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Impossibear, one of the most popular characters from the animated series “Bravest Warriors,” is a lovable and zany character that has captured the hearts of fans young and old. Created by Pendleton Ward, the genius behind “Adventure Time,” Impossibear brings a unique charm and humor to the show.

In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Impossibear and uncover 24 fascinating facts about this adorable and eccentric character. From his origin story to his quirky personality traits, we will explore everything you need to know about Impossibear and his role in the Bravest Warriors universe.

So, get ready to embark on an exciting adventure as we unravel the mysteries behind Impossibear and discover why he has become a beloved icon in the realm of cartoon characters.

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Impossibear is a character from the animated series Bravest Warriors.

Impossibear is one of the beloved characters from the popular animated series Bravest Warriors. He is known for his unique and quirky personality.

Impossibear is a loyal and fearless companion to the main characters.

Throughout the series, Impossibear proves to be a valuable member of the Bravest Warriors team. With his unwavering loyalty and fearless nature, he always has their backs.

Impossibear has an eccentric and colorful appearance.

With his bright pink fur, pointy ears, and expressive eyes, Impossibear stands out in every scene. His outfit consists of a yellow vest, red shorts, and striped socks, adding to his eccentric vibe.

Impossibear is known for his catchphrase, “It’s Impossibear time!”

Whenever Impossibear is ready to embark on a thrilling adventure or showcase his mischievous side, he shouts his iconic catchphrase that has become synonymous with his character.

Impossibear has a robotic left arm.

Due to an accident in his past, Impossibear had to replace his left arm with a robotic one. This arm comes in handy during battles and showcases his resourcefulness.

Impossibear is a master of inventions.

Impossibear’s creativity knows no bounds when it comes to inventing gadgets and gizmos. From time-traveling devices to unconventional weapons, he always surprises his friends with his ingenious creations.

Impossibear’s favorite snack is bacon pancakes.

One of Impossibear’s guilty pleasures is indulging in stacks of bacon pancakes. His love for this mouthwatering combination adds a humorous element to his character.

Impossibear is known for his outrageous storytelling.

Impossibear has a knack for spinning outlandish tales that captivate his audience. His vivid imagination and dramatic storytelling make him an entertaining and unpredictable character.

Impossibear has a secret base called Impossiverse.

Hidden away from the prying eyes of the world, Impossibear’s secret base, Impossiverse, is where he conducts his experiments and stores his inventions. It’s a place of wonder and excitement.

Impossibear has a deep love for all things glittery.

Impossibear is attracted to anything shiny and sparkly. He cannot resist the allure of glitter, which often leads to humorous situations and unexpected encounters.

Impossibear has a signature dance move called the Impossiwiggle.

When the music starts playing, Impossibear busts out his signature dance move, the Impossiwiggle. It’s a goofy and infectious dance that never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Impossibear has a squirrel friend named Catbug.

Impossibear shares a close bond with Catbug, a tiny creature with the body of a cat and the head of a ladybug. Together, they embark on various adventures and bring joy to the Bravest Warriors.

Impossibear is a master of disguises.

When the situation calls for it, Impossibear can transform himself into different characters using his impressive disguise skills. His ability to blend in adds an element of surprise to the show.

Impossibear has a mischievous side.

With his playful nature and penchant for pranks, Impossibear often finds himself in comical situations. His mischievous antics provide a light-hearted touch to the show.

Impossibear is voiced by Michael-Leon Wooley.

Michael-Leon Wooley lends his voice to Impossibear, bringing the character to life with his energetic and charismatic performance.

Impossibear’s personality is a mix of bravery and quirkiness.

While Impossibear is brave and unafraid of facing challenges, he also possesses a unique blend of eccentricity and zaniness that adds depth to his character.

Impossibear is always up for an adventure.

Whether it’s exploring unknown territories or joining the Bravest Warriors on their missions, Impossibear is always ready for an exciting adventure.

Impossibear’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Impossibear’s boundless energy and enthusiasm are contagious. He brings a sense of fun and excitement to every scene he’s in.

Impossibear is a fan favorite among Bravest Warriors viewers.

With his memorable catchphrase, eccentric appearance, and lovable personality, Impossibear has garnered a dedicated fan base that adores his character.

Impossibear’s friendship with the other Bravest Warriors is unbreakable.

Impossibear shares a deep bond with the other members of the Bravest Warriors team. Their friendship is a pillar of support and strength throughout their adventures.

Impossibear is known for his random acts of kindness.

Despite his mischievous nature, Impossibear often surprises others with his unexpected acts of kindness. His caring side adds depth to his character.

Impossibear has a love for disco music.

Disco is a genre close to Impossibear’s heart. He can often be found grooving to the funky beats and spreading his infectious dance moves.

Impossibear can communicate with animals.

Impossibear possesses a unique ability to communicate with animals, which comes in handy during their adventures. His connection with the animal kingdom adds a magical element to the show.

Impossibear brings laughter and joy to the Bravest Warriors.

With his lively personality, comic timing, and unwavering loyalty, Impossibear is a constant source of laughter and joy for the Bravest Warriors and the audience alike.


Impossibear, the lovable character from the animated series Bravest Warriors, has captured the hearts of many fans with his quirky personality and distinctive look. From his catchy catchphrases to his indomitable spirit, Impossibear has become an integral part of the show’s charm. With his robot arm, sunglasses, and unending enthusiasm, Impossibear brings a unique energy to every episode.

Throughout the series, we have learned some fascinating facts about Impossibear that make him even more endearing. His penchant for collecting stray bunnies, his secret love for cupcakes, and his ability to communicate with pigeons are just a few examples of his eccentricities. Impossibear’s loyalty to his friends and unwavering determination to tackle any challenge also make him a beloved character among fans.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Bravest Warriors or just discovering the show, Impossibear is sure to leave a lasting impression. His wacky antics and infectious energy make him a standout character in the world of cartoons.


Q: Who voices Impossibear in Bravest Warriors?

A: Impossibear is voiced by the talented Michael-Leon Wooley in Bravest Warriors. Wooley brings Impossibear to life with his incredible voice acting skills and adds an extra layer of charm to the character.

Q: What is Impossibear’s real name?

A: Impossibear’s real name is not explicitly mentioned in the show. He is simply known as Impossibear, and that’s how the other characters refer to him. His unique name adds to the overall whimsy and fun surrounding his character.

Q: How did Impossibear get his robot arm?

A: The origin story of Impossibear’s robot arm is not revealed in the show. It is one of the many intriguing mysteries surrounding his character. We can only speculate about how he obtained his impressive robotic limb.

Q: Does Impossibear have any special powers?

A: Impossibear doesn’t possess any superhuman abilities or powers. However, he is known for his resourcefulness, having a knack for getting out of sticky situations using his creativity and unique gadgets.

Q: What is Impossibear’s role in Bravest Warriors?

A: Impossibear serves as a loyal friend and comedic relief in the Bravest Warriors series. He brings humor and light-heartedness to the team, often providing a much-needed break from intense moments and adding an element of fun to each adventure.