Juliana Mahone

Juliana Mahone

Published: 13 Sep 2023

Source: Blogspot.com

Are you a fan of the hit animated series “Sidekick”? If so, then you surely can’t miss out on the main character, Eric Needles. As the lovable and comical sidekick to the superhero Maxum Man, Eric steals the show with his antics and hilarious misadventures. But there’s a lot more to Eric Needles than meets the eye!

In this article, we will delve deep into the world of Eric Needles and share 18 fascinating facts about this beloved cartoon character. From his unique personality traits to his signature catchphrases, we’ll uncover all there is to know about the lovable goofball that is Eric Needles. So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the wacky world of Sidekick and its unforgettable protagonist!

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Eric Needles is the main character in the animated series “Sidekick”.

Eric Needles is a lovable and quirky character who takes on the role of a sidekick to the superhero Maxum Man.

He is known for his distinctive blue hair.

Eric’s unique blue hair has become one of the trademark features of his character, making him instantly recognizable.

Eric is a student at the prestigious superhero school, Sideside Academy.

At Sideside Academy, Eric and his friends learn how to become the best sidekicks in the superhero world.

He has an infectious sense of humor.

Eric is known for his witty one-liners and his ability to bring laughter to any situation, even when things get tough.

Eric possesses a range of unique superpowers.

Throughout the series, Eric develops various superpowers, including the ability to stretch his limbs and turn into living goo.

He is fiercely loyal to his friends.

Eric will always go to great lengths to protect and support his friends, even if it means putting himself in harm’s way.

Eric has a pet hamster named Trevor.

Trevor is Eric’s faithful companion and is often seen accompanying him on his sidekick adventures.

He idolizes Maxum Man, the superhero he serves as a sidekick.

Eric looks up to Maxum Man and strives to become the best sidekick he can be, seeking to learn from his mentor’s wisdom and experience.

Eric has a love for junk food.

One of Eric’s weaknesses is his insatiable appetite for snacks and treats, especially pizza and ice cream.

He has a habit of getting into comedic mishaps.

Despite his best intentions, Eric often finds himself in humorous and unexpected predicaments, adding to the comedic element of the show.

Eric has a crush on Vana Glama, another student at Sideside Academy.

Throughout the series, Eric’s feelings for Vana are evident, although his attempts to win her over don’t always go as planned.

He has a secret talent for playing the ukulele.

Eric’s hidden musical talent surprises his friends and adds another dimension to his character.

Eric’s catchphrase is “Coolimeter at maximum!”

Whenever Eric is excited or in awe, he exclaims his iconic catchphrase, showcasing his enthusiasm for all things superhero-related.

He dreams of becoming a superhero one day.

Despite being a sidekick, Eric aspires to become a full-fledged superhero and make a difference in the world.

Eric always finds a way to save the day, even without superpowers.

Although Eric may not possess traditional superhero abilities, his resourcefulness and determination frequently aid in saving the day.

He has a penchant for wearing mismatched socks.

Eric’s fashion sense extends to his choice of socks, often sporting different patterns and colors on each foot.

Eric is an expert at coming up with creative solutions to problems.

His out-of-the-box thinking and unconventional methods often lead to unexpected and successful outcomes.

He is an inspiration to other sidekicks.

Through his adventures and experiences, Eric helps other sidekicks realize their true potential and embrace their unique abilities.


Eric Needles, the beloved main character from the animated series “Sidekick,” has captured the hearts of many viewers with his endearing personality and comedic adventures. Throughout the show, Eric’s journey as a sidekick to the superhero Maxum Man has provided endless laughter and entertainment. From his quirky traits to his unpredictable escapades, Eric has become an iconic cartoon character who continues to be loved by fans of all ages.With his unique blend of clumsiness, determination, and unwavering loyalty, Eric Needles has left a lasting impact on the world of cartoon characters. Whether it’s his hilarious mishaps or his moments of heroism, Eric’s journey reminds us that even ordinary individuals can do extraordinary things. As we bid farewell to this lovable sidekick, let us cherish the memories and lessons he has brought into our lives.


1. Who is Eric Needles?

Eric Needles is the main character from the animated series “Sidekick.” He is a clumsy and comedic character who serves as the sidekick to the superhero Maxum Man.

2. What are some of Eric’s distinctive traits?

Eric is known for his clumsiness, determination, and unwavering loyalty. He often finds himself in hilarious situations due to his lack of coordination.

3. What is Eric’s role in “Sidekick”?

Eric serves as a sidekick to Maxum Man, assisting him in his superhero duties. Despite his clumsiness, Eric always strives to be the best sidekick he can be.

4. How does Eric’s character develop throughout the show?

Throughout the series, Eric grows both as a sidekick and as an individual. He learns valuable lessons about friendship, responsibility, and the importance of believing in oneself.

5. What makes Eric Needles a beloved cartoon character?

Eric’s relatable personality, comedic antics, and heartwarming moments have endeared him to fans. His journey reminds viewers that even the most ordinary individuals can have extraordinary adventures.

6. Is “Sidekick” suitable for all ages?

“Sidekick” is a family-friendly cartoon series that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. It combines humor, action, and positive messages, making it an entertaining choice for everyone.