Eulalie Canty

Eulalie Canty

Published: 05 Sep 2023


If you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli’s enchanting film “Howl’s Moving Castle,” then you’re probably already familiar with the enigmatic and charismatic character Howl Jenkins Pendragon. Howl, the wizard with a flair for drama and a heart of gold, has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide with his captivating presence and complex personality.

In this article, we’re going to delve deep into the world of Howl Jenkins Pendragon and uncover 25 fascinating facts about this beloved cartoon character. From his origins and magical abilities to his eccentricities and relationships, we’ll provide a comprehensive look at what makes Howl such an intriguing and iconic character in the realm of animated cinema.

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Howl Jenkins Pendragon is a skilled wizard.

Howl, the main character in the book and film “Howl’s Moving Castle,” is a highly skilled and powerful wizard. He possesses incredible magical abilities that he uses throughout the story.

He has a reputation for being both flamboyant and mysterious.

Howl is known for his extravagant clothing choices and charismatic personality. He often creates a sense of curiosity and intrigue among those who encounter him.

Howl lives in a moving castle.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Howl’s character is his mobile home. His castle, which has legs and roams different locations, makes him an enigmatic figure in the story.

He is known for his dramatic hair color changes.

Howl is notorious for frequently changing the color of his hair. From vibrant shades of pink to deep shades of blue, his hair is a reflection of his ever-changing and unpredictable personality.

Howl is a complex character with a troubled past.

Beneath his charming exterior, Howl carries a deep emotional burden, stemming from his difficult childhood. This complexity adds depth to his character and makes him relatable to readers and viewers.

He is skilled at disguising his true appearance.

Throughout the story, Howl demonstrates his ability to transform his appearance using magic. He often uses this skill to maintain a level of secrecy and protect his true identity.

Howl owns a magical fire demon named Calcifer.

Calcifer, a magical fire demon bound to Howl’s contract, plays a crucial role in the story. He helps power the moving castle and forms a unique bond with Howl.

He has a reputation for being a ladies’ man.

Howl is known to capture the attention and affection of many women. His charming personality and striking appearance make him irresistible to those who encounter him.

Howl values his freedom above all else.

Throughout the story, it becomes clear that Howl cherishes his freedom and independence. He goes to great lengths to protect his liberty and avoid becoming entangled in certain responsibilities.

He has a love for music and is a talented pianist.

In addition to his magical abilities, Howl has a passion for music. He often plays the piano, showcasing his talent and adding another layer to his multifaceted character.

Howl is known for his extravagant fashion sense.

From colorful robes to fashionable hats, Howl’s eccentric fashion choices reflect his outgoing personality and his desire to stand out from the crowd.

He is a member of the royal family.

Howl is revealed to be a part of the prestigious Pendragon family. This noble lineage adds another layer of complexity to his character and explains his connection to the magical world.

Howl has a fear of commitment.

Despite his charisma and popularity, Howl is afraid of committing to one person or cause. This fear drives his actions throughout the story and adds tension to his relationships.

He is deeply protective of those he cares about.

While Howl may struggle with commitment, he shows a fierce loyalty and protectiveness towards his friends and loved ones. He is willing to go to great lengths to keep them safe.

Howl is known to be arrogant and egotistical.

Although he possesses many admirable qualities, Howl’s arrogance and ego sometimes get in the way of his relationships. This flaw adds depth to his character and creates opportunities for growth.

He has a habit of vanishing when things get tough.

When faced with difficult situations, Howl has a tendency to disappear or retreat into his mobile castle. This coping mechanism highlights his vulnerability and fear of confrontation.

Howl is haunted by a curse placed upon him.

Throughout the story, it is revealed that Howl is under a curse that plays a significant role in his character development and the overall plot of the story.

He is both feared and admired by other wizards.

Howl’s impressive magical abilities have earned him a reputation among other wizards. Some view him with fear and jealousy, while others admire his skill and power.

Howl has a mysterious connection to a missing star.

A key element of Howl’s character is his connection to a star that has gone missing. This connection adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to his backstory.

He can be unpredictable and spontaneous.

Howl’s impulsive nature and tendency to act on a whim make him an unpredictable character. This unpredictability adds excitement and uncertainty to the story.

Howl is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Despite his initial reluctance to get involved in certain conflicts, Howl ultimately proves his selflessness by making sacrifices for the sake of others.

He is not as heartless as he often portrays himself to be.

While Howl may initially come across as cold and detached, his actions throughout the story reveal a compassionate and caring side to his character.

Howl has a complex relationship with the protagonist, Sophie.

The dynamic between Howl and Sophie, the story’s main protagonist, is a central focus of the plot. Their relationship evolves and changes throughout the story, adding depth to both characters.

He is a complex and multifaceted character.

Howl’s character is richly developed and multifaceted, making him one of the most compelling characters in “Howl’s Moving Castle.” His complexities and contradictions make him a captivating presence on screen and on the page.

Howl learns valuable lessons about love and commitment.

Throughout the story, Howl goes through a journey of self-discovery, ultimately learning important lessons about the true meaning of love and the importance of commitment.

These 25 facts about Howl Jenkins Pendragon (Howl’s Moving Castle) offer a glimpse into the captivating and complex character that has captured the hearts of readers and viewers alike. From his impressive magical abilities to his charismatic and sometimes enigmatic personality, Howl’s presence in the story adds depth and intrigue. Whether you’re a fan of the book or the film adaptation, exploring these facts allows us to appreciate the depth and complexity of Howl’s character and the impact he has on the story.


Howl Jenkins Pendragon, the charismatic and enigmatic wizard from “Howl’s Moving Castle,” has captivated audiences with his fascinating character. With his ever-changing appearance, flamboyant personality, and complex backstory, Howl remains one of the most compelling cartoon characters of all time.

Throughout the film and the original novel by Diana Wynne Jones, we get a glimpse into Howl’s journey of self-discovery, love, and redemption. His complex nature and the mystery surrounding him make him an unforgettable character.

From his magical abilities to his tumultuous relationships, Howl Jenkins Pendragon has left an indelible mark on fans of Studio Ghibli and animated storytelling. Whether you perceive him as a misunderstood hero or a charmingly flawed individual, it’s clear that Howl’s presence adds depth and intrigue to the fantastical world of “Howl’s Moving Castle.”


1. Who is Howl Jenkins Pendragon?

Howl Jenkins Pendragon is a fictional character from the film “Howl’s Moving Castle.” He is a powerful wizard with an ever-changing appearance and a reputation for being somewhat elusive.

2. What is “Howl’s Moving Castle” about?

“Howl’s Moving Castle” is a fantasy film directed by Hayao Miyazaki, based on the novel by Diana Wynne Jones. It follows the story of Sophie, a young woman who becomes trapped in a magical curse and seeks the help of Howl to break the spell.

3. Why is Howl called “Howl Jenkins Pendragon”?

“Jenkins Pendragon” is Howl’s full name, which suggests a connection to Welsh mythology and folklore. The name Jenkins is a reference to his birth name, and Pendragon is a nod to the legendary King Arthur.

4. What are some of Howl’s notable characteristics?

Howl is known for his flamboyant fashion sense, his mysterious behavior, and his impressive magical abilities. He is often seen transforming into a bird-like creature and has a reputation for being both charming and unpredictable.

5. How does Howl evolve throughout the story?

Throughout “Howl’s Moving Castle,” we see Howl undergo a transformation as he learns to confront his fears, face his past, and let go of his selfish tendencies. He evolves from a seemingly self-centered individual to a hero willing to sacrifice his own well-being for others.