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Colleen Whiteley

Modified & Updated: 04 Feb 2024


When it comes to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, having access to accurate and comprehensive nutrition facts is essential. And when it comes to reliable nutrition information, Hormel is a brand that stands out. With over 125 years of experience in the food industry, Hormel has become a trusted name for high-quality food products. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or have specific dietary needs, Hormel offers a wide range of options to suit every taste and preference.

In this article, we will delve into 18 Hormel nutrition facts that will provide you with valuable insights about their products. From the protein content to vitamins and minerals, we will explore the nutritional profiles of various Hormel products. Whether you’re looking to fuel your workouts, meet your daily nutritional requirements, or simply make informed food choices, these nutrition facts will empower you to make the best decisions for your health and well-being.

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High Protein Content

Hormel products are known for their high protein content. Whether it’s Hormel Natural Choice Turkey Breast or Hormel Chili with Beans, you can count on getting a substantial amount of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Low in Fat

Many Hormel products, such as Hormel Black Label Bacon and Hormel Always Tender Pork Tenderloin, are low in fat. This makes them an excellent choice for those who are watching their fat intake while still enjoying delicious meals.

Rich in Essential Nutrients

Hormel products are packed with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. From Hormel Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash to Hormel Compleats Chicken Alfredo, you can indulge in tasty meals while nourishing your body at the same time.

Gluten-Free Options

For individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, Hormel offers a range of gluten-free options. Hormel Natural Choice Oven Roasted Turkey Breast and Hormel Real Bacon Bits are just a few examples of gluten-free products available.

Reduced Sodium Varieties

Hormel recognizes the importance of reducing sodium intake. They offer a variety of reduced sodium options, such as Hormel Compleats Beef Pot Roast and Hormel Natural Choice Pepperoni, allowing you to enjoy flavorful meals while watching your sodium levels.

No Artificial Ingredients

Hormel takes pride in providing products free from artificial ingredients. Whether it’s Hormel Real Crumbled Bacon or Hormel Natural Choice Oven Roasted Deli Turkey, you can trust that you are consuming products made with wholesome, real ingredients.

High Fiber Choices

Looking to increase your fiber intake? Hormel offers options like Hormel Natural Choice Hardwood Smoked Turkey Sausage and Hormel Vegetarian Chili, which are rich in fiber and can aid in digestion and overall gut health.

Convenient and Ready-to-Eat Meals

Hormel provides a range of convenient and ready-to-eat meals like Hormel Compleats Chicken Breast & Mashed Potatoes, offering a quick and hassle-free solution for those busy days when you don’t have time to cook.

Versatile Ingredients for Recipes

With Hormel products in your pantry, you have a wide range of versatile ingredients at your disposal. From Hormel Black Label Fully Cooked Bacon to Hormel Pepperoni Minis, you can get creative in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes.

Great Source of Energy

Thanks to their high protein and nutrient content, Hormel products provide a great source of energy. Whether you’re fueling up for a workout or need a boost to get through the day, Hormel products can help keep you energized.

Delicious Flavors

Hormel products are known for their delicious flavors. From the smoky taste of Hormel Black Label Thick Cut Bacon to the bold spices in Hormel Chili No Beans, you can satisfy your taste buds without compromising on nutrition.

Suitable for Different Diets

Whether you’re following a keto, paleo, or vegan diet, Hormel has options for you. Hormel Natural Choice Uncured Hard Salami and Hormel Microwavable Bacon are just a couple examples of products that cater to specific dietary needs.

Nutritious Snack Options

Hormel offers a variety of nutritious snack options. Hormel Natural Choice Uncured Pepperoni Snack Packs and Hormel Compleats Beef Rib Tips are perfect for satisfying your cravings while enjoying a wholesome snack.

High-Quality Ingredients

Hormel prioritizes the use of high-quality ingredients in their products. Whether it’s Hormel Natural Choice Smoked Deli Ham or Hormel Black Label Maple Bacon, you can trust that you’re consuming products made with the utmost care.

Portion-Controlled Options

Hormel provides portion-controlled options to help you manage your calorie intake. Hormel Compleats Chicken Fajita and Hormel Natural Choice Honey Ham Minis are great choices for portion-conscious individuals.

Sustainable Sourcing Practices

Hormel is committed to sustainable sourcing practices. From Hormel Natural Choice Rotisserie Style Deli Chicken Breast to Hormel Black Label Canadian Bacon, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that these products come from responsible sources.

Diverse Range of Products

With a wide range of products, Hormel caters to various tastes and preferences. From Hormel Chili with Beans to Hormel Mary Kitchen Roast Beef Hash, there is something for everyone.

Trusted Brand

Hormel has been a trusted brand for over 125 years. The consistency and quality of their products have made them a staple in households worldwide.

Now that you have discovered the 18 Hormel nutrition facts, you can make informed choices about incorporating Hormel products into your diet. Whether you’re looking for high protein options, gluten-free alternatives, or convenient ready-to-eat meals, Hormel has something to offer. Enjoy the delicious flavors and nourishing benefits that Hormel products bring to your table!


In conclusion, Hormel nutrition facts reveal the high-quality and nutritious options that Hormel products offer. Whether you’re looking for protein-packed options, low-calorie choices, or gluten-free alternatives, Hormel has a diverse range of options to suit your dietary needs and preferences.With Hormel products, you can enjoy delicious meals without compromising on nutrition. From flavorful deli meats to indulgent bacon, Hormel understands the importance of both taste and health. By incorporating Hormel products into your diet, you can ensure that you’re fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.Remember to always check the nutrition labels and serving sizes to make informed choices that align with your health goals. Whether you’re following a specific diet or simply looking for convenient and nutritious options, Hormel has got you covered.So, next time you’re shopping for food products, don’t forget to explore the wide variety of Hormel options available. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, Hormel products will not only satisfy your taste buds but also provide you with the essential nutrients your body needs.Make good nutrition a priority and discover the delicious and nutritious world of Hormel products today!


1. Are Hormel products suitable for people with specific dietary restrictions?

Hormel offers a range of products that cater to different dietary restrictions. They have options that are gluten-free, low-sodium, and even vegan-friendly. Make sure to check the labeling and ingredient list for specific dietary information.

2. Are Hormel products high in protein?

Many Hormel products are an excellent source of protein. From their deli meats to their canned meats, you can find options that are high in protein. These products can be a great addition to your diet, especially if you’re looking to increase your protein intake.

3. Are Hormel products low in calories?

Hormel offers a range of products, some of which are low in calories. However, it’s essential to check the nutrition labels and serving sizes to ensure you’re making choices that align with your calorie goals. Some Hormel products may be higher in calories, so it’s important to practice portion control.

4. Are Hormel products suitable for individuals following a ketogenic diet?

Hormel offers a variety of products that can fit into a ketogenic diet. Their low-carb options, such as bacon and certain deli meats, can be great choices for individuals following a ketogenic eating plan. However, it’s important to check the nutrition labels to ensure they align with your specific dietary needs.

5. Where can I find more information about Hormel nutrition facts?

You can find detailed nutrition information and product-specific details on the official Hormel website. Additionally, you can refer to the nutrition labels on individual products for specific information about calories, macronutrients, and other nutritional details.