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Football clubs have always captured the hearts and minds of sports enthusiasts around the world. Whether it’s the glitz and glamour of the top-tier clubs or the grassroots passion of local teams, football clubs serve as the lifeblood of the beautiful game. One such club that may not be on the radar of every fan is Cd Izarra.

Cd Izarra may not be a household name, but it has a rich history and fascinating facts that make it worth knowing. In this article, we will delve into 22 interesting facts about Cd Izarra that will shed light on this lesser-known football club. From its humble beginnings to notable players and achievements, we will explore the story behind this club and its contribution to the sport.

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The Beginning of Cd Izarra

Cd Izarra was founded in 1924 and has been representing the city of Estella in the Navarre region of Spain ever since. The football club originally started as a recreational team for local workers, but quickly gained popularity and became a professional football club.

Home Ground of Cd Izarra

The home ground for Cd Izarra is the Merkatondoa Stadium, which has a seating capacity of approximately 4,This intimate stadium provides a fantastic atmosphere for both players and fans, creating an unforgettable experience during match days.

Cd Izarra’s Most Successful Era

During the 1960s, Cd Izarra experienced their most successful era, achieving promotions to the higher divisions. The team’s performance during this time led to increased recognition and support from fans, solidifying its position in Spanish football.

Rivalries of Cd Izarra

One of the notable rivalries of Cd Izarra is with Club Deportivo Tudelano, another football club from Navarre. Matches between these two teams are always intense and fiercely competitive, creating a thrilling atmosphere for both sets of supporters.

Cd Izarra in the Segunda Division B

Cd Izarra has spent several seasons competing in the Segunda Division B, which is the third tier of Spanish football. They continue to strive for success and aim to progress to higher divisions in the future.

Youth Development at Cd Izarra

Cd Izarra places great importance on youth development, focusing on nurturing young talent from a grassroots level. The club has a dedicated youth academy that provides aspiring footballers with the necessary training and opportunities to excel in the sport.

Cd Izarra’s Iconic Kit

The Cd Izarra team wears a distinctive kit consisting of a blue and white vertical striped shirt, blue shorts, and blue socks. This iconic kit is instantly recognizable and represents the club’s proud history and identity.

Cd Izarra’s Supporter Base

Cd Izarra boasts a loyal fanbase that passionately supports the team during both home and away matches. The fans’ unwavering dedication and vocal support create an electrifying atmosphere, motivating the players on the pitch.

Cd Izarra’s Successful Coaches

Throughout its history, Cd Izarra has been led by several successful coaches who have contributed to the club’s growth and achievements. These coaches have instilled their tactical expertise and passion for the game into the team, ensuring continuous progress.

Cd Izarra’s Community Involvement

Cd Izarra actively engages with the local community, organizing various initiatives and events that promote sportsmanship, unity, and social responsibility. The club’s commitment to community involvement goes beyond football and extends to making a positive impact in the region.

Cd Izarra’s Honors

Over the years, Cd Izarra has garnered recognition and accolades for its performances on the pitch. Though they may not have won major titles, their competitive spirit and dedication have earned them respect within the football community.

Cd Izarra’s Fan Chants and Songs

Cd Izarra fans have their own unique chants and songs that they passionately sing during matches. These chants serve to boost team morale and create a vibrant atmosphere in the stadium, making the supporters an integral part of Cd Izarra’s identity.

Cd Izarra’s Social Media Presence

Cd Izarra actively utilizes social media platforms to connect with fans and share updates about the club. From match highlights to behind-the-scenes glimpses, fans can stay closely connected to the team through various online channels.

Financial Stability of Cd Izarra

Cd Izarra prides itself on maintaining financial stability, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the club. Through responsible financial management and strategic planning, the team can focus on its primary objective of achieving success on the pitch.

Cd Izarra’s Contribution to Navarre Football

Cd Izarra’s presence in the Navarre region has played a crucial role in the development of football in the area. The club’s success and dedication have inspired young talents to pursue their dreams of becoming professional footballers.

Cd Izarra’s Impact Through Charity Work

Cd Izarra actively engages in charitable endeavors, using the platform of football to make a positive impact on society. The club collaborates with various organizations and participates in events that benefit the community, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility.

Cd Izarra’s Famous Former Players

Over the years, Cd Izarra has produced talented players who have gone on to achieve success at higher levels of football. These former players have served as ambassadors for Cd Izarra’s youth development system, showcasing the club’s ability to nurture talent.

Cd Izarra’s Support from Local Businesses

Cd Izarra enjoys the support of various local businesses and sponsors who contribute to the growth and stability of the club. These partnerships enable Cd Izarra to continue functioning as a vital sporting institution within the community.

Cd Izarra’s Women’s Team

Cd Izarra also has a women’s team that competes in the top-tier women’s football league in Spain. The club’s commitment to women’s football further highlights its inclusive and progressive approach to the sport.

Cd Izarra’s Fan Engagement Events

Throughout the year, Cd Izarra organizes fan engagement events that allow supporters to interact with players, coaching staff, and club officials. These events create a strong bond between the club and its fans, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

Cd Izarra’s Expansion of Youth Programs

Under the leadership of Cd Izarra, the club has expanded its youth program to reach more aspiring young footballers in the region. This expansion aims to provide equal opportunities for talent development and support the growth of the sport at a grassroots level.

Cd Izarra’s Bright Future

Cd Izarra continues to strive for success and aims to elevate its position within Spanish football. With a solid foundation, passionate fan base, and a commitment to excellence, Cd Izarra’s future looks promising as they continue their football journey.


In conclusion, Cd Izarra is a football club with a rich history and a strong presence in the world of football. From their humble beginnings in Estella, Spain, to their current position in the Segunda División B, Cd Izarra has showcased their passion and dedication to the sport.

With a loyal fanbase and a talented roster of players, Cd Izarra continues to make their mark on the football world. They have gained recognition for their strong performances and competitive nature, making them a force to be reckoned with in Spanish football.

As Cd Izarra continues to grow and evolve, we can expect to see even more success and achievements in the years to come. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new supporter, Cd Izarra is a club worth watching and cheering for.


Q: When was Cd Izarra founded?

A: Cd Izarra was founded in 1924.

Q: What league does Cd Izarra currently play in?

A: Cd Izarra currently plays in the Segunda División B league.

Q: Where is Cd Izarra located?

A: Cd Izarra is located in Estella, Spain.

Q: What is the significance of Cd Izarra’s team colors?

A: Cd Izarra’s team colors are green and white, symbolizing the club’s connection to their hometown and representing unity and pride.

Q: Has Cd Izarra ever won any major trophies or championships?

A: Cd Izarra has not won any major trophies or championships, but they have experienced success in lower divisions and have competed in prestigious tournaments.

Q: What is the capacity of Cd Izarra’s home stadium?

A: Cd Izarra’s home stadium, Estadio Merkatondoa, has a seating capacity of 3,500 spectators.

Q: How many divisions are there in Spanish football, and which division is Cd Izarra currently in?

A: Spanish football consists of several divisions, with the top tier being La Liga. Cd Izarra currently competes in the Segunda División B, which is the fourth tier of Spanish football.

Q: How can I get tickets to Cd Izarra’s matches?

A: Tickets to Cd Izarra’s matches can be purchased through their official website or at the stadium on match days.

Q: Are there any rivalries or derby matches involving Cd Izarra?

A: Cd Izarra has a local rivalry with CD Tudelano, which is another football club based in Navarre, Spain.

Q: Does Cd Izarra have a youth academy for nurturing young talent?

A: Yes, Cd Izarra has a youth academy that focuses on developing young players and preparing them for professional football.

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