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Stamford AFC is a football club that holds a special place in the hearts of passionate football fans. Established in (YEAR), the club has a rich history and has made a significant impact in the world of football. From its humble beginnings to its current status, Stamford AFC has earned a reputation for its dedication, skill, and unwavering passion for the beautiful game. In this article, we will explore 11 fascinating facts about this incredible football club, shedding light on its achievements, notable players, and memorable moments. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about the world of football, join us as we delve into the world of Stamford AFC and its contributions to the sport we all love.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stamford AFC, also known as “The Daniels”, has a rich history dating back to 1896. With passionate fans, youth development, and community outreach, the club is a pillar of local football.
  • The black and white striped team proudly plays at the Zeeco Stadium and engages in fierce local rivalries. With dedicated coaching staff and loyal fans, Stamford AFC continues to thrive in non-league football.
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Stamford AFC has a rich history.

Founded in 1896, Stamford AFC is one of the oldest football clubs in the United Kingdom. With over a century of existence, this club has witnessed numerous triumphs and challenges throughout its journey.

The club’s nickname is “The Daniels”.

Stamford AFC is affectionately known as “The Daniels” among its loyal supporters. The origin of this nickname can be traced back to the club’s early days, when it was based at the Daniel Lambert Pub in Stamford.

Stamford AFC has a passionate fanbase.

The club boasts a dedicated and passionate fanbase who support the team through thick and thin. The Stamford AFC supporters create an electrifying atmosphere at home matches, motivating the players to give their best on the pitch.

Stamford AFC has experienced success in non-league football.

Although not competing in the top tiers of English football, Stamford AFC has achieved considerable success in non-league competitions. The club has won several league titles and cup competitions, cementing its place as a respected team in non-league football.

The Stamford AFC colors are black and whites stripes.

Stamford AFC proudly dons black and white striped jerseys as their distinctive team colors. The iconic stripes represent the club’s history and tradition, instilling a sense of pride among players and fans alike.

Stamford AFC plays their home games at the Zeeco Stadium.

The Zeeco Stadium, formerly known as the Vic Couzens Stadium, is the home ground of Stamford AFC. The stadium has a capacity of around 2,500 spectators and provides a vibrant setting for thrilling football matches.

Stamford AFC has a strong youth development system.

The club places great emphasis on nurturing young talent and has a well-established youth development system in place. Stamford AFC invests in the future by providing opportunities for aspiring footballers to grow and develop their skills.

Stamford AFC has a fierce rivalry with nearby clubs.

The local football scene sees Stamford AFC locked in intense rivalries with nearby clubs, creating exciting matches filled with passion and competitiveness. These local derbies add an extra level of excitement for both players and fans.

Stamford AFC has a dedicated community outreach program.

The club actively engages with the local community through various initiatives, including coaching programs, school visits, and charitable events. Stamford AFC’s commitment to making a positive impact off the pitch is highly regarded.

Stamford AFC has a committed coaching and management staff.

The success of any football club is dependent on the quality of its coaching and management staff. Stamford AFC is fortunate to have a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to shape and guide the players towards excellence.

Stamford AFC fans demonstrate unwavering loyalty.

The fans of Stamford AFC are known for their unwavering loyalty and unwavering support, standing by the team through thick and thin. Rain or shine, home or away, the Stamford AFC faithful can be found cheering on their beloved team.


In conclusion, Stamford AFC is a football club with a rich history and a bright future. From their humble beginnings in 1896 to their current status as a successful non-league club, Stamford AFC has shown resilience, passion, and a strong sense of community. With their dedicated fan base, impressive facilities, and talented team, the club continues to make waves in the world of football.Stamford AFC has a solid foundation and a promising future ahead. With their commitment to excellence on and off the field, they are well-positioned to continue their success in the coming years. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering the club, Stamford AFC is a name that should not be overlooked.So, whether you’re cheering on the sidelines, watching from home, or visiting their stadium, support Stamford AFC and be a part of their exciting journey. The club’s dedication to the game and their community is truly commendable, making them an inspiration to football clubs around the world.


1. When was Stamford AFC founded?

Stamford AFC was founded in 1896.

2. What league does Stamford AFC currently play in?

Stamford AFC currently plays in the Northern Premier League Division One Midlands.

3. Has Stamford AFC ever won any major trophies?

While Stamford AFC has not won any major trophies, they have had success in minor competitions and have a strong record in non-league football.

4. Where does Stamford AFC play their home matches?

Stamford AFC plays their home matches at the Zeeco Stadium, which can accommodate up to 929 spectators.

5. How can I become a member of Stamford AFC’s fan club?

To become a member of Stamford AFC’s fan club, you can visit their official website and follow the instructions for membership registration.

6. Does Stamford AFC have a youth academy?

Yes, Stamford AFC has a thriving youth academy that aims to develop young talent and provide a pathway to the first team.

7. Are there any upcoming matches or events I can attend?

You can check the official Stamford AFC website or their social media channels for information on upcoming matches and events.

8. Can I purchase tickets for Stamford AFC matches online?

Yes, tickets for Stamford AFC matches can be purchased online through their official website or at the stadium’s ticket office on match days.

9. Does Stamford AFC have any notable former players?

Stamford AFC has had several notable former players, including Lee Frecklington, who went on to play for Lincoln City in the English Football League.

10. How can I stay updated with the latest news and updates about Stamford AFC?

You can stay updated with the latest news and updates about Stamford AFC by following their official website and social media accounts, or by signing up for their newsletter.

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