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Every day in history is filled with fascinating events and significant moments that have shaped our world. September 21st is no exception. From monumental discoveries and groundbreaking achievements to notable births and unfortunate tragedies, this date has been witness to a variety of events that deserve recognition. By delving into the historical events that took place on September 21st, we can gain valuable insights into the past and appreciate the complexities of our shared history. In this article, we will explore a collection of facts and events that happened today in history, showcasing the impact that September 21st has had on various aspects of our lives. So let’s embark on this journey through time and uncover the remarkable stories that have unfolded on September 21st.

Key Takeaways:

  • September 21st marks the birth of significant historical figures like H.G. Wells and Bill Murray, as well as the premiere of influential cultural works such as “West Side Story” and Nirvana’s “Nevermind.”
  • On September 21st, important events like the declaration of the First French Republic and the discovery of Neptune took place, showcasing the breadth of human accomplishments in politics and science.
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  • 1792: The National Convention declares the First French Republic.
  • 1915: Stonehenge is sold at an auction to Mr. Cecil Chubb.
  • 1949: The People’s Republic of China is proclaimed by Mao Zedong.
  • 1981: Belize gains its independence from the United Kingdom.
  • 2003: The Galileo mission ends with the spacecraft plunging into Jupiter’s atmosphere.


  • 1846: Neptune is discovered by German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle.
  • 1937: J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel “The Hobbit” is published.
  • 1970: The Soviet Union’s Luna 16 spacecraft returns to Earth with the first samples of lunar soil.
  • 1987: The San Francisco Giants become the first team to reach 1,000 home runs in a season.
  • 2005: The first-ever artificial complete human genome is produced by scientists.


  • 1792: The French monarchy is abolished, and France becomes a republic.
  • 1866: H.G. Wells, English author and father of science fiction, is born.
  • 1958: Guinea becomes the first French African colony to gain independence.
  • 1989: Hurricane Hugo makes landfall in South Carolina, causing significant damage.
  • 2001: The United Nations General Assembly adopts the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS.


  • 1947: American musician and actor Stephen King is born.
  • 1957: “West Side Story,” a musical by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, premieres on Broadway.
  • 1984: The television show “The Cosby Show” premieres, becoming a cultural phenomenon.
  • 1991: Nirvana releases their second studio album, “Nevermind,” which becomes a cornerstone of the grunge movement.
  • 2012: “Gangnam Style” by Psy becomes the first YouTube video to reach one billion views.


  • 1866: H.G. Wells, English author and father of science fiction.
  • 1950: Bill Murray, American actor and comedian.
  • 1971: Luke Wilson, American actor.
  • 1981: Nicole Richie, American fashion designer and television personality.
  • 1998: Christian Pulisic, American professional soccer player.


  • 1937: George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright and critic.
  • 1973: Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet and Nobel laureate.
  • 1980: Bill Evans, American jazz pianist.
  • 2008: Paul Newman, American actor and philanthropist.
  • 2015: Cilla Black, English singer and television presenter.


September 21st has been a significant date throughout history, with various important events taking place across different fields. From political milestones like the establishment of the French Republic and the proclamation of the People’s Republic of China, to scientific breakthroughs such as the discovery of Neptune and the production of the first artificial complete human genome, this day has witnessed remarkable achievements.

In addition, September 21st has seen cultural events like the premiere of the iconic musical “West Side Story” and the release of influential albums such as Nirvana’s “Nevermind.” Furthermore, notable births like H.G. Wells and Bill Murray have added to the day’s historical significance.

On the other hand, the passing of renowned figures like George Bernard Shaw and Paul Newman reminds us of the loss experienced on this day.

Overall, September 21st serves as a reminder of the breadth of human accomplishments, both past and present.


Q: What are some significant events that happened on September 21st?

A: Some significant events that happened on September 21st include the declaration of the First French Republic in 1792, the discovery of Neptune in 1846, and the proclamation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Q: Who was born on September 21st?

A: Notable figures born on September 21st include H.G. Wells, the English author known as the father of science fiction, and American actor Bill Murray.

Q: What cultural events are associated with September 21st?

A: Some cultural events associated with September 21st include the premiere of the musical “West Side Story” on Broadway in 1957 and the release of Nirvana’s influential album “Nevermind” in 1991.

Q: Who are some notable figures who passed away on September 21st?

A: Notable figures who passed away on September 21st include Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, and American actor Paul Newman.

Q: Are there any scientific breakthroughs associated with September 21st?

A: Yes, there are scientific breakthroughs associated with September 21st, such as the discovery of Neptune in 1846 and the production of the first artificial complete human genome in 2005.

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