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If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or simply appreciate the thrill of the open road, then the Yamaha Tracer 700 is sure to pique your interest. This versatile and powerful machine has gained quite a reputation among riders, but there are some mind-blowing facts about this bike that you may not be aware of. From its exhilarating performance to its innovative features, the Yamaha Tracer 700 has truly earned its place in the world of two-wheelers. In this article, we will delve into 14 fascinating facts about the Yamaha Tracer 700, giving you a closer look at what sets this bike apart from the rest. So, rev your imaginary engines and get ready to be amazed by these captivating insights!

Key Takeaways:

  • The Yamaha Tracer 700 offers an exhilarating ride with its powerful engine, customizable riding modes, and advanced technology, making it a versatile and stylish choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • With its impressive fuel efficiency, comfortable ergonomics, and adventure-ready features, the Yamaha Tracer 700 provides exceptional value for money, ensuring endless thrills and memorable adventures for riders of all levels.
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Impressive Power and Performance

The Yamaha Tracer 700 is equipped with a powerful 689cc parallel-twin engine, delivering an exhilarating performance on both highways and winding roads. Its advanced fuel injection system ensures smooth and responsive acceleration, making every ride a thrilling experience.

Versatile Riding Modes

With the Yamaha Tracer 700, you can customize your riding experience with its three different modes: Standard, A, and B. Whether you prefer a sportier ride or a more fuel-efficient one, the Tracer 700 has got you covered.

Aerodynamic Design

The Tracer 700 features a sleek and aerodynamic design, allowing for optimal airflow and reduced drag. This not only enhances the bike’s overall performance but also contributes to its sporty and stylish appearance.

Advanced Suspension System

Equipped with a fully adjustable suspension system, the Yamaha Tracer 700 ensures a smooth and comfortable ride on various road conditions. Whether you’re tackling long stretches of highway or exploring winding mountain roads, you can trust the Tracer 700 to deliver a controlled and stable ride.

Abundance of Storage Space

One of the standout features of the Tracer 700 is its generous storage capacity. With a spacious under-seat compartment and optional side cases, you can easily pack all your essentials for a weekend getaway or an extended adventure.

Integrated Technology

The Yamaha Tracer 700 comes equipped with advanced technology features, including a modern LCD display, integrated LED lighting, and optional smartphone connectivity. Stay connected and in control while enjoying your ride.

Superior Braking System

The Tracer 700 features a high-performance braking system, ensuring precise and responsive stopping power. With dual front discs and ABS as standard, you can rely on the Tracer 700 to provide a safe and confident riding experience.

Comfortable Ergonomics

Designed with rider comfort in mind, the Yamaha Tracer 700 features an adjustable windscreen, ergonomic seating position, and well-placed controls. Long rides will be a breeze, allowing you to focus on the road ahead.

Enhanced Safety Features

In addition to ABS, the Tracer 700 comes with traction control, enabling better stability and grip in various riding conditions. These safety features provide peace of mind, especially when navigating challenging terrains.

Fuel-Efficient Performance

The Tracer 700 boasts impressive fuel efficiency, allowing you to go further on a full tank. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country adventure or commuting through city streets, the Tracer 700 ensures you spend more time on the road and less time at the fuel station.

Sport-Inspired Design Elements

With its aggressive front fairing, sharp lines, and sporty exhaust, the Tracer 700 exudes a bold and dynamic look. This attention-grabbing design not only turns heads but also reflects the bike’s high-performance capabilities.

Easy Handling and Maneuverability

Thanks to its lightweight chassis and balanced weight distribution, the Tracer 700 offers exceptional handling and maneuverability. Whether you’re navigating tight city streets or taking on twisty mountain roads, this bike will respond with precision and agility.

Adventure-Ready Features

The Tracer 700 is equipped with a range of adventure-ready features, including a sturdy subframe for luggage attachment, optional engine guards for added protection, and a comfortable seat for long-distance riding. This bike is ready to explore the world with you.

Unparalleled Value for Money

With its impressive features, performance, and reliability, the Yamaha Tracer 700 offers unparalleled value for money. It’s a versatile and capable motorcycle that provides endless adventures without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the Yamaha Tracer 700 is a true powerhouse on two wheels, combining performance, versatility, and style in one package. Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking thrills or a beginner looking for a reliable and exciting motorcycle, the Tracer 700 is sure to impress. Experience the 14 mind-blowing facts about Yamaha Tracer 700 today and embark on your next adventure with confidence.


In conclusion, the Yamaha Tracer 700 is truly a remarkable motorcycle that offers an incredible riding experience. With its powerful engine, versatile performance, and advanced features, it is no wonder why it has gained so much popularity among riders. Whether you are a seasoned motorcycle enthusiast or a beginner looking for a thrilling ride, the Yamaha Tracer 700 is definitely worth considering.


Q: What is the engine capacity of the Yamaha Tracer 700?

A: The Yamaha Tracer 700 features a 689cc parallel-twin engine.

Q: What is the seating capacity of the Yamaha Tracer 700?

A: The Yamaha Tracer 700 is designed for one rider and has a single-seat configuration.

Q: Does the Yamaha Tracer 700 come with ABS?

A: Yes, the Yamaha Tracer 700 is equipped with a sophisticated ABS system for enhanced safety and braking performance.

Q: What is the fuel capacity of the Yamaha Tracer 700?

A: The Yamaha Tracer 700 has a fuel capacity of approximately 17 liters, providing ample range for long rides.

Q: Is the Yamaha Tracer 700 suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures?

A: While the Yamaha Tracer 700 is primarily built for on-road adventures, its versatile performance allows for some light off-road excursions as well.

Q: Are there any optional accessories available for the Yamaha Tracer 700?

A: Yes, Yamaha offers a range of optional accessories for the Tracer 700, including panniers, a top case, heated grips, and more, allowing riders to customize their bike to fit their needs.

Q: What is the weight of the Yamaha Tracer 700?

A: The Yamaha Tracer 700 has a dry weight of approximately 196 kg, making it lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Q: Does the Yamaha Tracer 700 come with adjustable suspension?

A: Yes, the Yamaha Tracer 700 features adjustable suspension, allowing riders to fine-tune the bike’s handling and comfort based on their preferences.

Q: Can the Yamaha Tracer 700 accommodate a passenger?

A: While the Yamaha Tracer 700 is designed for a single rider, it is possible to add a passenger seat as an optional accessory.

Q: What is the price range of the Yamaha Tracer 700?

A: The price of the Yamaha Tracer 700 may vary depending on the country and any additional accessories or features chosen, typically falling within a mid-range price bracket.

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