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Toby Pattison

Modified & Updated: 30 Jan 2024


Sushiswap (SUSHI) is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain. Launched in August 2020 as a fork of the popular decentralized exchange Uniswap, Sushiswap has quickly gained traction in the crypto community. With its unique features and innovative approach, Sushiswap offers users a novel way to trade cryptocurrencies while incentivizing liquidity providers.In this article, we will explore 11 extraordinary facts about Sushiswap that set it apart from other exchanges in the market. From its distinctive governance mechanism to its yield farming opportunities, Sushiswap has revolutionized the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape.Whether you are a crypto enthusiast looking to diversify your trading strategies or a new investor curious about the DeFi ecosystem, these facts will provide valuable insights into why Sushiswap has captured the attention of the crypto community.

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Sushiswap is a decentralized exchange platform.

Sushiswap is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to trade cryptocurrencies directly from their digital wallets without the need for a centralized intermediary.

Sushiswap was launched in August 2020 as a fork of Uniswap.

Sushiswap was created by anonymous developers as a fork of Uniswap, another popular decentralized exchange. The idea behind Sushiswap was to offer additional features and incentives to users, such as yield farming and token rewards.

Sushiswap introduced the concept of yield farming.

Yield farming, also known as liquidity mining, is a mechanism introduced by Sushiswap to incentivize users to provide liquidity to the platform. Users can earn rewards in the form of SUSHI tokens by staking their cryptocurrency holdings on the platform.

SUSHI is the native token of Sushiswap.

SUSHI is an ERC-20 token that serves as the native governance token of the Sushiswap platform. Holders of SUSHI have voting rights and can participate in the decision-making process regarding the protocol’s future development and upgrades.

Sushiswap has a unique feature called Onsen.

Onsen is a feature introduced by Sushiswap that allows users to earn additional rewards by providing liquidity to specific token pairs. The rewards are distributed in the form of SUSHI tokens, thus encouraging users to contribute liquidity and support the ecosystem.

SUSHI holders can stake their tokens for additional rewards.

By staking their SUSHI tokens, holders can earn additional rewards from the Sushiswap platform. These rewards can include a percentage of the transaction fees generated on the platform or access to exclusive features and services.

Sushiswap has a dedicated community and governance structure.

Sushiswap operates with a decentralized governance model, allowing token holders to propose and vote on important decisions. The community actively participates in shaping the future of the platform, ensuring a more inclusive and democratic approach to decision-making.

Sushiswap has gained significant popularity and user adoption.

Since its launch, Sushiswap has gained a substantial following, attracting a growing number of users and liquidity providers. Its unique features, rewards programs, and vibrant community have contributed to its rapid rise in popularity within the crypto space.

Sushiswap has expanded its offerings beyond Ethereum.

Originally built on the Ethereum blockchain, Sushiswap has expanded its offerings to include other blockchains as well. This expansion allows users to access a wider range of cryptocurrencies and take advantage of the benefits offered by different blockchain networks.

Sushiswap is committed to security and audited smart contracts.

To ensure the safety of user funds and maintain trust within the community, Sushiswap has undergone multiple security audits by reputable firms. The platform aims to provide a secure and reliable decentralized exchange experience for its users.

Sushiswap continues to innovate and evolve.

Sushiswap remains committed to continuous development and improvement. The platform actively explores new features, partnerships, and integrations to enhance its functionality and provide a seamless experience for users.


Sushiswap (SUSHI) is a fascinating project that has gained significant attention in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). The platform has introduced several innovative features and has become a hotspot for crypto enthusiasts and investors. With its unique approach to liquidity provision and yield farming, Sushiswap has reshaped the DeFi landscape and offered users exciting opportunities to earn rewards.

From its humble beginnings as a fork of Uniswap, Sushiswap has grown into a thriving ecosystem, with a dedicated community and a wide range of supported tokens. Its focus on community governance, transparent token distribution, and revenue-sharing mechanisms has made it a sought-after platform for both liquidity providers and traders.

As Sushiswap continues to evolve and introduce new features, it will undoubtedly capture more attention and play a significant role in shaping the future of DeFi. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto user or new to the DeFi space, exploring Sushiswap can offer you an extraordinary glimpse into the world of decentralized finance.


1. What is Sushiswap?

Sushiswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and provides a platform for liquidity providers to earn rewards.

2. How does Sushiswap differ from Uniswap?

Sushiswap was originally created as a fork of Uniswap, but it has introduced additional features such as yield farming and revenue-sharing mechanisms. These features have attracted users and liquidity providers to the platform.

3. How can I earn rewards on Sushiswap?

You can earn rewards on Sushiswap by providing liquidity to the platform’s liquidity pools. When you contribute funds to the pools, you receive SUSHI tokens as a reward, which can be staked or sold on the exchange.

4. Is Sushiswap safe to use?

Sushiswap has undergone audits and implemented various security measures to protect users’ funds. However, it is still important to exercise caution when using any decentralized exchange and to do your own research before participating.

5. How can I get started with Sushiswap?

To get started with Sushiswap, you’ll need a compatible cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask. You can then connect your wallet to the Sushiswap platform and start trading or providing liquidity to earn rewards.