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Animals Otter Facts

Otter Facts

Otters Are Found near Water Worldwide When it comes to habitat, otter facts reveal that…

Animals Echidna Facts

Echidna Facts

Echidnas Have a Strange Collection of Features One of the more bizarre echidna facts is…

Animals Cougar Facts

Cougar Facts

Cougars Are the Second Largest Cats in North America The cougar is the second largest…

Animals Beaver Facts

Beaver Facts

Beavers Are Sociable, Except When They Work Beavers are very sociable animals. They live in…

Animals Anteater Facts

Anteater Facts

Anteaters Vary Greatly in Size One of the more surprising anteater facts is that these…

Animals owl facts

Owl Facts

Not All Owls Are Nocturnal You’ve probably heard of the term night owl, which makes…

Animals dodo bird facts

Dodo Bird Facts

Dodos Had an Unusual Diet Involving Stones Dodo birds’ diet included seeds, nuts, bulbs, roots,…

Animals Kitten Facts

Kitten Facts

The Young of Domesticated Cats Are “Kittens”, Not “Cubs” When it comes to the naming…