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Max Tennyson, a beloved character from the popular animated series “Ben 10,” has captivated viewers of all ages with his wit, bravery, and unwavering dedication to protecting the universe from evil. As the grandfather and mentor of the show’s protagonist, Ben Tennyson, Max plays a crucial role in shaping the young hero into the formidable defender he becomes.

In this article, we will dive into the world of Max Tennyson and explore 12 fascinating facts about this iconic cartoon character. From his adventurous spirit to his vast knowledge of alien creatures, Max Tennyson has earned his place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Tennyson, also known as Grandpa Max, is a beloved character in Ben 10, using his vast knowledge and combat skills to guide and support his grandchildren in their alien-fighting adventures.
  • Voiced by Paul Eiding, Max Tennyson’s iconic catchphrase “It’s hero time!” and his resourcefulness make him a crucial mentor in the Ben 10 universe, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations of heroes.
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Max Tennyson is a beloved character from the animated series Ben 10.

Max Tennyson, also known as Grandpa Max, plays a significant role in the Ben 10 universe as the guiding mentor and grandfather of the main character, Ben Tennyson. He is a retired plumber, a secret organization that protects Earth from extraterrestrial threats.

Max Tennyson possesses vast knowledge and experience in dealing with aliens.

Throughout the series, it becomes evident that Max Tennyson has an extensive understanding of various alien species, their abilities, and weaknesses. He uses this knowledge to help Ben in his adventures and to ensure the safety of the Earth.

Max Tennyson wields the powerful Omnitrix.

In some iterations of the show, Max Tennyson temporarily acquires the Omnitrix, a device that allows the user to transform into different alien forms. This experience gives him firsthand insight into the challenges and responsibilities that come with controlling such powerful technology.

Max Tennyson is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

Despite his age, Max Tennyson proves to be a formidable fighter. He has honed his combat skills over many years and can hold his ground against some of the most dangerous adversaries.

Max Tennyson’s iconic catchphrase is “It’s hero time!”

Throughout the series, Max Tennyson motivates Ben and his team with his famous catchphrase, emphasizing the importance of taking action and stepping up to the challenge.

Max Tennyson is known for his resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities.

In critical situations, Max Tennyson displays exceptional resourcefulness, finding innovative solutions to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. His ability to think on his feet is instrumental in the success of many missions.

Max Tennyson has a vast network of contacts within the Plumbers organization.

His numerous connections allow Max Tennyson to gather valuable information, access resources, and call for backup when needed. This network proves invaluable in the battle against alien threats.

Max Tennyson is a caring and supportive grandfather.

Despite the dangers they face, Max Tennyson always puts the well-being of his grandchildren, Ben and Gwen, first. He provides guidance, encouragement, and unwavering support throughout their adventures.

Max Tennyson’s expertise extends to driving and maintaining the iconic Rust Bucket RV.

The Rust Bucket is Max Tennyson’s trusty vehicle that serves as both transportation and mobile base of operations. Max’s mechanical skills come in handy when it comes to repairs and modifications to ensure the RV’s functionality.

Max Tennyson has a mysterious past and has encountered various powerful adversaries.

Over the course of his life, Max Tennyson has faced dangerous foes and been involved in high-stakes battles. His experiences have shaped him into the seasoned warrior he is today.

Max Tennyson’s character is voiced by Paul Eiding.

Paul Eiding brings Max Tennyson to life with his distinctive voice, capturing the wisdom, warmth, and determination that define the character.

Max Tennyson’s legacy lives on in future iterations of the Ben 10 series.

Even in the newer versions of Ben 10, Max Tennyson’s character continues to play a vital role, passing down his knowledge and guidance to the next generation of heroes.


Max Tennyson, a beloved character from the hit animated series “Ben 10,” has captivated audiences with his wise-cracking humor, unwavering courage, and impressive knowledge. Throughout the show, Max proves to be an invaluable asset to his team of young heroes, always ready to lend a helping hand and share his wealth of experience. From his mysterious past as a member of the Plumbers to his remarkable ability to utilize alien technology, Max Tennyson continues to be a fan-favorite character. Whether you are a long-time follower of the series or a newcomer, these 12 facts about Max Tennyson shed light on the depth and complexity of this beloved cartoon character.


1. Who is Max Tennyson in “Ben 10”?

Max Tennyson is the grandfather of the main protagonist, Ben Tennyson. He is a retired member of the Plumbers, a secret organization that protects the Earth from extraterrestrial threats.

2. What are Max Tennyson’s notable characteristics?

Max Tennyson is known for his dry sense of humor, his unwavering bravery, and his vast knowledge of alien species and technology.

3. How did Max Tennyson acquire his extensive knowledge?

During his years as a Plumber, Max Tennyson had numerous encounters with alien species and technology, which helped him gain invaluable knowledge.

4. What is Max Tennyson’s relationship with his grandson, Ben?

Max Tennyson has a close relationship with his grandson, Ben. He serves as a mentor and guide, teaching Ben about responsibility and the proper use of his alien powers.

5. What is Max Tennyson’s role in the series?

Max Tennyson plays a crucial role in the series as the wise and experienced mentor to Ben and his team of young heroes. He provides guidance, tactical expertise, and key information throughout their adventures.

6. Does Max Tennyson have any special abilities?

While Max Tennyson does not possess any superhuman abilities, he possesses a deep understanding of alien technology and is skilled in combat and strategy.

7. What is the significance of Max Tennyson’s past as a Plumber?

Max Tennyson’s past as a Plumber showcases his extensive experience in dealing with extraterrestrial threats, making him a valuable asset to his team and a key player in protecting the Earth.

8. Are there any memorable moments involving Max Tennyson?

Max Tennyson has had numerous memorable moments throughout the “Ben 10” series, such as sacrificing himself to save his family and vanquishing powerful villains with his clever tactics.

9. What makes Max Tennyson a fan-favorite character?

Max Tennyson’s combination of wit, wisdom, and unwavering dedication to protecting his loved ones and the Earth has endeared him to fans of all ages.

10. Will Max Tennyson return in future “Ben 10” series?

While it is uncertain if Max Tennyson will return in future “Ben 10” series, his character’s impact and legacy will continue to resonate with fans.

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