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Princess Eilonwy may not be as well-known as other Disney princesses, but she is a beloved character from the animated film “The Black Cauldron.” With her fiery personality and courageous spirit, Eilonwy has captured the hearts of cartoon character enthusiasts around the world. In this article, we will delve into 21 fascinating facts about Princess Eilonwy, shedding light on her background story, unique traits, and memorable moments. Whether you are a fan of “The Black Cauldron” or simply curious about this spirited princess, get ready to embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Eilonwy.

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Princess Eilonwy is a character from the animated film “The Black Cauldron”.

Princess Eilonwy is a key character in the Disney animated film “The Black Cauldron”, which was released in She plays a vital role in the story and captivates audiences with her bravery and determination.

Eilonwy is voiced by Susan Sheridan.

In the film, Princess Eilonwy is voiced by the talented Susan Sheridan. Her voice brings life to the character, and her performance is praised for capturing Eilonwy’s spirited nature.

She is a princess with magical abilities.

Eilonwy possesses magical abilities, which she uses to aid the protagonist on their quest to overcome the evil Horned King, the film’s main antagonist. Her magical prowess adds an element of wonder and excitement to the story.

Eilonwy’s hair is an iconic feature.

One of the standout features of Princess Eilonwy is her long, flowing red hair. Her hair is often seen as a symbol of her uniqueness and adds to her overall enchanting appearance.

The character of Eilonwy is based on a Welsh princess.

Princess Eilonwy draws inspiration from Welsh mythology and folklore, with her name being derived from the Welsh language. This connection to Welsh culture adds depth and richness to her character.

Eilonwy is known for her strong-willed personality.

Princess Eilonwy possesses a resilient and strong-willed personality. She is not afraid to speak her mind and stands up for what she believes in, making her a relatable and empowering role model for viewers.

She forms a strong bond with the film’s protagonist, Taran.

Throughout the film, Princess Eilonwy develops a deep and meaningful connection with Taran, the film’s main protagonist. Their bond is characterized by trust, friendship, and mutual support.

Eilonwy plays a crucial role in the defeat of the Horned King.

Princess Eilonwy’s magical abilities and her bravery play a pivotal role in the ultimate defeat of the Horned King. Her actions contribute to the triumph of good over evil, making her an integral part of the film’s storyline.

She is known for her clever and witty remarks.

Eilonwy’s quick wit and sharp tongue add an element of humor to the film. Her clever remarks and sarcastic comments often provide lighthearted moments and comic relief.

Eilonwy possesses a magical item known as the bauble.

In the film, Eilonwy carries a magical item called the bauble, which serves as a guide and provides assistance in their quest. It becomes a crucial tool in their journey and aids in their battle against evil forces.

She is depicted as a determined and independent character.

Princess Eilonwy’s determination and independence are key aspects of her personality. She is not portrayed as a damsel in distress but as a capable individual who can hold her own in challenging situations.

Eilonwy demonstrates a strong sense of loyalty.

Throughout the film, Princess Eilonwy exhibits unwavering loyalty towards her friends and allies. She stands by their side no matter the obstacles they face, showcasing her loyalty and devotion.

She is a beloved character among fans of the film.

Princess Eilonwy has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years. Her bravery and distinct personality have resonated with audiences, making her a beloved and memorable character in animated film history.

Eilonwy’s character undergoes growth and development.

Over the course of the film, Princess Eilonwy experiences personal growth and development. She learns valuable life lessons and becomes even more resilient and courageous as the story progresses.

She possesses a strong moral compass.

Eilonwy consistently displays a strong sense of right and wrong throughout the film. Her moral compass guides her actions and decisions, highlighting her integrity and goodness.

Eilonwy has a passion for storytelling.

Princess Eilonwy has a deep love for storytelling and often regales her companions with fascinating tales of adventure and magic. Her storytelling skills add depth to her character and enrich the narrative.

She is known for her elegant and regal attire.

Princess Eilonwy is often seen wearing elegant and regal attire, befitting her royal status. Her wardrobe adds to her overall grace and poise, enhancing her visual appeal.

Eilonwy is a source of emotional support for Taran.

During challenging times, Princess Eilonwy provides emotional support and encouragement to Taran, helping him navigate the obstacles they face. Her kindness and empathy make her a comforting presence throughout the film.

Her character showcases the importance of inner strength.

Eilonwy’s character emphasizes the significance of inner strength and resilience. She demonstrates that true power comes from within and inspires viewers to tap into their own inner resources.

Eilonwy’s role promotes equality and gender empowerment.

Princess Eilonwy’s character challenges traditional gender stereotypes and promotes equality. She proves that women can be strong, independent, and instrumental in saving the day, breaking barriers for gender representation in animated films.

Princess Eilonwy leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

With her enchanting personality, magical abilities, and bravery, Princess Eilonwy leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Her character continues to be cherished and celebrated by fans of “The Black Cauldron”.


Princess Eilonwy, from the beloved Disney film “The Black Cauldron,” has captured the hearts of fans for decades. With her strong-willed personality, magical abilities, and sense of adventure, she stands out as a memorable and influential cartoon character. From her iconic red hair to her charming wit, Eilonwy continues to inspire and resonate with audiences of all ages.

Through her journey alongside Taran and her encounters with various mystical creatures, Princess Eilonwy showcases qualities of courage, resilience, and loyalty. Her determination to fight against evil and protect her friends serves as a powerful role model for viewers.

With her intelligence and resourcefulness, Eilonwy proves that princesses can be more than just damsels in distress. She embodies the perfect blend of elegance and strength, making her character a timeless favorite in the world of animation.


1. Who voices Princess Eilonwy in “The Black Cauldron”?

Eilonwy is voiced by the talented actress Susan Sheridan. Her unique voice brings the character to life and adds depth to Eilonwy’s personality.

2. What is Princess Eilonwy’s role in “The Black Cauldron”?

Princess Eilonwy plays a crucial role in the film as a companion and support to the protagonist, Taran. She possesses magical abilities and helps Taran in his quest to prevent the evil Horned King from obtaining the powerful Black Cauldron.

3. How does Princess Eilonwy stand out from other Disney princesses?

Eilonwy is known for her strong personality and determination. Unlike other traditional Disney princesses, she takes an active part in the adventure and does not rely solely on others to save her. She showcases intelligence, bravery, and wit, making her a unique and empowering character.

4. What makes Princess Eilonwy a memorable character?

Princess Eilonwy’s distinct appearance, with her fiery red hair and medieval-inspired attire, sets her apart visually. Additionally, her quick wit, sharp tongue, and unwavering loyalty make her a memorable and beloved character among fans of “The Black Cauldron.”

5. Is Princess Eilonwy a popular character among Disney fans?

While “The Black Cauldron” may not have received as much attention as some other Disney classics, Eilonwy still holds a special place in the hearts of fans who appreciate her strong and independent nature. She continues to inspire cosplay, fan art, and discussions even today.