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Welcome to the exciting world of Sliema Wanderers FC! As one of the most iconic football clubs in the history of Maltese football, Sliema Wanderers FC has captured the hearts of fans around the globe with its rich heritage and astonishing accomplishments. With a legacy spanning over a century, this renowned football club has solidified its place among the elites of Maltese football, earning numerous titles and a reputation for excellence. From their iconic blue and white colors to their unforgettable matches and passionate fanbase, Sliema Wanderers FC has become synonymous with greatness. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Sliema Wanderers FC and explore 18 interesting facts about this extraordinary football club.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sliema Wanderers FC, one of Malta’s oldest football clubs, has a rich history with 26 league titles and a passionate fan base known as the “Blue and Whites Army.”
  • The club is deeply involved in the community, nurturing young talent, engaging with fans through social media, and fostering a sense of belonging with its official supporters club.
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Sliema Wanderers FC: 18 Football Club Facts

The Sliema Wanderers FC is a professional football club based in Sliema, Malta. With a rich history and a dedicated fan base, this club has made its mark in the world of football. Let’s delve into the fascinating facts about the Sliema Wanderers FC.

The Club’s Formation

The Sliema Wanderers FC was established in 1909, making it one of the oldest football clubs in Malta. Since its inception, the club has played a significant role in the development and promotion of Maltese football.

Success in the Maltese Premier League

The Sliema Wanderers FC has had impressive success in the Maltese Premier League throughout its history. The club has secured a total of 26 league titles, cementing its status as one of the most successful clubs in the country.

The Blue and Whites

The Sliema Wanderers FC is known as the “Blue and Whites” due to the club’s traditional blue and white striped kit. This distinct color scheme has become synonymous with the team’s identity.

Home Ground: The Tigne Sports Complex

The Sliema Wanderers FC plays its home matches at the Tigne Sports Complex, located in Sliema. This state-of-the-art stadium provides a vibrant atmosphere for the matches and can accommodate a large number of passionate fans.

European Football Competitions

The Sliema Wanderers FC has represented Malta in numerous European football competitions, including the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. These competitions provide an opportunity for the club to showcase its talent and compete against top European teams.

Achievements in Domestic Cups

In addition to their success in the league, the Sliema Wanderers FC has also achieved impressive results in domestic cup competitions. The club has won the Maltese FA Trophy a record 21 times, further solidifying its position as a dominant force in Maltese football.


The Sliema Wanderers FC has a fierce rivalry with Floriana FC, another top football club in Malta. Matches between these two teams are highly anticipated and generate intense excitement among fans.

International Players

Over the years, the Sliema Wanderers FC has been home to several talented international players who have represented their respective countries at the highest level of the sport. This includes both Maltese and foreign players who have added depth and skill to the team.

Educating Young Talent

The Sliema Wanderers FC places a strong emphasis on youth development and has a successful academy system in place. The club takes pride in nurturing young talent and providing them with opportunities to progress in their football careers.

Community Involvement

The Sliema Wanderers FC is actively involved in the local community, engaging in various charitable initiatives and promoting grassroots football. The club understands the importance of giving back and strives to make a positive impact beyond the football field.

Fan Base

The Sliema Wanderers FC boasts a dedicated and passionate fan base. These fans, known as the “Blue and Whites Army,” provide unwavering support to the team, creating an electric atmosphere during matches.

Club Legends

Throughout its history, the Sliema Wanderers FC has produced several club legends who have left an indelible mark on the team’s legacy. These players are celebrated for their skill, dedication, and contribution to the club’s success.

Recognition and Awards

The Sliema Wanderers FC has received numerous accolades and recognition for its achievements. This includes individual player awards, such as the Maltese Footballer of the Year, and team awards for outstanding performances in both domestic and international competitions.

Social Media Presence

The Sliema Wanderers FC actively engages with fans through its social media platforms, providing updates, match highlights, and behind-the-scenes content. This allows fans from around the world to stay connected with the club’s activities.

Supporters Club

The Sliema Wanderers FC has an official supporters club, known as the “Sliema Wanderers Supporters Club.” This dedicated group of fans organizes events, trips to away matches, and fosters a sense of community among supporters.

Youth and Women’s Teams

The Sliema Wanderers FC not only focuses on its senior team but also has thriving youth and women’s teams. These teams provide young athletes with opportunities to develop their skills and contribute to the growth of football at all levels.

Continued Ambitions

The Sliema Wanderers FC remains committed to its pursuit of success and aims to continue its strong presence in Maltese football. With a rich history and a promising future, the club is poised for further achievements in the years to come.


In conclusion, Sliema Wanderers FC is a historic football club with a rich legacy and a passionate fanbase. From its humble beginnings in the early 20th century to its present-day success, the club has established itself as one of Malta’s top football teams. With a total of 26 league titles and numerous achievements in domestic and international competitions, Sliema Wanderers FC has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Maltese football.

With a strong emphasis on youth development and a commitment to nurturing local talent, the club has continued to produce exceptional players who have represented the national team with distinction. Sliema Wanderers FC’s iconic blue and white kit is a familiar sight at the Victor Tedesco Stadium, where fans come together to cheer on their beloved team.

As Sliema Wanderers FC continues to strive for success both on and off the field, the future looks bright for this proud football institution. With a dedicated fanbase, a storied history, and a commitment to excellence, Sliema Wanderers FC is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of Maltese football.


1. When was Sliema Wanderers FC founded?

Sliema Wanderers FC was founded in 1909.

2. How many league titles has the club won?

The club has won a record 26 league titles.

3. What is the home stadium of Sliema Wanderers FC?

The club plays its home matches at the Victor Tedesco Stadium.

4. Has the club achieved success in international competitions?

Yes, Sliema Wanderers FC has had success in various international competitions.

5. Does the club have a youth development program?

Yes, the club places a strong emphasis on youth development and has a renowned youth academy.

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