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Inez Wong, a beloved character from the hit animated series Futurama, has captured the hearts of fans with her wit, charm, and unique personality. As a member of the Planet Express crew, Inez, along with her husband Hermes, has embarked on countless adventures in the futuristic world of New New York. But how much do you really know about this iconic character? In this article, we will explore 10 fascinating facts about Inez Wong that are sure to deepen your appreciation for her role in the show. From her mysterious past to her memorable quotes, get ready to dive into the intriguing world of Inez Wong and discover what makes her one of the most memorable cartoon characters of all time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inez Wong from Futurama is a strong, fashionable, and quick-witted character with a complex mother-daughter relationship. Her development throughout the series makes her relatable and intriguing to viewers.
  • Voiced by Lauren Tom, Inez Wong’s portrayal adds depth to the show. Her success as a businesswoman and her sharp sense of humor make her a beloved and multi-dimensional character in Futurama.
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Inez Wong is a character from the animated TV show Futurama.

Inez Wong is a memorable character from the hit animated TV show Futurama. She is known for her sharp wit, intelligence, and fierce determination. Let’s dive into 10 fascinating facts about this beloved character.

Inez Wong is voiced by actress Lauren Tom.

Lauren Tom brings Inez Wong to life with her incredible voice acting skills. Her portrayal of Inez captures the essence of the character and adds depth to the show.

Inez Wong is the mother of Amy Wong.

Inez Wong is the proud mother of Amy Wong, one of the main characters in Futurama. Their mother-daughter relationship provides comedic moments and heartfelt interactions throughout the series.

Inez Wong is a highly successful businesswoman.

Inez Wong is a savvy entrepreneur who has achieved great success in her business ventures. Her determination and business acumen make her an inspiring character to many.

Inez Wong possesses a strong personality.

Inez Wong is known for her no-nonsense attitude and strong personality. She is not afraid to speak her mind and stands up for what she believes in, making her a formidable force in the Futurama universe.

Inez Wong has a keen interest in fashion.

Inez Wong has a passion for fashion and is often seen wearing stylish and trendy outfits. Her fashion-forward sense adds an extra layer of character depth and visual appeal to the show.

Inez Wong has a complex relationship with her daughter.

The relationship between Inez Wong and her daughter Amy Wong is both loving and complicated. They have their share of conflicts and misunderstandings but ultimately share a strong bond.

Inez Wong is known for her witty comebacks.

Inez Wong is quick-witted and always has a clever comeback ready. Her sharp sense of humor adds a comedic touch to the show and makes her an audience favorite.

Inez Wong is a multi-dimensional character.

Inez Wong is not just a one-dimensional character. She is layered with a mix of strength, vulnerability, and complexity, which makes her relatable and intriguing.

Inez Wong’s character development is explored throughout the series.

Inez Wong undergoes character development throughout the course of the show, revealing different facets of her personality. This allows viewers to connect with her on a deeper level and witness her growth.


Inez Wong is a beloved character from the animated television series Futurama. With her intelligence, ambition, and distinctive personality, she has captured the hearts of fans around the world. From her relationships to her career aspirations, there are many fascinating facts to learn about Inez. Whether you are a long-time fan of the show or just discovering it for the first time, exploring these 10 facts about Inez Wong will deepen your appreciation for this memorable character.Inez’s complex background, her role in the Wong family, and her interactions with other characters make her an important and dynamic part of the Futurama universe. Through her determination and unique traits, she contributes to the humor and storytelling that has made the show so iconic. Inez Wong will continue to be a fan-favorite for years to come, as her wit and charm continue to entertain audiences around the globe.


1. Who voices Inez Wong in Futurama?

Inez Wong is voiced by actress Lauren Tom.

2. What is Inez’s role in the Wong family?

Inez is the wife of wealthy industrialist Leo Wong and the mother of Amy Wong.

3. What are Inez’s career aspirations?

Inez is shown to have a strong desire for her daughter Amy to marry a wealthy man, and she often pushes her to seek out rich suitors.

4. Is Inez a recurring character in Futurama?

Yes, Inez appears in multiple episodes of the series, interacting with other main characters and playing a significant role in various storylines.

5. Does Inez have any siblings?

It is not explicitly mentioned whether Inez has any siblings. Her focus is primarily on her own family and social status.

6. What are some notable episodes featuring Inez?

Some notable episodes featuring Inez Wong include “A Bicyclops Built for Two” and “The Duh-Vinci Code”.

7. How does Inez contribute to the humor of Futurama?

Inez’s snobbishness, materialistic behavior, and overbearing nature provide comedic moments and serve as a contrast to other characters’ personalities.

8. Does Inez have any noteworthy character traits?

Inez is known for her fierce loyalty to her husband and her determination to maintain the Wong family’s social status, even if it means stepping on others.

9. How does Inez’s relationship with her daughter Amy evolve throughout the series?

Inez’s relationship with Amy often experiences tension due to their differing values and Inez’s high expectations. However, they occasionally find common ground and moments of understanding.

10. Are there any notable quotes from Inez Wong in Futurama?

One memorable quote from Inez is, “You’re only as good as your last season. Fancy party, hold me up!”

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