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Sumner Redstone was a remarkable individual who left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. As the former chairman and CEO of Viacom and CBS Corporation, he was a titan in the world of media. Redstone, who passed away in 2020 at the age of 97, had a career that spanned several decades, and his impact on the industry cannot be overstated.

In this article, we will delve into some fascinating facts about Sumner Redstone, shedding light on both his personal and professional life. From his early beginnings to his meteoric rise to success, Redstone’s journey is one that captivates and inspires. So, without further ado, let’s uncover some intriguing details about this media mogul.

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The Early Years

Sumner Redstone, born on May 27, 1923, in Boston, Massachusetts, grew up in a Jewish family. His father, Michael Rothstein, started the National Amusements theater chain in the 1930s, which would later become a significant part of Sumner Redstone’s empire.

Academic Excellence

Redstone was exceptionally bright from a young age, and he excelled academically. He attended Harvard University, where he graduated summa cum laude in He then went on to study law at Harvard Law School, earning his degree in 1947.

Enter the Entertainment Industry

Following his father’s footsteps, Sumner Redstone joined the family business, National Amusements. He expanded the theater chain and ventured into the entertainment industry, acquiring Viacom in 1987 and CBS in 2000, making him a major player in the media landscape.

Shrewd Business Acumen

Redstone was known for his shrewd business acumen and his ability to strike lucrative deals. He played an instrumental role in various mergers and acquisitions in the entertainment industry, solidifying his position as a powerful and influential figure.

Resilient Spirit

Sumner Redstone faced numerous challenges and setbacks throughout his career, but he always demonstrated resilience and determination. He persevered through legal battles, health issues, and corporate disputes, never backing down from a fight.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Despite his immense success, Sumner Redstone was also known for his philanthropy. He made substantial donations to various charitable causes, including education, medical research, and the arts, leaving a lasting impact on society.

Lasting Legacy

Sumner Redstone’s impact on the media industry cannot be overstated. His visionary leadership and strategic decisions shaped the landscape of entertainment, leaving a lasting legacy that will continue to influence the industry for years to come.

End of an Era

Sumner Redstone passed away on August 11, 2020, at the age of His remarkable journey and contributions to the media industry will always be remembered, making him an iconic figure and a true pioneer in the world of entertainment.


Sumner Redstone was undoubtedly a fascinating figure in the media industry. His journey from a small theater chain owner to one of the most powerful media moguls is a testament to his strategic vision and relentless drive. From his complex relationship with his children to his legal battles and philanthropic pursuits, Redstone’s life was filled with intrigue and controversy.

Redstone’s impact on the media landscape cannot be overstated. Through his leadership of Viacom and CBS, he played a pivotal role in shaping the entertainment industry. His bold decisions and acquisitions transformed these companies into global powerhouses, leaving a lasting legacy.

While Redstone’s life was not without its share of challenges and setbacks, his unwavering determination and business acumen allowed him to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success. He was a trailblazer in the media world, and his contributions will be remembered for generations to come.


Q: What were some of Sumner Redstone’s notable accomplishments?

A: Sumner Redstone was known for his acquisition of Viacom and CBS, turning them into major media conglomerates. He also played a significant role in the shift towards digital entertainment and the expansion of these companies internationally.

Q: How did Sumner Redstone impact the media industry?

A: Redstone’s leadership and strategic decisions transformed Viacom and CBS into influential players in the entertainment industry. He shaped the landscape by acquiring popular brands like MTV, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures.

Q: What challenges did Sumner Redstone face during his career?

A: Redstone faced various challenges, including legal battles and controversies surrounding his family and ownership disputes. However, his resilience and determination allowed him to overcome these hurdles and continue his success in the media industry.

Q: What was Sumner Redstone’s philanthropic involvement?

A: Redstone was a generous philanthropist, donating significant sums to various causes, including education and medical research. He established the Sumner M. Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness at George Washington University, among other charitable endeavors.

Q: What is Sumner Redstone’s lasting legacy?

A: Sumner Redstone’s lasting legacy is his impact on the media industry. His strategic decisions and acquisitions shaped the landscape, and his influence continues to be felt today. He will be remembered as a visionary and trailblazer in the entertainment world.