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Feyenoord Rotterdam is one of the most renowned football clubs in the world, with a rich history and a passionate fanbase. Founded in 1908, Feyenoord has become a symbol of pride for the city of Rotterdam and has achieved great success both domestically and internationally. With a record 15 Eredivisie titles, the club has consistently been a powerhouse in Dutch football. But there’s more to Feyenoord than just their silverware collection. In this article, we will delve into 14 fascinating facts about Feyenoord Rotterdam that showcase the club’s unique heritage, memorable moments, famous players, and enduring legacy. So, sit back and get ready to learn about one of the most iconic football clubs in the world!

Key Takeaways:

  • Feyenoord Rotterdam, founded in 1908, has a rich history and iconic stadium, De Kuip. The club’s passionate fan base, notable players, and community support have made it a footballing powerhouse.
  • The Feyenoord Academy has produced talented players, and the club has won numerous domestic and international titles. Feyenoord’s intense rivalries and iconic red and white jersey make it a beloved football club.
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Feyenoord Rotterdam: A Historic Football Club

Feyenoord Rotterdam, also known as Feyenoord or simply Feyenoord, is a professional football club based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Founded in 1908, it has a rich history and a dedicated fan base.

The Birth of Feyenoord

Feyenoord was founded on July 19, 1908, by a group of young men who were passionate about football. What started as a small club has since grown into one of the most successful clubs in Dutch football.

The Legendary Stadium: De Kuip

One of the notable aspects of Feyenoord is their iconic stadium, De Kuip. Built in 1937, this historic stadium has witnessed countless thrilling matches and has become synonymous with Feyenoord’s success.

Achievements and Trophies

Feyenoord has enjoyed tremendous success over the years. The club has won numerous domestic and international titles, including the UEFA Cup and the Intercontinental Cup.

The Feyenoord Academy

Feyenoord is renowned for its youth development program, known as the Feyenoord Academy. Many talented players have emerged from this academy, making significant contributions not only to the club but also to the Dutch national team.

The Rivalries

Feyenoord has intense rivalries with two other Dutch clubs, Ajax Amsterdam and PSV Eindhoven. These matches, known as the “De Klassieker” and the “De Topper,” respectively, are highly anticipated and attract immense attention from fans.

Feyenoord’s Memorable Moments

Over the years, Feyenoord has had numerous memorable moments. From winning domestic titles to remarkable comebacks in European competitions, the club has provided fans with thrilling experiences on the pitch.

Feyenoord’s Passionate Fan Base

The Feyenoord fan base is known for its loyalty and passion. The supporters, known as the “Legioen,” create an electrifying atmosphere at home matches, cheering on their beloved team with unwavering dedication.

The Feyenoord Feeder Clubs

Feyenoord has established relationships with several feeder clubs, both domestic and international. These partnerships allow young players to gain valuable experience and further develop their skills.

Notable Feyenoord Players

Feyenoord has seen the rise of many talented players throughout its history. From legendary figures like Willem van Hanegem and Johan Cruyff to modern-day stars like Robin van Persie, the club has always attracted top talent.

Feyenoord’s Support for the Community

Aside from its success on the pitch, Feyenoord is actively involved in community outreach programs. The club supports various charitable initiatives and uses its platform to promote social causes.

Feyenoord’s Iconic Jersey

The red and white jersey of Feyenoord is instantly recognizable and has become an emblem of the club’s identity. Fans proudly wear their team colors, creating a sea of red and white at every match.

The Feyenoord Chant

A distinctive chant, known as “Hand in Hand, Kameraden,” is sung by Feyenoord supporters during matches. This chant reflects the unity and solidarity among the fans and serves as a rallying cry for the team.

Feyenoord’s Legacy

Throughout its illustrious history, Feyenoord has left an indelible mark on Dutch football. The club’s success, passionate fan base, and commitment to youth development have earned it a place among the footballing elite.


In conclusion, Feyenoord Rotterdam is a historic football club with a rich legacy and a passionate fan base. From their iconic stadium, De Kuip, to their numerous domestic and international successes, Feyenoord has established itself as one of the most prominent clubs in Dutch football. With a storied history, loyal supporters, and a commitment to developing young talent, Feyenoord continues to make its mark on the world of football. Whether you’re a fan of the club or simply intrigued by their achievements, Feyenoord Rotterdam is a team that deserves recognition and respect in the footballing world.


1. When was Feyenoord Rotterdam founded?
Feyenoord Rotterdam was founded on July 19, 1908.2. How many league titles has Feyenoord won?
Feyenoord has won the Eredivisie (Dutch top-flight league) title 15 times, most recently in the 2016-2017 season.3. What is the capacity of Feyenoord’s stadium, De Kuip?
De Kuip has a capacity of approximately 51,177 seats, making it one of the largest stadiums in the Netherlands.4. Has Feyenoord won any European competitions?
Yes, Feyenoord won the UEFA Champions League in the 1969-1970 season, becoming the first Dutch team to achieve this feat.5. Who is Feyenoord’s all-time leading goal scorer?
Ove Kindvall is Feyenoord’s all-time leading goal scorer, with 129 goals scored during his time at the club.6. What is Feyenoord’s biggest rivalry?
Feyenoord’s biggest rivalry is with their Rotterdam-based counterparts, Ajax. The matches between these two teams are known as the “De Klassieker” and are highly intense and fiercely contested.7. Has Feyenoord produced any notable players?
Yes, Feyenoord has produced several notable players including Robin van Persie, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, and Dirk Kuyt, who have all made significant contributions to both Feyenoord and the Dutch national team.8. How many times has Feyenoord won the KNVB Cup?
Feyenoord has won the KNVB Cup (Dutch domestic cup) a record 14 times, with their most recent victory coming in the 2017-2018 season.

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