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Animals Tiger Facts

Tiger Facts

Tigers Are Currently Nearly Extinct One of the more sobering tiger facts is that these…

Animals Giraffe Facts

Giraffe Facts

Giraffes Are the Tallest Living Terrestrial Animals Giraffe facts reveal something that you probably already…

Animals Cat Facts

Cat Facts

The Domestic Cat Is the Most Popular Pet in the World The first of our…

Animals Lion Facts

Lion Facts

Female Lions Run the Pack Lion facts show that female lions are responsible for 80-90%…

Animals Wolf Facts

Wolf Facts

American Wolves Rarely Attack Humans There are plenty of attacks by wolves on humans each…

Animals Cheetah Facts

Cheetah Facts

Cheetahs Are the Fastest Land Animals Cheetah facts show that a grown cheetah can reach…

Animals Barn Owl Facts

Barn Owl Facts

The Barn Owl Is Found on Every Continent Except Antarctica The first of our interesting…

Animals Giant Panda Facts

Giant Panda Facts

Giant Pandas Have Unique Facial Structures Many think that giant pandas have cute and chubby…

Animals Camel Facts

Camel Facts

A Camel’s Temperature Varies by 7 Degrees from Day to Night The first in our…

Animals Cow Facts

Cow Facts

Cows Only Have 1 Stomach The first of our brilliant cow facts dispels a popular…

Animals Ant Facts

Ant Facts

Ants Have the Longest Lifespan of Any Insect The first of our interesting ant facts…

Animals Lobster Facts

Lobster Facts

Lobsters Shed Their Shells to Grow Lobster facts teach us that a lobster produces enzymes…

Animals Lemur Facts

Lemur Facts

Lemur in Latin Means Spirits of the Night Lemur facts show that lemurs were feared…

Animals Honey Badger Facts

Honey Badger Facts

Honey Badgers Have Thick Skin Honey badger facts show that honey badgers have incredibly thick…

Animals Goldfish Facts

Goldfish Facts

Goldfish Are Made Up Of Over 500 Species Goldfish facts show that here are hundreds…

Animals Stingray Facts

Stingray Facts

There Are More Than 70 Species of Stingray One of the most surprising stingray facts…

Animals River Otter Facts

River Otter Facts

River Otters Live on the Water’s Edge River otters are semi-aquatic mammals. They live in…