomo’s historic theaters provide classic entertainment experiences.

The city’s vintage theaters, some of which have been lovingly restored, continue to screen movies and host live performances, preserving the charm of traditional entertainment venues while embracing modern cinematic experiences.

Kokomo’s local bands and musicians contribute to the city’s music scene.

From lively performances at local venues to outdoor concerts in the summer, Kokomo’s talented musicians infuse the city with diverse musical entertainment, showcasing a range of genres and styles.

The Kokomo Confectioner’s Company creates delectable treats for movie theaters and events.

Known for its delicious popcorn, candies, and snacks, the Kokomo Confectioner’s Company supplies entertainment venues and special events with delightful treats, enhancing the movie-watching and event-going experience for audiences.

Kokomo’s parks and recreational facilities host entertainment and leisure activities.

From outdoor concerts and movie nights to sports events and community gatherings, the city’s parks provide a backdrop for a wide array of recreational and entertainment experiences, fostering a sense of community and fun.

Kokomo’s radio stations and media outlets offer diverse entertainment programming.

Local radio stations and media platforms deliver engaging content, including music, news, and talk shows, catering to the entertainment preferences of Kokomo’s residents and contributing to the city’s media landscape.

Kokomo’s historic architecture adds to the city’s visual appeal and entertainment value.

The city’s architectural heritage, characterized by stunning historic buildings and landmarks, enhances the visual aesthetics of Kokomo and provides a backdrop for cultural events, festivals, and entertainment experiences.

Kokomo’s dining scene offers a variety of culinary entertainment options.

From cozy cafes to upscale restaurants, Kokomo’s dining establishments provide a delightful culinary experience, contributing to the city’s entertainment industry by offering diverse and flavorful dining options for residents and visitors.


Kokomo, Indiana, has a thriving entertainment industry that offers a diverse range of opportunities for both residents and visitors. From its rich history in music and arts to its modern-day attractions, Kokomo continues to be a hub for entertainment in the region. The city's commitment to fostering a vibrant cultural scene is evident in its numerous venues, events, and talented individuals who contribute to its dynamic entertainment landscape. As Kokomo continues to evolve, it's poised to further solidify its status as a key player in the entertainment industry, drawing in audiences from near and far to experience the unique blend of creativity and talent that defines this vibrant city.

And here are the FAQs related to the title "14 Facts about Entertainment Industry in Kokomo, Indiana":


What are some popular entertainment venues in Kokomo, Indiana?
Kokomo offers a variety of entertainment venues, including the Kokomo Symphony Orchestra, the Kokomo Civic Theatre, and the Kokomo Arts Pavilion.

Are there annual events that celebrate the entertainment industry in Kokomo?
Yes, Kokomo hosts several annual events, such as the Oktoberfest and the Haynes-Apperson Festival, which showcase the city’s vibrant entertainment scene.

How does the entertainment industry contribute to the local economy in Kokomo?
The entertainment industry in Kokomo generates revenue through tourism, job creation, and the promotion of local businesses, contributing to the city’s economic growth.

What opportunities are available for aspiring artists and performers in Kokomo?
Aspiring artists and performers in Kokomo can benefit from various platforms, including open mic nights, art galleries, and local talent showcases that provide exposure and networking opportunities.

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