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Welcome to the world of the undead, where the living come together to celebrate in a uniquely chilling way. Zombie Pub Crawls have become a popular event for those with a taste for the supernatural and a love for a good time. These events combine the excitement of a pub crawl with the thrill of dressing up as zombies, creating an exhilarating and eerie atmosphere.In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Zombie Pub Crawls and share 19 intriguing facts about these ghoulish gatherings. From the origins of this macabre tradition to the record-breaking numbers of participants, we will explore the key aspects that make Zombie Pub Crawls a standout event in the world of themed parties.So grab your fake blood, practice your zombie walk, and get ready for some hair-raising tales from the undead realm. Whether you’re a seasoned pub crawler or a curious first-timer, this article will give you a comprehensive look into the captivating world of Zombie Pub Crawls.

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The Origins

The Zombie Pub Crawl started in 2005 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a small group of friends who decided to dress up as zombies and visit local pubs. Little did they know that it would snowball into a massive annual event.

Guinness World Record

In 2014, Zombie Pub Crawl made history by setting the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Gathering of Zombies.” Over 15,000 undead enthusiasts came together to celebrate in downtown Minneapolis.

The Growth

Since its inception, Zombie Pub Crawl has expanded to other cities across the United States, including New York City, Boston, and Denver. It has grown from a small gathering to a nationwide phenomenon.

Zombie-Themed Activities

Zombies are known for their love of brains, but at Zombie Pub Crawl, the activities go beyond just eating. You can participate in zombie-themed games, costume contests, live music performances, and much more.

Zombie Makeup Stations

Not everyone has the time or skills to create a convincing zombie look. That’s why Zombie Pub Crawl offers makeup stations where professionals can turn you into a flesh-eating creature of the night.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips

If you want to increase your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse, Zombie Pub Crawl has got you covered. They provide helpful tips and tricks on how to outsmart the undead and live to tell the tale.

Zombie Pub Crawl Merchandise

Want to commemorate your undead experience? Zombie Pub Crawl offers a range of merchandise, from t-shirts and hats to zombie-themed souvenirs, so you can proudly display your participation in the event.

The Undead Parade

One of the highlights of Zombie Pub Crawl is the undead parade. Participants march through the streets, showcasing their creative and terrifying zombie costumes while onlookers cheer them on.

The Zombie Contagion

The infectious spirit of Zombie Pub Crawl spreads like wildfire. Once you’ve attended the event, you’ll find yourself infected with the desire to return year after year and join the ranks of the undead.

Mix of Music Genres

Zombie Pub Crawl features a diverse lineup of musical performances across multiple stages. From rock and metal to electronic and hip-hop, there’s something for every zombie’s taste.

Zombie Pub Crawlers Unite

Everyone at Zombie Pub Crawl shares a common passion – a love for all things zombie. It’s a gathering of like-minded individuals who embrace their inner undead and revel in the macabre.

The Zombie Pub Crawl App

Stay connected and updated with all things Zombie Pub Crawl through their official mobile app. Get event information, track your zombie crawl route, and connect with other pub crawlers.

Charity Partnerships

Zombie Pub Crawl is not just about having fun; it also supports charitable causes. Throughout the years, the event has partnered with various organizations to raise funds for important social causes.

Zombie Pub Crawl Food and Drink Specials

No pub crawl is complete without indulging in delicious food and drinks. Participating venues offer special menu items and themed cocktails to satisfy your undead cravings.

Zombie Pub Crawl Age Restrictions

Zombie Pub Crawl is an adult-only event, typically restricted to participants aged 21 and above, due to the presence of alcohol at the participating venues. Proper identification is required.

Dress Code

Zombie Pub Crawl encourages participants to go all out with their zombie attire. The more gruesome and authentic, the better. Don’t hold back on the fake blood, torn clothing, and tattered flesh.

Zombie Pub Crawl Safety Measures

While Zombie Pub Crawl is all about fun and frights, organizers prioritize the safety of participants. Security personnel are present throughout the event, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

The Afterlife Party

After a night of zombie mayhem, the festivities continue at the official Zombie Pub Crawl after-party. Dance the night away with fellow undead until the early hours of the morning.

Embrace Your Inner Zombie

Zombie Pub Crawl is not just about dressing up and drinking; it’s about embracing your inner zombie and experiencing the thrill of being part of a massive undead community.

So, whether you’re a long-time fan of the living dead or new to the world of zombies, Zombie Pub Crawl offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Join the horde, unleash your inner undead, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Remember, The “19 Facts About Zombie Pub Crawl” will guide you through this thrilling and chilling event, ensuring you make the most of your undead adventure.


In conclusion, the Zombie Pub Crawl is an extraordinary event that brings together the excitement of a pub crawl and the thrill of the supernatural. With its unique concept and fun-filled activities, it has gained immense popularity among partygoers and enthusiasts of the undead. From its humble beginnings in Minneapolis to becoming an international phenomenon, the Zombie Pub Crawl continues to captivate people’s imaginations and provides an unforgettable experience for all.So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind event that combines the spooky and the boozy, look no further than the Zombie Pub Crawl. Get ready to don your best zombie attire, make some new undead friends, and enjoy a night of thrilling adventures and unforgettable memories.


1. What is the Zombie Pub Crawl?

The Zombie Pub Crawl is an annual event that takes place in various cities around the world. It is a massive gathering of participants dressed as zombies, who embark on a pub crawl through designated bars and venues.

2. When and where does the Zombie Pub Crawl take place?

The Zombie Pub Crawl takes place on different dates and locations depending on the city. The original Zombie Pub Crawl started in 2005 in Minneapolis, but it has since expanded to cities like New York, London, and Sydney.

3. Can anyone participate in the Zombie Pub Crawl?

Absolutely! The Zombie Pub Crawl is open to anyone who is 21 years of age or older. Participants are encouraged to dress up as zombies and join in the festivities.

4. Do I have to dress up as a zombie?

While dressing up as a zombie is not compulsory, it is highly encouraged. The more people dressed as zombies, the better the atmosphere and overall experience of the event.

5. Are there any age restrictions for the Zombie Pub Crawl?

Yes, participants must be at least 21 years old to attend the Zombie Pub Crawl. IDs are usually checked at the entrance of each venue.