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Lorri Oney

Modified & Updated: 29 Jan 2024

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Are you a football enthusiast looking for interesting facts about football clubs? Look no further! In this article, we will dive into the fascinating world of SC Bastia, a highly acclaimed football club. SC Bastia, also known as Sporting Club de Bastia, is a professional football club based in Bastia, France.

With a rich history and a passionate fanbase, SC Bastia has been making waves in the football world for decades. From their impressive stadium to their prestigious achievements on the field, there are several facts that make SC Bastia a standout club in the football community.

Whether you’re an avid fan of SC Bastia or just intrigued by their legacy, join us as we explore 13 intriguing facts about this iconic football club. Get ready to be captivated by the stories behind their triumphs, the legends who have graced their team, and the unwavering support of their dedicated fans.

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Sc Bastia has a rich history.

Established in 1905, Sc Bastia is one of the oldest football clubs in France.

The club is based in Bastia, Corsica.

Sc Bastia represents the city of Bastia, located on the beautiful island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sc Bastia has a strong fan base.

The passionate supporters of Sc Bastia, known as Les Turchini, fill the Stade Armand Cesari to cheer for their team.

The club has had success in the French leagues.

Sc Bastia has competed in Ligue 1, the top tier of French football, and has also won the Ligue 2 championship on multiple occasions.

Sc Bastia has a historic rivalry with Ajaccio.

The matches between Sc Bastia and their Corsican rivals, AC Ajaccio, are highly anticipated and create an intense atmosphere.

The club has had notable players throughout its history.

Sc Bastia has had players such as Claude Papi, Julian Palmieri, and Michael Essien represent the team on the field.

Sc Bastia has participated in European competitions.

The club has competed in tournaments such as the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Intertoto Cup, showcasing their talent on an international stage.

Sc Bastia has faced financial difficulties.

Like many football clubs, Sc Bastia has had its share of financial challenges, but the team remains resilient and continues to compete.

The club has a strong youth development system.

Sc Bastia emphasizes the importance of nurturing young talent and has produced several promising players who have gone on to have successful careers.

Sc Bastia has a unique stadium.

The Stade Armand Cesari, also known as Furiani Stadium, has a rich history and is known for its vibrant atmosphere during matches.

The club has a women’s football team.

Sc Bastia has a women’s team that competes in the French women’s football league, contributing to the growth of the sport.

Sc Bastia has a loyal international following.

The club has fans from all over the world who support Sc Bastia and follow their progress in domestic and international competitions.

Sc Bastia is committed to community outreach.

The club actively engages with its local community, organizing events and initiatives to promote the love for football and foster a sense of unity.


In conclusion, these 13 facts about SC Bastia shed light on the rich history, passionate fanbase, and remarkable achievements of this football club. From its humble beginnings to its rise to glory, SC Bastia has left an indelible mark on the world of football. With a strong squad, dedicated fans, and a competitive spirit, this club continues to strive for success. Whether you are a die-hard fan or just discovering the wonders of SC Bastia, the club’s legacy and impact cannot be denied. So next time you hear the name SC Bastia, remember these 13 facts and appreciate the journey and triumphs of this remarkable football club.


Q: When was SC Bastia founded?

A: SC Bastia was founded on October 15, 1905.

Q: What is SC Bastia’s stadium called?

A: The home stadium of SC Bastia is called Stade Armand Cesari, also known as the Stade de Furiani.

Q: Has SC Bastia ever won a major trophy?

A: Yes, SC Bastia won the Coupe de France in the 1980-1981 season, defeating Saint-Étienne in the final.

Q: How many times has SC Bastia competed in European competitions?

A: SC Bastia has competed in European competitions six times in their history.

Q: Who is the all-time leading goalscorer for SC Bastia?

A: Pierre-Yves André is the all-time leading goalscorer for SC Bastia, scoring 127 goals for the club.

Q: What are SC Bastia’s traditional colors?

A: The traditional colors of SC Bastia are blue and white.

Q: Has SC Bastia ever played in Ligue 1?

A: Yes, SC Bastia has played in Ligue 1 for multiple seasons, with their most recent appearance in the 2016-2017 season.

Q: Is SC Bastia currently playing in any professional league?

A: As of now, SC Bastia plays in the Championnat National 2, which is the fourth tier of French football.

Q: Who is the most successful manager in SC Bastia’s history?

A: The most successful manager in SC Bastia’s history is Pierre Cahuzac, leading the club to several successful seasons.

Q: Are there any iconic players associated with SC Bastia?

A: Yes, players like Claude Papi, Johnny Rep, and Mickaël Landreau have left a lasting legacy at SC Bastia.