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Tammara Homer

Modified & Updated: 24 Aug 2023

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April 10th is a significant day in history, filled with remarkable events and fascinating facts. From groundbreaking discoveries to monumental achievements, this date has witnessed the unfolding of stories that have shaped our world. Whether it is in the realm of science, politics, or culture, April 10th has left an indelible mark on the timeline of human history. In this article, we will delve into the events and facts that occurred on this day, highlighting the significance and impact they have had on society. So, let’s embark on a journey through time and explore the remarkable moments that took place on April 10th.

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  • 1849: The safety pin is patented by Walter Hunt.
  • 1919: Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata is ambushed and assassinated.
  • 1970: Paul McCartney announces the breakup of The Beatles.
  • 1998: The Good Friday Agreement, an agreement between the British and Irish governments aimed at ending the conflict in Northern Ireland, is signed.
  • 2019: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is ousted by the military following months of protests.


  • 1841: William Henry Harrison becomes the first U.S. President to die in office.
  • 1953: The discovery of the double helix structure of DNA is published by James Watson and Francis Crick.
  • 1963: The nuclear-powered submarine USS Thresher sinks during deep-diving tests, resulting in the loss of all 129 crew members.
  • 1972: The Apollo 16 lunar module lands on the moon, allowing astronauts to collect valuable scientific data.
  • 2019: Scientists unveil the first-ever photograph of a black hole, captured by the Event Horizon Telescope.


  • 1790: U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton proposes the establishment of a national bank.
  • 1912: The RMS Titanic sets sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England.
  • 1959: Tibet is invaded by China, leading to the exile of the Dalai Lama and a prolonged conflict.
  • 1974: A series of tornadoes strike the U.S. Midwest, causing extensive damage and loss of life.
  • 2014: A referendum on the status of Crimea results in the region’s annexation by Russia, sparking international controversy.


  • 1794: The United States Government establishes the U.S. Navy’s first permanent naval base in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • 1916: The Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA) is founded in New York City.
  • 1925: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel, “The Great Gatsby,” is published.
  • 1970: The Beatles’ final album, “Let It Be,” is released.
  • 2009: “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” starring Miley Cyrus, premieres in Los Angeles.


  • 1778: William Hazlitt, English essayist and literary critic.
  • 1894: Ben Nicholson, British abstract artist.
  • 1929: Max von Sydow, Swedish actor.
  • 1952: Steven Seagal, American actor and martial artist.
  • 1990: Daisy Ridley, English actress best known for her role as Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.


  • 1406: Ibn Khaldun, Arab historian and philosopher.
  • 1806: Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, Swiss geologist and meteorologist.
  • 1919: Emiliano Zapata, Mexican revolutionary leader.
  • 1947: Henry Ford, American industrialist and founder of Ford Motor Company.
  • 1975: Josephine Baker, American-born French entertainer and civil rights activist.


The 10th of April has been marked by significant historical events, scientific breakthroughs, political milestones, cultural events, births, and notable deaths throughout history. From the patenting of the safety pin in 1849 to the capture of the first-ever photograph of a black hole in 2019, April 10th has witnessed crucial moments that have shaped various aspects of society.


Q: Why is April 10th significant?

A: April 10th is significant as it marks the occurrence of various historical events, scientific breakthroughs, political milestones, cultural events, births, and notable deaths that have had a lasting impact on our world.

Q: What are some famous events that took place on April 10th?

A: Some famous events that took place on April 10th include the announcement of the breakup of The Beatles in 1970, the sinking of the RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912, and the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland in 1998.

Q: Are there any significant scientific achievements associated with April 10th?

A: Yes, April 10th has witnessed significant scientific achievements such as James Watson and Francis Crick publishing the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA in 1953 and the unveiling of the first-ever photograph of a black hole in 2019.

Q: Who are some notable individuals born on April 10th?

A: Notable individuals born on April 10th include English actress Daisy Ridley, Swedish actor Max von Sydow, and American actor and martial artist Steven Seagal.

Q: Are there any historical figures who passed away on April 10th?

A: Yes, notable deaths on April 10th include Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata in 1919 and American industrialist Henry Ford in 1947.