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Mary Poppins is a timeless classic that has captured the hearts of generations. Released in 1964, this beloved Disney film instantly became a phenomenon and continues to charm audiences to this day. Directed by Robert Stevenson and starring Julie Andrews as the iconic nanny, Mary Poppins took the world by storm with its enchanting storyline and unforgettable musical numbers.

But did you know that there are many fascinating facts about the making of the film? From behind-the-scenes secrets to interesting tidbits about the cast and crew, there’s plenty to discover about this magical movie. In this article, we will explore 33 intriguing facts about Mary Poppins that will take you on a journey behind the scenes of this beloved cinematic masterpiece.

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Mary Poppins is a classic Disney movie

Mary Poppins is a beloved Disney film that was released in It is based on the book series by P.L. Travers and has captured the hearts of viewers for generations.

The movie stars Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins

In the role that skyrocketed her to fame, Julie Andrews portrays the iconic character of Mary Poppins with charm and grace.

Dick Van Dyke plays multiple roles in the film

Dick Van Dyke not only plays the lovable chimney sweep, Bert, but also takes on the role of Mr. Dawes Sr., the elderly chairman of the bank.

The movie features memorable songs

The soundtrack of Mary Poppins includes unforgettable tunes such as “A Spoonful of Sugar,” “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” and “Chim Chim Cher-ee.

Mary Poppins combines live-action and animation

At the time of its release, Mary Poppins was groundbreaking in its use of blending live-action and animation sequences, adding to its visual appeal.

The movie won five Academy Awards

Mary Poppins was highly acclaimed and received several Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Julie Andrews and Best Original Song for “Chim Chim Cher-ee.

It was the first Disney film to be nominated for Best Picture

Not only did Mary Poppins win multiple Oscars, but it was also the first Disney film ever to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

The film has a magical nanny as its central character

Mary Poppins is a magical nanny who arrives at the Banks’ residence in Cherry Tree Lane to bring joy and order to the lives of the children, Jane and Michael.

The movie takes place in early 20th-century London

Set in Edwardian-era London, the film beautifully captures the charm and atmosphere of the city during that time period.

The role of Mary Poppins was specifically written for Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews was personally chosen by Walt Disney to play the role of Mary Poppins after her success in the Broadway musical “My Fair Lady.

The film was a box office success

Mary Poppins was a huge hit at the box office, grossing over $100 million worldwide at the time of its release.

The Sherman brothers wrote the music for the movie

Richard and Robert Sherman composed the catchy and memorable songs for Mary Poppins, earning themselves two Academy Awards for Best Original Song.

The movie showcases stunning costumes and set designs

The elaborate costumes and intricate set designs in Mary Poppins add to the visual splendor of the film.

Mary Poppins has become a cultural phenomenon

Since its release, Mary Poppins has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning a Broadway musical adaptation and a recent sequel titled “Mary Poppins Returns.”

The movie explores themes of family and imagination

Through its heartwarming storyline, Mary Poppins emphasizes the importance of family bonds and the power of imagination in bringing joy and wonder to everyday life.

The film showcases impressive dance numbers

With choreography by Marc Breaux and Dee Dee Wood, Mary Poppins features energetic and beautifully executed dance sequences that are still celebrated today.

The character of Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way

One of the key characteristics of Mary Poppins is her perfectionism and attention to detail, which she uses to teach the children important life lessons.

The movie was adapted into a successful Broadway musical

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the film, Mary Poppins was later adapted into a successful stage musical, captivating audiences worldwide.

The film has a cast of memorable supporting characters

From the lovable chimney sweep Bert to the stern but loving Mr. Banks, Mary Poppins introduces a diverse cast of characters that add depth to the story.

The movie tackles social issues of its time

While primarily a family-friendly film, Mary Poppins subtly addresses social issues of the early 20th century such as workers’ rights and women’s suffrage.

The film’s animation sequences were created by famed artist, Ub Iwerks

Ub Iwerks, a longtime collaborator of Walt Disney, was responsible for the unique and innovative animation sequences in Mary Poppins.

The movie underwent an extensive restoration process

In order to preserve the film for future generations, Mary Poppins underwent a meticulous restoration process in 1997 to enhance its picture and sound quality.

The film has a strong message of love and kindness

Throughout the movie, Mary Poppins teaches the importance of love, kindness, and compassion, inspiring viewers to be better versions of themselves.

The film’s success led to a series of books

Following the success of the film, P.L. Travers wrote several more Mary Poppins books, continuing the adventures of the magical nanny.

The movie features iconic and memorable quotes

Lines such as “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” and “A good thing to do when you’re feeling blue” have become ingrained in popular culture.

The film received critical acclaim

Not only was Mary Poppins a commercial success, but it also received positive reviews from critics, praising its performances, music, and visual effects.

The character of Mary Poppins has become a cultural icon

Mary Poppins herself has become an iconic character in the Disney universe, recognized and loved by people of all ages.

The movie includes a sequence with a magical tea party on the ceiling

One of the most memorable scenes in Mary Poppins is the magical tea party on the ceiling, where Mary, Bert, and the children defy gravity.

The film explores the power of imagination

Mary Poppins encourages the children to let their imaginations soar, showing them that anything is possible with a little creativity.

The movie’s success led to a resurgence of interest in P.L. Travers’ books

Thanks to the popularity of the film, P.L. Travers’ Mary Poppins books gained renewed attention and found a new generation of readers.

The film has inspired an attraction at Disneyland

The success of Mary Poppins led to the creation of the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe and the chimney sweep-themed attraction at Disneyland.

The movie’s songs have become timeless classics

Decades later, the songs from Mary Poppins continue to be cherished and performed by artists around the world, solidifying their status as classics.

The film’s legacy continues to captivate audiences

Even after more than five decades since its release, Mary Poppins continues to enchant and inspire audiences of all ages, reaffirming its status as a timeless cinematic masterpiece.


In conclusion, Mary Poppins is a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences of all ages. With its unforgettable characters, catchy songs, and magical adventures, the movie has created a lasting legacy in the world of cinema. Whether you’re a fan of Julie Andrews’ iconic portrayal of Mary Poppins or the animated penguins dancing on the rooftops of London, there’s no denying the charm and enchantment that this film brings. From its impressive special effects to its heartwarming message of love and family, Mary Poppins has solidified its place as one of the greatest movies of all time.


1. Who stars in the movie Mary Poppins?

Julie Andrews portrays the iconic character of Mary Poppins, while Dick Van Dyke plays the lovable chimney sweep, Bert.

2. When was Mary Poppins released?

Mary Poppins was released in 1964.

3. Is Mary Poppins a musical?

Yes, Mary Poppins is a musical that features memorable songs such as “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “A Spoonful of Sugar.

4. Is Mary Poppins based on a book?

Yes, Mary Poppins is based on a series of books written by P.L. Travers.

5. Who directed Mary Poppins?

The movie was directed by Robert Stevenson.

6. Did Mary Poppins win any awards?

Yes, Mary Poppins won five Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Julie Andrews.

7. What is the plot of Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins tells the story of a magical nanny who brings joy and adventure to the Banks family in London.

8. Is there a sequel to Mary Poppins?

Yes, in 2018, a sequel titled “Mary Poppins Returns” was released.

9. Where was Mary Poppins filmed?

The majority of the movie was filmed on soundstages in Burbank, California, but some scenes were shot on location in London.

10. Why is Mary Poppins considered a classic?

Mary Poppins is considered a classic due to its memorable characters, catchy music, and timeless themes of love and imagination.