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Commander Peepers is one of the memorable characters from the animated series “Wander Over Yonder.” This lovable and quirky cartoon character has captured the hearts of viewers with his unique personality and memorable moments. In this article, we will explore 12 fascinating facts about Commander Peepers that you may not know. From his distinctive appearance to his role as Lord Hater’s loyal and ambitious right-hand man, Commander Peepers has left a lasting impression on fans of the show. So, get ready to dive into the world of “Wander Over Yonder” and discover interesting tidbits about the hilarious and endearing Commander Peepers!

Key Takeaways:

  • Commander Peepers is a loyal and strategic right-hand man to the villain Lord Hater in “Wander Over Yonder,” using his organizational skills and combat prowess to carry out evil deeds.
  • Voiced by Tom Kenny, Commander Peepers undergoes a complex character arc, torn between loyalty to Lord Hater and admiration for the free-spirited Wander, adding depth to the series.
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Commander Peepers is the loyal right-hand galactic enforcer of Lord Hater.

In the animated series “Wander Over Yonder,” Commander Peepers serves as the devoted minion and second-in-command of the notorious villain, Lord Hater. With his robotic eye and signature monocle, Peepers is always ready to carry out Hater’s evil deeds.

Peepers is known for his exceptional organizational skills.

Commander Peepers is incredibly efficient and detail-oriented. He keeps Hater’s spaceship, the Skullship, in tip-top shape and ensures that all the troops are in line and ready for battle. His strong leadership qualities make him a force to be reckoned with.

Peepers possesses a strong sense of loyalty towards Lord Hater.

Despite Hater’s often questionable actions, Commander Peepers remains fiercely loyal to his leader. He believes wholeheartedly in Hater’s mission to conquer the galaxy and will stop at nothing to assist him in achieving his goals.

Peepers has a knack for devising cunning plans.

Commander Peepers is a strategic mastermind. He is known for coming up with intricate and creative plans to defeat Hater’s enemies and gain control over different planets in the galaxy. His intelligence and quick thinking are essential to Hater’s success.

Peepers is a skilled fighter.

Don’t let his small stature fool you! Commander Peepers is a formidable combatant. He has received extensive training in hand-to-hand combat and is a proficient user of various weapons. His fighting skills make him a worthy adversary.

Peepers has a complex and evolving character arc.

Throughout the series, Commander Peepers undergoes significant character development. He starts off as a loyal minion but gradually questions his allegiance to Hater as he becomes exposed to the positive influence of Wander, the show’s protagonist. This internal conflict adds depth to his character.

Peepers is voiced by the talented Tom Kenny.

Tom Kenny, best known for his iconic role as the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, brings Commander Peepers to life with his unique vocal talents. Kenny’s distinctive voice adds personality and charm to the character.

Peepers is known for his catchphrase, “Destroy them!”/”Destroy her!”

One of Commander Peepers’ trademark phrases is his command to destroy Wander, the optimistic and adventurous protagonist of the series. This catchphrase has become synonymous with his character and is often used in comedic moments.

Peepers has a love for order and rules.

As a true enforcer, Commander Peepers has a deep appreciation for order and follows a strict code of conduct. He thrives in structured environments and finds comfort in the predictability that rules provide.

Peepers is a fantastic strategist.

Commander Peepers is a master strategist who can analyze complex situations and come up with effective solutions. His ability to think several steps ahead and anticipate the actions of his adversaries makes him a valuable asset to Lord Hater.

Peepers has a unique robotic eye.

Perhaps one of the most defining features of Commander Peepers is his robotic eye. This cybernetic enhancement not only enhances his vision but also provides him with additional abilities and insights that aid him in his role as an enforcer.

Peepers’ loyalty is tested throughout the series.

As the story progresses, Commander Peepers finds himself torn between his unwavering loyalty to Lord Hater and the growing admiration he has for Wander and his free-spirited ways. This internal struggle adds depth and complexity to his character.

In conclusion, Commander Peepers is a fascinating character in “Wander Over Yonder.” His unwavering loyalty, strategic brilliance, and complex character arc make him a fan-favorite in the series. So, if you’re ready to embark on an exciting galactic adventure, be sure to tune in to “Wander Over Yonder” and witness the incredible journey of Commander Peepers!


In conclusion, Commander Peepers from the animated series “Wander Over Yonder” is a fascinating and beloved character. From his unique appearance to his fierce determination, there is much to appreciate about this cartoon character. Whether you’re a fan of the show or just discovering it for the first time, exploring these 12 facts about Commander Peepers can give you a deeper understanding and appreciation for his role in the series. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy watching this quirky and lovable character in action!


1. Who voices Commander Peepers?

Commander Peepers is voiced by Tom Kenny, who is also known for his roles as SpongeBob SquarePants and the Ice King from “Adventure Time.

2. What is Commander Peepers’ role in “Wander Over Yonder”?

Commander Peepers serves as the right-hand henchman to Lord Hater, the main antagonist of the series. He acts as the leader of the Watchdogs and is responsible for carrying out Lord Hater’s evil plans.

3. What is Commander Peepers’ appearance like?

Commander Peepers is a pint-sized alien with a distinctive design. He has a large single eye, a green complexion, and he wears a black and red uniform with a small cape.

4. Does Commander Peepers have any unique abilities?

Yes, Commander Peepers is incredibly skilled in combat and is a strategic mastermind. Despite his small size, he can pack a powerful punch and is a force to be reckoned with.

5. Is Commander Peepers a villain?

Yes, Commander Peepers is considered a villain in the series as he works alongside Lord Hater to cause chaos and defeat Wander, the protagonist of the show.

6. Does Commander Peepers have any redeeming qualities?

While Commander Peepers is primarily depicted as a villain, he does show moments of vulnerability and even displays a hint of loyalty towards Lord Hater. These moments add layers to his character and make him more complex.

7. Does Commander Peepers have a backstory?

Commander Peepers’ backstory is not extensively explored in the series. However, it is hinted that he has a strong desire for power and recognition, which motivates him to carry out Lord Hater’s bidding.

8. Are there any recurring catchphrases associated with Commander Peepers?

Yes, Commander Peepers is known for his catchphrase “Triple threat,” which signifies the combined strength of himself, Lord Hater, and Sylvia, another character in the show.

9. Does Commander Peepers have any significant interactions with other characters?

Commander Peepers has frequent interactions with Lord Hater, with whom he has a complicated relationship. He also clashes with Wander and Sylvia regularly as they strive to thwart his plans.

10. What makes Commander Peepers a memorable character?

Commander Peepers’ distinct appearance, memorable voice acting, and his unwavering loyalty to Lord Hater make him stand out among the other characters in “Wander Over Yonder.”

11. Is there any character development for Commander Peepers throughout the series?

Yes, Commander Peepers undergoes some character growth as the series progresses. He starts questioning his loyalty towards Lord Hater and even experiences moments of doubt and internal conflict.

12. Will there be any spin-offs or continuations featuring Commander Peepers?

As of now, there are no plans for spin-offs or continuations centered solely around Commander Peepers. However, fans can still enjoy his presence in reruns and merchandise related to “Wander Over Yonder.”

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