Gweneth Harrold

Gweneth Harrold

Published: 09 Sep 2023


Are you ready to dive into the colorful world of Bubble Guppies? One of the beloved characters from this animated children’s show is Molly, a cheerful and adventurous little guppy. With her pink hair, infectious smile, and endless curiosity, Molly has captured the hearts of young viewers everywhere.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Molly and uncover 11 fascinating facts about this bubbly character. From her role in the show to some surprising tidbits, you’ll get to know Molly on a deeper level. So, put on your scuba gear and get ready to swim alongside Molly as we explore what makes her such a beloved part of the Bubble Guppies gang!

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Molly is the leader of the Bubble Guppies gang.

Molly is a cheerful and energetic character who takes charge and leads her friends on exciting underwater adventures.

Molly’s favorite color is pink.

Pink is Molly’s signature color and can be seen in her clothing, hair accessories, and even her iconic bubble scooter.

Molly is known for her strong singing voice.

With her powerful vocals, Molly often leads the gang in catchy and entertaining musical numbers throughout the show.

Molly loves to explore different topics.

Whether it’s learning about animals, music, or even entrepreneurship, Molly is always eager to expand her knowledge and share it with her friends.

Molly is a great problem solver.

She uses her creativity and critical thinking skills to find solutions to challenges that the Bubble Guppies encounter during their adventures.

Molly has a bubbly and optimistic personality.

Her positive outlook and enthusiasm can brighten up any situation, making her a beloved character among young viewers.

Molly is a great friend and always looks out for others.

She shows kindness and compassion towards her friends, offering support and encouragement whenever they need it.

Molly enjoys swimming and exploring the underwater world.

She is always ready for an underwater expedition, discovering new sea creatures and exciting treasures beneath the waves.

Molly’s favorite underwater pet is a dog named Bubble Puppy.

Bubble Puppy is Molly’s loyal companion and often joins her on their underwater adventures, adding a dose of cuteness to the gang.

Molly is a natural leader and often takes charge of the group’s activities.

She is responsible, organized, and helps keep the Bubble Guppies on track during their playful and educational escapades.

Molly encourages learning and curiosity.

Through her friendly and engaging nature, Molly inspires young viewers to embrace knowledge and explore the world around them.


Now that you know these 11 fascinating facts about Molly from Bubble Guppies, you can appreciate her even more as one of the beloved cartoon characters in the show. Molly’s vibrant personality, leadership qualities, and musical talents make her a standout character that children and adults alike can’t help but adore. Whether she’s leading the group on underwater adventures or teaching valuable lessons, Molly continues to capture the hearts of fans worldwide.


1. Who voices Molly in Bubble Guppies?
Molly is voiced by actress and singer Jay Gragnani.

2. What is Molly’s personality like?
Molly is known for being confident, caring, and always ready to help her friends. She is also a natural-born leader.

3. Does Molly have any special talents?
Yes, Molly is particularly talented at singing and playing various musical instruments. Her love for music is evident in many episodes of Bubble Guppies.

4. What is Molly’s favorite color?
Molly’s favorite color is pink, which perfectly matches her cheerful and bubbly personality.

5. How old is Molly in the show?
Although the characters’ specific ages are not revealed in Bubble Guppies, Molly is depicted as a preschool-aged child.

6. Does Molly have any siblings?
Yes, Molly has a younger brother named Gil who is also a main character in Bubble Guppies.

7. What are Molly’s favorite activities?
Molly enjoys singing, dancing, and engaging in creative and imaginative play. She also loves exploring the underwater world with her friends.

8. Does Molly have a favorite catchphrase?
Yes, Molly’s catchphrase is “It’s time for Bubble Guppies!” which she often says to begin each episode of the show.

9. How does Molly help teach children important social skills?
Molly’s character demonstrates qualities like patience, empathy, and teamwork, which are important social skills that children can learn from and emulate.

10. Are there any memorable episodes featuring Molly?
Yes, “The Crayon Prix” is a popular episode where Molly and her friends participate in a race, teaching valuable lessons about sportsmanship along the way.

11. Is there any merchandise available featuring Molly?
Yes, fans of Molly can find a wide range of merchandise, including toys, clothing, books, and more, featuring their beloved Bubble Guppies character.