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If you’re a fan of the cult classic animated series “Daria,” then you’re sure to remember the lovable yet eccentric character, Anthony DeMartino. With his signature histrionic personality and memorable catchphrases, DeMartino quickly became a fan favorite. But how well do you really know this animated educator?

In this article, we will delve into the world of Anthony DeMartino and uncover 21 fascinating facts about him. From his eccentric teaching methods to his perpetual state of anxiety, we’ll explore the quirks and nuances of this beloved cartoon character. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a trip down memory lane as we uncover the hidden depths of Anthony DeMartino from “Daria!

Key Takeaways:

  • Mr. DeMartino is a passionate and strict teacher at Lawndale High, known for his dramatic teaching style and iconic catchphrases. Despite his intensity, he genuinely cares about his students’ well-being.
  • Mr. DeMartino’s love for teaching, dedication to social justice, and quirky personality make him a beloved and iconic character in the world of “Daria”. His impact on the show and fans is long-lasting.
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Anthony DeMartino is a recurring character in the animated series “Daria”.

Anthony DeMartino, often referred to as Mr. D, is one of the teachers at Lawndale High School.

Mr. DeMartino is known for his intense and passionate teaching style.

With his booming voice and dramatic gestures, Mr. DeMartino captivates his students, albeit sometimes with questionable methods.

He teaches various subjects, including history and social studies.

Mr. DeMartino’s expertise in these subjects is evident as he strives to educate his students on important historical events and societal issues.

Mr. D is often seen as a strict and demanding teacher.

He sets high expectations for his students and frequently assigns challenging assignments and exams.

Despite his tough exterior, Mr. DeMartino genuinely cares about his students’ well-being.

He shows moments of empathy and offers guidance when his students face personal or academic challenges.

Anthony DeMartino is known for his memorable catchphrases.

From “I’ve been teaching for 20 years, people!” to “You kids don’t know squat!”, his quotes have become iconic within the show.

He often finds himself at odds with the protagonist, Daria Morgendorffer.

Daria’s sarcastic and apathetic nature clashes with Mr. DeMartino’s enthusiastic teaching style, leading to humorous interactions.

Mr. D is shown to have a love for conspiracy theories.

He frequently incorporates these theories into his lessons, sparking debates among his students.

Anthony DeMartino is sometimes portrayed as a frustrated and overwhelmed teacher.

He faces challenges such as budget cuts, standardized testing, and teenage apathy, which contribute to his occasional moments of exasperation.

Despite his flaws, Mr. DeMartino is dedicated to his profession.

He strives to inspire his students and foster a love for learning, even in the face of adversity.

He is married and has a daughter named Ashley.

Mr. DeMartino occasionally shares anecdotes about his family life, providing glimpses into his personal world outside of school.

Mr. D’s teaching methods often involve unconventional approaches.

He incorporates humor, dramatic reenactments, and hands-on activities to engage his students in the learning process.

He has a strong dislike for laziness and mediocrity.

Mr. DeMartino pushes his students to strive for excellence and encourages them to go beyond the minimum requirements.

The character of Anthony DeMartino is voiced by actor Marc Thompson.

Thompson brings the character to life with his distinct vocal delivery, capturing Mr. DeMartino’s intensity and eccentricities.

Mr. DeMartino has a tendency to overreact to minor setbacks.

His passionate outbursts and exaggerated reactions often result in comedic moments throughout the series.

He is an avid fan of classic rock music.

Mr. D occasionally references bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd in his lessons.

Anthony DeMartino is a complex character with layers of depth.

Beneath his gruff exterior, there are moments of vulnerability and glimpses of his genuine passion for teaching.

In one episode, Mr. DeMartino is briefly replaced by a substitute teacher.

His absence allows other characters to reflect on his impact and appreciate his unique teaching style.

Mr. DeMartino often advocates for social justice and equality.

He incorporates discussions on these topics into his lessons, encouraging his students to think critically about societal issues.

His teaching style is influenced by his own experiences and perspectives.

Mr. DeMartino brings a personal touch to his lessons, sharing anecdotes and insights from his own life.

Anthony DeMartino remains an iconic character in the world of “Daria” and continues to be beloved by fans today.

His unique blend of passion, quirkiness, and dedication to education has left a lasting impression on viewers.


In conclusion, Anthony DeMartino is a memorable character from the animated TV show Daria. Despite his uptight and neurotic personality, he provides comedic relief and adds depth to the storyline. Whether it’s his tendency to overreact, his passion for teaching, or his misguided attempts at mentoring students, Anthony DeMartino certainly leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

With his unique quirks and humorous moments, DeMartino contributes to the overall charm of the show. From his many catchphrases to his memorable outbursts, he remains an integral part of the Daria franchise. So, the next time you watch an episode of Daria, keep an eye out for Anthony DeMartino and enjoy his hilarious antics!


1. Who voices Anthony DeMartino in Daria?

Todd Susman provides the voice for Anthony DeMartino in the animated series Daria. He brings the character to life with his distinct voice and perfectly captures DeMartino’s neurotic personality.

2. What subjects does Anthony DeMartino teach?

Anthony DeMartino is a social studies teacher at Lawndale High School. He is known for his passion for teaching history and government, often going into passionate rants about various historical events and political ideologies.

3. Why is Anthony DeMartino always so stressed?

Anthony DeMartino’s stress levels can be attributed to his perfectionist nature and his desire to be a competent teacher. He often feels overwhelmed by the challenges of being an educator and the pressures of meeting high academic standards.

4. Does Anthony DeMartino have any memorable catchphrases?

Yes, Anthony DeMartino has several memorable catchphrases. Some of the most notable ones include “Great Caesar’s ghost!” and “This is not a debate! This is my lesson plan!” These catchphrases have become synonymous with his character over the years.

5. Does Anthony DeMartino have any redeeming qualities?

Despite his often neurotic behavior, Anthony DeMartino does have some redeeming qualities. He is genuinely passionate about teaching and cares deeply about his students’ education. He may have unconventional methods, but his intentions are rooted in wanting his students to succeed.

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