Leonore Riehl

Leonore Riehl

Published: 04 Oct 2023

Source: Hulu.com

Welcome to the magical world of Shrek! This beloved animated film has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its endearing characters, hilarious humor, and timeless message. Released in 2001, Shrek became an instant classic and sparked a franchise that includes four films, spin-offs, and even a Broadway musical. In this article, we will dive into the fascinating world of Shrek and explore 32 interesting facts about the movie. From its unconventional animation style to its iconic voice cast, Shrek has left a lasting impact on both children and adults alike. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and let’s journey to the swampy wonderland of Shrek!

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Shrek was released in 2001.

Shrek, the animated fantasy film, directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, was released in the year 2001.

Shrek won the first ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

In 2002, Shrek made history by winning the first ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, solidifying its place in cinematic history.

The film is loosely based on the 1990 picture book of the same name.

William Steig’s 1990 picture book, also titled ‘Shrek’, inspired the film’s storyline, while the characters were further developed for the big screen adaptation.

Mike Myers voiced the iconic character of Shrek.

Talented actor and comedian Mike Myers lent his voice to the lovable ogre Shrek, bringing the character to life with his signature Scottish accent.

Eddie Murphy provided the voice for Donkey.

Funnyman Eddie Murphy took on the role of Donkey, Shrek’s wisecracking and loyal sidekick, showcasing his comedic talent in the process.

Shrek was a box office success, grossing over $484 million worldwide.

With its witty humor, engaging storyline, and unforgettable characters, Shrek became a box office sensation, raking in over $484 million globally.

The film spawned multiple sequels and spin-offs.

Due to its immense popularity, Shrek led to the creation of several successful sequels and spin-off films, continuing the adventures of the beloved characters.

Smash Mouth’s “All Star” became Shrek’s iconic theme song.

The catchy hit song “All Star” by Smash Mouth became synonymous with the Shrek franchise, serving as its iconic theme song.

Shrek’s design was inspired by a combination of different animals.

The design of Shrek was carefully crafted by blending features from various animals, resulting in a unique and endearing appearance.

The film features numerous fairy tale references and parodies.

Shrek cleverly incorporates various fairy tale references and parodies, offering a fresh and humorous take on classic stories.

The character of Princess Fiona is voiced by Cameron Diaz.

Talented actress Cameron Diaz provided the voice for Princess Fiona, adding charm and depth to the character.

Shrek was critically acclaimed, receiving positive reviews from both critics and audiences.

The film was well received, praised for its humor, heartwarming message, and impressive animation.

Shrek was the first DreamWorks Animation film to become a franchise.

Shrek’s immense success paved the way for DreamWorks Animation to create a successful franchise, leading to the development of numerous sequels, spin-offs, and merchandise.

John Lithgow voiced the villainous Lord Farquaad.

Talented actor John Lithgow provided the voice for the power-hungry Lord Farquaad, adding a touch of villainy to the film.

Shrek was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry in 2020.

In recognition of its cultural significance, Shrek was chosen for preservation in the United States National Film Registry in 2020, solidifying its place in cinematic history.

The film’s success led to the creation of a Broadway musical adaptation.

Shrek’s popularity extended beyond the film industry, inspiring a successful Broadway musical adaptation, which delighted audiences with its catchy songs and lively performances.

The character of Gingy the Gingerbread Man has become a fan favorite.

Gingy the Gingerbread Man, with his adorable appearance and feisty personality, quickly became a fan favorite character from the film.

Shrek was praised for its progressive themes and subversion of traditional fairy tales.

The film was celebrated for its progressive themes, challenging traditional fairy tale tropes and promoting inclusivity and acceptance.

The film features a memorable cameo appearance by the Magic Mirror.

The Magic Mirror, a classic fairy tale character, makes a memorable cameo appearance in Shrek, adding an extra layer of whimsy to the film.

Shrek’s swamp is an iconic location in the film.

Shrek’s swamp serves as his home and becomes an iconic location in the film, representing his solitude and eventual transformation.

The film’s script went through multiple rewrites.

Shrek’s script underwent several revisions to ensure that the story and humor resonated with audiences of all ages.

The character of Shrek was originally envisioned to have Chris Farley as the voice actor.

Initially, comedian Chris Farley provided the voice for Shrek, but sadly passed away before completing the role, leading to the casting of Mike Myers.

Shrek’s message revolves around inner beauty and self-acceptance.

One of the key messages in Shrek is the importance of embracing one’s inner beauty and accepting oneself for who they are.

Shrek has become a cultural phenomenon and a beloved character in pop culture.

Shrek’s impact goes beyond the film itself, becoming a cultural phenomenon and remaining a beloved character in pop culture through various memes and references.

The film’s animation was groundbreaking at the time of its release.

Shrek pushed the boundaries of animation, utilizing advanced technology and techniques to create visually stunning and realistic characters and environments.

Shrek has inspired numerous merchandise and theme park attractions.

The success of Shrek led to the creation of a wide range of merchandise and theme park attractions, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the world of Shrek.

The film’s witty and clever dialogue added to its charm.

Shrek’s script is filled with witty and clever dialogue, adding to the film’s charm and appeal for both children and adults.

Shrek and Donkey’s friendship is a central theme in the film.

The bond between Shrek and Donkey serves as a central theme in the film, highlighting the importance of friendship and unlikely alliances.

The film’s soundtrack features a mix of popular songs and original compositions.

Shrek’s soundtrack is a blend of popular songs, such as “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, and original compositions, creating a memorable musical experience.

The character of Shrek was based on a real person.

Shrek’s character was reportedly inspired by a man named Maurice Tillet, who suffered from a rare genetic disorder that caused his facial features to be distorted.

Shrek’s success led to the creation of a spin-off film focused on Puss in Boots.

Due to the popularity of the character Puss in Boots, a spin-off film centered around his adventures was created and became a box office hit.

Shrek continues to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.

Even years after its release, Shrek’s timeless humor, heartwarming story, and memorable characters continue to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages.


Shrek is undoubtedly one of the most beloved animated movies of all time, and these 32 facts give us a deeper appreciation for the film. From its unconventional fairytale narrative to its groundbreaking animation techniques, Shrek has left a lasting impact on both young and old audiences alike. With memorable characters such as Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey, the film has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning multiple sequels, spin-offs, and even a Broadway musical.

Whether it’s the iconic voice cast, the hidden pop culture references, or the heartwarming messages about self-acceptance, Shrek continues to captivate audiences and reign as a classic in the world of animation.


1. Who voiced the character of Shrek?

Eddie Murphy voiced the character of Shrek in the original film, bringing his unique comedic style to the role.

2. Was Shrek a box office success?

Yes, Shrek was a massive box office success, grossing over $484 million worldwide and becoming one of DreamWorks Animation’s most successful films.

3. Are there any hidden Easter eggs in Shrek?

Yes, there are several hidden Easter eggs in Shrek, including references to other movies like The Matrix and Star Wars that eagle-eyed viewers can spot.

4. Did Shrek win any awards?

Yes, Shrek won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, solidifying its place in cinematic history.

5. Are there any sequels to Shrek?

Yes, there are three sequels: Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and Shrek Forever After, as well as various spin-offs and a Puss in Boots standalone film.

6. Is Shrek based on a book?

Yes, Shrek is based on a children’s book of the same name by William Steig, although the movie takes many liberties with the original story.

7. Does Shrek have any cultural significance?

Absolutely! Shrek is often praised for its subversive take on fairytale tropes and its messages about inner beauty and self-acceptance, making it a cultural touchstone for many.