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Finn Balor, also known as Fergal Devitt, is a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. With his charismatic personality, extraordinary athleticism, and captivating in-ring abilities, he has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Whether you know him as “The Demon King” or simply as Finn Balor, there are some fascinating facts about this talented performer that you may not be aware of. In this article, we will delve into 12 intriguing facts about Finn Balor that will provide you with a better understanding of the man behind the persona. From his early beginnings in Ireland to his success on the global stage, Finn Balor’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. So, let’s jump right in and explore what makes Finn Balor a standout in the world of professional wrestling.

Key Takeaways:

  • Finn Balor, the Irish wrestler, has a colorful career with championships, alter egos, and a love for art and mental health advocacy. He’s a true superhero both in and out of the ring!
  • Finn Balor’s journey from Ireland to becoming a wrestling sensation is filled with world travels, fan clubs, and a powerful message about mental health. He’s a champion inside and outside the ring!
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Finn Balor is an Irish professional wrestler.

Finn Balor, whose real name is Fergal Devitt, hails from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. He is known for his incredible athleticism and high-flying moves inside the ring.

He made his professional wrestling debut in 2000.

Finn Balor began his wrestling career at the young age of 18, showcasing his talent and passion for the sport.

Finn Balor has wrestled all around the world.

Throughout his career, Finn Balor has traveled to various countries, competing in major wrestling promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling and wowing audiences with his in-ring abilities.

He became the inaugural Universal Champion in WWE.

In 2016, Finn Balor made history by winning the newly established Universal Championship, defeating Seth Rollins at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event.

Finn Balor is known for his alter ego, “The Demon”.

One of the most iconic aspects of Finn Balor’s character is his alter ego, “The Demon”. With his body painted in elaborate designs, he unleashes an unparalleled intensity and becomes a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

He is a former NXT Champion.

Prior to his main roster success, Finn Balor had a remarkable run in WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, where he held the NXT Championship for a record-setting 292 days.

Finn Balor is also a talented painter.

Outside of the wrestling ring, Finn Balor has showcased his artistic abilities as a painter, creating vibrant and visually captivating artwork.

He is an advocate for mental health awareness.

Finn Balor has been vocal about his own struggles with mental health, using his platform to raise awareness and promote conversations surrounding mental well-being.

Finn Balor has a passion for comic books and superheroes.

As a self-professed comic book fan, Finn Balor often incorporates elements of his favorite superheroes into his wrestling persona, further captivating audiences with his colorful and dynamic character.

He was the leader of the popular faction, “The Bullet Club”.

During his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Finn Balor was the founding leader of “The Bullet Club“, a dominant stable that gained worldwide recognition and influence in the wrestling industry.

Finn Balor has a remarkable entrance routine.

Known for his dramatic and captivating stage presence, Finn Balor’s entrance routine involves him walking down the ramp with glowing body paint and a unique, energetic demeanor, setting the tone for his electrifying matches.

He has a huge fan following worldwide.

Finn Balor has amassed a dedicated fan following, known as the “Balor Club”, who support him passionately at live events and through various social media platforms.


In conclusion, Finn Balor is undoubtedly one of the most talented and popular professional wrestlers in the industry today. With an impressive career spanning across multiple promotions, he has captivated audiences with his unique style, incredible athleticism, and undeniable charisma. From his debut in NJPW as Prince Devitt to his notable run in WWE, Balor has consistently showcased his versatility both in and out of the ring.

As a wrestler, Balor has achieved numerous accolades, including becoming the first-ever Universal Champion and winning multiple championships across different promotions. His groundbreaking alter ego, “The Demon,” has also added another layer of intrigue and excitement to his persona. Balor’s ability to connect with fans on a deep level has made him a beloved figure in the wrestling community.

Off-screen, Finn Balor is known for his philanthropic work and his commitment to making a positive impact. He has used his platform to advocate for important causes and inspire others to do the same. Balor’s dedication to his craft, his fans, and the betterment of society has solidified his place as one of the most influential and respected figures in professional wrestling.


1. When did Finn Balor start his wrestling career?

Finn Balor, then known as Prince Devitt, started his wrestling career in 2000.

2. What championships has Finn Balor won?

Finn Balor has won multiple championships, including the Universal Championship, Intercontinental Championship, NXT Championship, and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.

3. How did Finn Balor create his alter ego, “The Demon”?

Finn Balor created “The Demon” as an embodiment of his darker, more intense side. The Demon persona is often reserved for special matches or events.

4. Has Finn Balor ever wrestled in other promotions?

Yes, before joining WWE, Finn Balor had a successful career in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and various independent promotions.

5. What philanthropic work has Finn Balor been involved in?

Finn Balor has been actively involved in various charity initiatives, including raising awareness for mental health issues and supporting children’s hospitals.

6. Is Finn Balor popular among fans?

Yes, Finn Balor is highly popular among fans for his in-ring abilities, charismatic personality, and dedication to his craft.

7. Does Finn Balor have any upcoming projects or matches?

While specific details may vary, Finn Balor is constantly involved in professional wrestling events and is always working towards new goals and challenges.

8. How has Finn Balor influenced the wrestling industry?

Finn Balor has had a significant impact on the wrestling industry, inspiring and influencing wrestlers with his innovative moveset, storytelling, and dedication to his craft.

Finn Balor's incredible journey in professional wrestling has captivated fans worldwide. His unique alter ego, impressive achievements, and dedication to mental health awareness make him a true inspiration. Balor's passion for comic books and superheroes adds an extra layer of intrigue to his already fascinating persona. For more captivating insights into the world of wrestling, explore our articles on the most mind-blowing WWE facts and the legendary career of Roddy Piper, one of the most iconic figures in the history of professional wrestling.

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