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Megabyte, the infamous villain from the popular animated series “ReBoot,” has left a lasting impression on cartoon enthusiasts. Created by Mainframe Entertainment, Megabyte is a fascinating character with a sinister nature that captivates viewers of all ages. From his striking appearance to his conniving personality, Megabyte has become an iconic figure in the world of cartoons. In this article, we will delve deeper into the fascinating world of Megabyte and explore 11 intriguing facts about his character. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of “ReBoot” or just curious about this classic cartoon, get ready to uncover some captivating insights about the enigmatic Megabyte.

Key Takeaways:

  • Megabyte, the villain in “ReBoot”, is a powerful computer virus with a distinctive purple and black color scheme. His manipulative nature and catchphrase make him a memorable and iconic antagonist in animated TV.
  • Voiced by Tony Jay, Megabyte’s menacing presence and goal to take over Mainframe create chaos and danger for the show’s characters. His insect and reptile-inspired design adds to his formidable and memorable villainy.
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Megabyte is the primary antagonist in the animated series “ReBoot”.

Megabyte, a computer virus, is the main villain in the groundbreaking CGI-animated TV show “ReBoot”. He was created to be a powerful and menacing adversary to the show’s main characters.

Megabyte is voiced by the talented actor Tony Jay.

The deep and sinister voice of Megabyte is brought to life by the late Tony Jay, known for his distinctive voice acting in various animated shows and films. Jay’s portrayal adds an extra level of menace to the character.

Megabyte is known for his distinctive purple and black color scheme.

The creators of “ReBoot” gave Megabyte a visually striking appearance with his dark purple and black color palette. This design choice further emphasizes his role as a formidable and imposing villain.

Megabyte has a sister named Hexadecimal.

In the “ReBoot” series, Megabyte has a sibling relationship with Hexadecimal, another antagonist in the show. The interactions between Megabyte and Hexadecimal often lead to chaotic and unpredictable situations.

Megabyte’s main goal is to gain control of Mainframe.

Megabyte’s ultimate objective throughout “ReBoot” is to take over the computer system known as Mainframe. He constantly schemes and manipulates others in his quest for power and domination.

Megabyte is a master of manipulation and deceit.

One of Megabyte’s most dangerous traits is his ability to manipulate and deceive others. He uses his cunning and intelligence to control events from behind the scenes, making him a formidable adversary.

Megabyte has a vast army of viral binomes.

To further his plans, Megabyte commands an army of loyal binomes who carry out his orders. These viral binomes are computer programs infected by Megabyte’s corruption, serving as his minions.

Megabyte’s actions often lead to chaos and danger for Mainframe’s inhabitants.

Throughout the series, Megabyte’s schemes and actions bring chaos and peril to the inhabitants of Mainframe. His relentless pursuit of power puts the entire system at risk, creating tension and suspense.

Megabyte is known for his catchphrase, “Megabite my shiny metal bits!”

One of Megabyte’s memorable lines is his catchphrase, “Megabite my shiny metal bits!” This iconic phrase showcases his arrogant and haughty demeanor, adding a touch of dark humor to his character.

Megabyte’s design was inspired by a mixture of insects and reptiles.

The visual design of Megabyte draws inspiration from various sources, including insects and reptiles. This unique blend of characteristics contributes to his menacing and otherworldly appearance.

Megabyte remains an iconic and memorable villain in the world of animation.

Even years after the original “ReBoot” series aired, Megabyte continues to be remembered as one of the most iconic villains in animated television. His distinctive design, voice, and devious nature have left a lasting impact on viewers.


In conclusion, Megabyte from the popular animated series ReBoot is a fascinating character with a complex personality. As the main antagonist in the show, he is known for his cunning intelligence, manipulative tactics, and thirst for power. From his striking appearance with his purple and black color scheme to his iconic catchphrase “Megabyte is your master,” Megabyte has left a lasting impression on fans of the show.Throughout the series, Megabyte evolves into a formidable villain, constantly challenging the main characters and creating suspenseful storylines. His ruthless nature and strategic planning make him a formidable opponent for the protagonists, allowing for high-stakes plotlines and intense battles.Although Megabyte’s ultimate goal is to take control of the digital world, there is a complexity to his character that gives him depth beyond a simple villain. His motivations and backstories are explored throughout the series, shedding light on his desires and decisions.Overall, Megabyte is a memorable character who has become synonymous with the ReBoot series. His presence adds excitement, intrigue, and tension to the show, making him an essential part of the beloved franchise.


1. Who voices Megabyte in ReBoot?

Megabyte is voiced by Tony Jay in ReBoot. Jay’s deep and distinctive voice perfectly captures the menacing and commanding presence of the character.

2. What are Megabyte’s powers?

Megabyte possesses superhuman strength, agility, and endurance. He is also a skilled hacker and can manipulate and control various elements in the digital world.

3. Does Megabyte ever succeed in taking control of the digital world?

Megabyte consistently attempts to seize control of the digital world throughout the series, but his plans are often thwarted by the main characters. However, he does come close to achieving his goal in certain story arcs.

4. Is Megabyte purely evil?

While Megabyte is portrayed as the primary antagonist in ReBoot, his character has shades of complexity. He has his own motivations and backstories that contribute to his actions, giving him a multifaceted persona.

5. What makes Megabyte a memorable villain?

Megabyte’s striking appearance, imposing presence, and manipulative nature make him a compelling and memorable villain. His intelligence, strategic planning, and ability to instill fear in others contribute to his status as a fan-favorite antagonist.

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