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Barrett Foa is a name that is synonymous with talent and charisma in the entertainment industry. Known for his versatile performances, Foa has captured the hearts of audiences around the world. From his notable roles in television, theater, and film, this multi-talented actor has left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Barrett Foa and unveil 11 extraordinary facts that showcase his incredible journey and accomplishments. From his early beginnings to his rise to stardom, get ready to discover what makes Barrett Foa a true force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Barrett Foa, known for his role on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” is a talented actor with a passion for theater and a great sense of humor. He’s also a multilingual advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Barrett Foa’s versatile talents, dedication to philanthropy, and loyal fanbase make him an extraordinary and inspiring figure in the entertainment industry.
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Barrett Foa developed a passion for acting at a young age.

From a young age, Barrett Foa discovered his love for the performing arts. He participated in school plays and local theater productions, igniting a spark that would lead him to a successful career in acting.

He is best known for his role as Eric Beale on the hit TV show “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

Barrett Foa gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of tech operator Eric Beale on the popular crime drama “NCIS: Los Angeles.” His charismatic and witty performance endeared him to audiences around the world.

Barrett Foa has an impressive theater background.

Prior to his success on television, Foa made a name for himself in the theater world. He has appeared in numerous Broadway productions, showcasing his versatility as a performer and earning critical acclaim for his stage work.

He has shared the stage with esteemed actors.

Throughout his theater career, Barrett Foa has had the privilege of working alongside renowned actors. He has performed with the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Sutton Foster, and Neil Patrick Harris, further solidifying his reputation as a talented and respected performer.

Barrett Foa is a multi-talented artist.

Not only is Foa an exceptional actor, but he is also a skilled singer. He has showcased his musical talents in various theater productions, captivating audiences with his melodic voice and stage presence.

He has appeared in other popular TV shows.

Aside from “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Barrett Foa has made appearances in other popular television shows. He has guest-starred on series such as “Entourage,” “The Closer,” and “Will & Grace,” demonstrating his versatility as an actor.

Barrett Foa possesses a great sense of humor.

Known for his quick wit and infectious laughter, Foa brings a sense of humor to his performances and real-life interactions. His comedic timing and improvisation skills have endeared him to fans and colleagues alike.

He is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Barrett Foa is an active supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and has used his platform to raise awareness and promote equality. He has participated in various charity events and campaigns, making a positive impact on the community.

Barrett Foa is fluent in multiple languages.

As a versatile actor, Foa has honed his language skills and is fluent in Spanish and French. This linguistic prowess has allowed him to take on diverse roles and connect with a broader range of audiences.

He has a dedicated fanbase.

Barrett Foa has garnered a loyal following of fans who appreciate his talent, charm, and genuine personality. His authenticity and down-to-earth nature have endeared him to fans worldwide, who eagerly support his projects and engage with him on social media.

Barrett Foa is passionate about giving back.

Outside of his acting career, Foa is heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors. He is a passionate advocate for various charitable causes, using his platform to raise funds and bring attention to important issues.

These are just a few of the many extraordinary facts about Barrett Foa, a talented and versatile actor who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. His dedication, versatility, and passion continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.


After delving into the life and career of Barrett Foa, it’s clear that he is no ordinary celebrity. From his impressive theatrical background to his versatile acting skills, Foa has proven time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.Not only is Foa an incredibly talented actor, but he is also a vocal advocate for important causes such as LGBTQ+ rights and mental health awareness. His dedication to both his craft and making a positive impact on the world sets him apart from many other celebrities.Whether you know him from his work on “NCIS: Los Angeles” or his numerous stage performances, there’s no denying that Barrett Foa is an extraordinary individual. With his infectious charm, undeniable talent, and genuine passion for the arts, he continues to captivate audiences and inspire others to follow their dreams.In summary, Barrett Foa’s journey in the world of entertainment has been nothing short of extraordinary, and fans can expect to see many more remarkable achievements from him in the years to come.


Q: How did Barrett Foa start his acting career?

A: Barrett Foa began his acting career at a young age, studying at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Camp and later attending the University of Michigan’s Musical Theatre program. He then went on to perform in various stage productions before landing his breakthrough role on the hit series “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

Q: What are some notable performances by Barrett Foa in theater?

A: Barrett Foa has an impressive list of theater credits, including roles in popular productions such as “Avenue Q,” “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” and “Mamma Mia!” He’s also received critical acclaim for his portrayal of ‘Harold Bride’ in the Tony-winning musical “Titanic.

Q: Has Barrett Foa won any awards for his acting?

A: While Barrett Foa has not won any major awards, he has been recognized for his outstanding performances. He received a Broadway.com Audience Choice Award nomination for his role in “Avenue Q” and has garnered praise from both critics and audiences alike for his work on “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

Q: Is Barrett Foa involved in any charitable causes?

A: Yes, Barrett Foa is a vocal advocate for important social issues. He is an active supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and has been involved in various charitable events and fundraisers supporting mental health awareness.

Q: What other projects has Barrett Foa been involved in?

A: Aside from his role on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Barrett Foa has made guest appearances on popular television shows such as “Entourage” and “Numb3rs.” He has also lent his voice to animated series and has participated in staged readings and workshops of new plays and musicals.

Barrett Foa's extraordinary journey in the world of acting is truly inspiring. His dedication to his craft and passion for the arts have led him to remarkable achievements on both stage and screen. If you enjoyed learning about this talented actor, why not explore other fascinating topics? Delve into the captivating history of Roman theater, discover the surprising facts about television actor John Wesley Shipp, or uncover the genius behind the legendary musical theater composer Stephen Sondheim. Each article offers a unique glimpse into the world of entertainment, promising to enlighten and entertain readers of all ages.

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