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Published: 02 Jul 2024

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What is WiredScore? WiredScore is a global rating system for digital connectivity in commercial real estate. It helps landlords and developers understand, improve, and promote their buildings' digital infrastructure. Why does it matter? In today's tech-driven world, reliable internet and robust digital infrastructure are crucial for businesses. WiredScore certification ensures that buildings meet high standards for connectivity, which can attract tenants and boost property value. How does it work? Buildings are assessed on criteria like internet speed, redundancy, and future readiness. A WiredScore certification can range from Certified to Platinum, reflecting the building's connectivity quality. Who benefits? Tenants get reliable internet, landlords attract premium tenants, and developers gain a competitive edge.

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What is WiredScore?

WiredScore is a certification system that evaluates the digital connectivity of buildings. It helps landlords and developers understand how well their properties are equipped to handle modern technological needs.

  1. WiredScore was founded in 2013. The company started in New York City with the goal of improving internet connectivity in commercial buildings.

  2. It was endorsed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The former NYC mayor supported WiredScore's mission to enhance digital infrastructure in the city.

  3. WiredScore operates in over 10 countries. The certification has expanded globally, including the UK, France, Germany, and Australia.

How Does WiredScore Certification Work?

The certification process involves a thorough assessment of a building's digital infrastructure. This includes evaluating internet connectivity, resilience, and future readiness.

  1. There are four levels of certification. Buildings can achieve Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum status based on their connectivity.

  2. Assessments are conducted by accredited engineers. These professionals analyze the building's infrastructure to determine its WiredScore rating.

  3. Buildings are evaluated on five criteria. These include resilience, tenant experience, mobile coverage, choice of providers, and future readiness.

Benefits of WiredScore Certification

Achieving WiredScore certification can offer numerous advantages for property owners and tenants alike.

  1. Increases property value. Buildings with high WiredScore ratings often see an increase in market value.

  2. Attracts tech-savvy tenants. Companies looking for reliable internet connectivity are more likely to choose WiredScore-certified buildings.

  3. Improves tenant satisfaction. Reliable internet and mobile coverage can lead to happier tenants and lower turnover rates.

WiredScore and Sustainability

WiredScore also plays a role in promoting sustainable building practices by encouraging efficient use of digital infrastructure.

  1. Supports smart building technology. WiredScore-certified buildings are often better equipped to integrate smart technology, which can improve energy efficiency.

  2. Reduces environmental impact. Efficient digital infrastructure can lead to lower energy consumption and reduced carbon footprints.

  3. Encourages future-proofing. Buildings that are future-ready can adapt to new technologies, reducing the need for costly upgrades.

WiredScore in the Real Estate Market

The certification has become a valuable tool for real estate professionals looking to market their properties.

  1. Used by major real estate firms. Companies like CBRE, JLL, and Cushman & Wakefield use WiredScore to market their properties.

  2. Featured in property listings. WiredScore ratings are often highlighted in commercial real estate listings to attract potential tenants.

  3. Helps in lease negotiations. A high WiredScore rating can be a bargaining chip in lease negotiations, offering tenants assurance of reliable connectivity.

WiredScore and the Future

As technology continues to evolve, WiredScore aims to stay ahead of the curve by updating its certification criteria.

  1. Regularly updates standards. WiredScore frequently updates its assessment criteria to reflect the latest technological advancements.

  2. Focuses on emerging technologies. The company is exploring how new technologies like 5G and IoT can be integrated into their certification process.

  3. Aims for global expansion. WiredScore plans to continue expanding its reach, bringing its certification to more countries and cities worldwide.

WiredScore's Impact

WiredScore has changed how we view building connectivity. With its certification, tenants know they’re getting top-notch internet infrastructure. This standard ensures buildings meet modern digital needs, making them more attractive to potential renters and buyers.

Property owners benefit too. They can market their buildings as tech-friendly, which can lead to higher occupancy rates and rental income. Plus, WiredScore's assessment process helps identify areas for improvement, ensuring buildings stay competitive.

For tenants, a WiredScore certification means reliable internet, fewer disruptions, and better overall satisfaction. In today’s world, where remote work and digital communication are crucial, this is a game-changer.

In short, WiredScore bridges the gap between property owners and tenants, ensuring everyone gets the connectivity they need. It’s a win-win for all parties involved. So, next time you’re looking at properties, keep an eye out for that WiredScore certification. It makes a difference.

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