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Lisabeth Coss

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Sesame Street has captivated audiences of all ages for over 50 years, and one of the beloved characters that has warmed our hearts is none other than Ernie. With his contagious laughter, mischievous personality, and bright orange tuft of hair, Ernie has become an iconic figure in the world of children’s entertainment. Whether he’s causing chaos with his best friend Bert or embarking on fun-filled adventures, Ernie’s charm and humor have made him a fan favorite.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Ernie and explore 10 fascinating facts about this lovable Sesame Street character. From his creation by Jim Henson to his memorable songs and sketches, there’s so much to learn and appreciate about Ernie’s role in bringing joy and education to generations of viewers.

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Ernie first appeared on Sesame Street in 1969.

Ernie, the lovable and mischievous character, made his debut on Sesame Street in 1969, capturing the hearts of children and adults around the world. His playful nature and infectious laughter quickly became iconic.

Ernie is best friends with Bert.

One of the most well-known duos on Sesame Street, Ernie and Bert share a special bond of friendship. They have been roommates for many years, and their contrasting personalities create fun and entertaining interactions.

Ernie’s signature song is “Rubber Duckie”.

Ernie’s love for his rubber duckie is celebrated in his signature song, “Rubber Duckie”. This catchy tune has become one of the most recognizable songs from Sesame Street, showcasing Ernie’s playful and joyful spirit.

Ernie has a strong affection for cookies.

If there’s one thing Ernie can’t resist, it’s cookies! He is famously known for his insatiable love for cookies, often getting into hilarious predicaments in pursuit of satisfying his sweet tooth.

Ernie has a distinctive laugh.

Ernie’s laughter is infectious and instantly recognizable. His unique laugh has become a trademark of the character, bringing joy and laughter to audiences of all ages.

Ernie is a talented musician.

Ernie showcases his musical talents by playing various instruments on Sesame Street. From the piano to the guitar, his musical skills add another layer of fun and entertainment to the show.

Ernie has a deep curiosity and love for learning.

Ernie embodies the spirit of curiosity and learning on Sesame Street. He is often seen engaging in educational activities and experiments, fostering a love for knowledge in young viewers.

Ernie is known for his iconic bathtub adventures.

One of Ernie’s recurring segments involves his imaginative journeys in the bathtub. These adventures ignite the imagination of young viewers and emphasize the importance of creative play.

Ernie’s catchphrase is “Hey, Bert!”

When Ernie wants to get Bert’s attention or engage in playful banter, he often starts with his signature catchphrase, “Hey, Bert!” This phrase has become synonymous with their dynamic friendship.

Ernie teaches valuable life lessons on Sesame Street.

Through his playful antics and interactions with other characters, Ernie imparts important life lessons to young viewers. From sharing and friendship to embracing diversity, his character embodies the values Sesame Street strives to teach.


Ernie, a beloved character from Sesame Street, has captured the hearts of audiences for decades. With his cheerful demeanor and quirky personality, Ernie has become an iconic figure in the world of cartoons. Through his adventures and interactions with his friends, Ernie teaches valuable life lessons and brings joy to both children and adults alike.

These 10 facts about Ernie shed light on the depth and impact of this lovable character. From his unique fashion sense to his famous rubber duckie, Ernie has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the joy of Sesame Street, learning more about Ernie is sure to enhance your appreciation for this delightful character.

So, grab your rubber duckie and embark on a journey through these fascinating facts about Ernie – a character whose laughter and enthusiasm continue to resonate with audiences of all ages.


1. Who is Ernie?

Ernie is a character from the popular children’s television show, Sesame Street. He is best known for his playful nature and his signature laugh.

2. What does Ernie look like?

Ernie has a round face with a wide smile and big, expressive eyes. He often wears a striped shirt and blue pants, and he is never seen without his signature red baseball hat.

3. What is Ernie’s favorite toy?

Ernie’s favorite toy is his rubber duckie. He is often seen playing and singing with it, and it has become one of his most iconic possessions.

4. Who are Ernie’s friends?

Ernie has many friends on Sesame Street, including Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Elmo. Together, they go on adventures and learn important lessons about friendship and cooperation.

5. What are some memorable moments involving Ernie?

Some memorable moments involving Ernie include his famous song, “Rubber Duckie,” and his interactions with other characters, such as his “Bert and Ernie” skits. He is also known for his love of playing pranks and his knack for getting into humorous situations.

6. How long has Ernie been on Sesame Street?

Ernie has been a central character on Sesame Street since the show’s inception in 1969. He has been delighting audiences with his humor and charm for over five decades.

7. What lessons does Ernie teach?

Ernie teaches important lessons about friendship, sharing, and having a positive attitude. Through his playful nature and interactions with others, he encourages kindness and empathy.

8. What is Ernie’s catchphrase?

Ernie is known for his infectious laugh, often followed by his catchphrase, “Gee, Bert!” This catchphrase has become synonymous with Ernie’s joyful and mischievous personality.

9. Who voices Ernie?

Ernie is voiced by renowned puppeteer and voice actor, Steve Whitmire. Whitmire took on the role of Ernie in 1990, following the retirement of Jim Henson, the original creator and performer of the character.

10. Why is Ernie so popular?

Ernie’s popularity stems from his ability to connect with audiences through his infectious laughter, relatable experiences, and timeless charm. His character embodies the joy and innocence of childhood, making him a beloved figure for generations.