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Neftchi PFK is a football club with a rich history and a strong presence in the world of football. With a passionate fan base and a legacy that spans decades, Neftchi PFK has established itself as one of the most successful football clubs in the world. From its founding in 1937 to its current standing, Neftchi PFK has seen numerous triumphs, both on the domestic front and in international competitions. With a list of accomplishments and a roster of talented players, Neftchi PFK continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the football world. In this article, we will explore 19 fascinating facts about Neftchi PFK, shedding light on the club’s history, achievements, and notable figures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Neftchi Pfk, one of Azerbaijan’s oldest football clubs, has a rich history of winning domestic titles and participating in international competitions, with a passionate fan base and a commitment to player development.
  • With a state-of-the-art stadium, successful youth academy, and strong emphasis on community initiatives, Neftchi Pfk has left a lasting legacy of success in the world of football, both locally and internationally.
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Neftchi Pfk has a rich history.

Established in 1937, Neftchi Pfk is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in Azerbaijan. Over the years, the club has earned a reputation for its competitive spirit and loyal fan base.

Neftchi Pfk has won numerous domestic titles.

The club has clinched the Azerbaijan Premier League title on multiple occasions, showcasing their dominance in the national football scene. Neftchi Pfk has also won several Azerbaijan Cups, further adding to their trophy cabinet.

Neftchi Pfk has participated in international competitions.

The club has represented Azerbaijan in various UEFA competitions, including the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. This has not only given Neftchi Pfk exposure on the global stage but has also allowed them to test their skills against top European clubs.

Neftchi Pfk has a passionate fan base.

The Neftchi Pfk supporters, known as “The Bakcell Supporters,” are known for their unwavering support and dedication to the team. They create an electric atmosphere during home matches, making the stadium an intimidating place for opposing teams to visit.

Neftchi Pfk has produced talented players.

The club has nurtured and developed numerous talented footballers throughout its history. Some notable players who have emerged from Neftchi Pfk include Anatoliy Banishevskiy, Vagif Javadov, and Rashad Sadygov.

Neftchi Pfk has a rivalry with Qarabag FK.

The matches between Neftchi Pfk and Qarabag FK are highly anticipated in Azerbaijan. The rivalry between these two clubs adds an extra element of excitement to the local football scene, with both teams battling it out for supremacy.

Neftchi Pfk has a state-of-the-art stadium.

The Bakcell Arena, the home stadium of Neftchi Pfk, is a modern facility with a seating capacity of over 11,000 spectators. The stadium provides a fantastic atmosphere for fans and a top-class playing surface for the players.

Neftchi Pfk has a successful youth academy.

The club focuses on nurturing young talent through its youth academy, providing a platform for aspiring footballers to develop their skills and potentially make it to the first team. The academy has produced several players who have gone on to have successful careers in football.

Neftchi Pfk has had foreign managers.

Over the years, Neftchi Pfk has recruited foreign managers to bring their expertise and knowledge to the team. This international influence has helped shape the club’s playing style and tactical approach.

Neftchi Pfk has a strong social media presence.

The club actively engages with its fans through various social media platforms, providing updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive opportunities. This digital presence allows fans to stay connected and informed about the latest news surrounding the club.

Neftchi Pfk has participated in friendly matches against renowned clubs.

Neftchi Pfk has taken part in friendly matches against top clubs from around the world, providing valuable exposure and experience for the players. These matches also serve as a platform for Neftchi Pfk to showcase their talents on an international scale.

Neftchi Pfk has a commitment to community initiatives.

The club is actively involved in various community initiatives, focusing on promoting the sport of football and giving back to society. Neftchi Pfk’s efforts extend beyond the pitch, making a positive impact in the local community.

Neftchi Pfk has had notable victories in international competitions.

The club has achieved memorable victories in international competitions, defeating well-established teams and making their mark on the global football stage. These triumphs have brought pride to the Neftchi Pfk fans and players alike.

Neftchi Pfk has a strong support system from sponsors.

The club enjoys support from various sponsors, who contribute to the financial stability and growth of Neftchi Pfk. These sponsorships allow the club to invest in infrastructure, player development, and other aspects necessary for success.

Neftchi Pfk has a dedicated coaching staff.

The coaching staff at Neftchi Pfk consists of experienced professionals who provide guidance and development to the players. Their expertise and tactical knowledge contribute to the team’s overall performance and strategic approach.

Neftchi Pfk has a strong international fan base.

Neftchi Pfk’s popularity extends beyond Azerbaijan, with fans from different countries supporting the club. This international fan base adds to the club’s global recognition and enhances the overall fan experience.

Neftchi Pfk has played in historic matches.

The club has been part of historic matches, including memorable cup finals and significant moments in Azerbaijan football history. These matches have secured their place in the country’s sporting heritage.

Neftchi Pfk has a strong emphasis on player development.

Neftchi Pfk prioritizes the development and growth of its players, both on and off the field. The club provides comprehensive training programs, support systems, and infrastructure to ensure the players reach their full potential.

Neftchi Pfk has a legacy of success.

Throughout its history, Neftchi Pfk has achieved remarkable success, earning a place among the elite football clubs in Azerbaijan and leaving a lasting legacy in the sport.


Neftchi Pfk is a football club with a rich history and a strong legacy in the world of football. With 19 fascinating facts that showcase their achievements, fan base, and contributions to the sport, it is evident that Neftchi Pfk holds a significant place in the hearts of football enthusiasts.

From being the most successful football club in Azerbaijan to producing talented players who have made a mark in international football, Neftchi Pfk has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Their passionate fans, impressive stadium, and unwavering support have helped create an atmosphere that is truly electrifying.

Whether you are a die-hard Neftchi Pfk fan or simply interested in learning more about this illustrious club, exploring these 19 facts will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Neftchi Pfk’s journey and its everlasting impact on the footballing world.


Q: When was Neftchi Pfk founded?

A: Neftchi Pfk was founded in 1937.

Q: How many national championships has Neftchi Pfk won?

A: Neftchi Pfk has won a record-breaking number of 19 national championships.

Q: What is the home stadium of Neftchi Pfk?

A: The home stadium of Neftchi Pfk is the Bakcell Arena, located in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Q: Has Neftchi Pfk participated in any international competitions?

A: Yes, Neftchi Pfk has participated in numerous international competitions, including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Q: Which players have emerged from the Neftchi Pfk academy?

A: The Neftchi Pfk academy has produced several talented players who have gone on to play for both domestic and international football clubs.

Q: What is the capacity of the Bakcell Arena?

A: The Bakcell Arena has a seating capacity of approximately 11,000 spectators.

Q: How many times has Neftchi Pfk won the Azerbaijan Cup?

A: Neftchi Pfk has won the Azerbaijan Cup 8 times.

Q: What is Neftchi Pfk’s biggest rivalry?

A: Neftchi Pfk has a fierce rivalry with Qarabag FK, with matches between the two clubs known as the “Derby of Azerbaijan”.

Q: Does Neftchi Pfk have a women’s football team?

A: Yes, Neftchi Pfk has a women’s football team that competes in various domestic competitions.

Q: Is Neftchi Pfk involved in any community initiatives?

A: Yes, Neftchi Pfk actively participates in community initiatives, promoting football development and supporting social causes.

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