Fastest Internet In The World



Modified: 26 May 2022

Fastest Internet in the World

With today’s digital age, everyone desires to get connected to the fastest internet in the world. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic at large, people want to stay connected to their loved ones using a smooth wi-fi speed. Plus, almost every person needs a reliable and fast internet speed after most businesses transitioned to working from their respective homes. Because of this, internet service providers thrived when most businesses struggled to keep their companies afloat.

Due to the recent developments of Coronavirus vaccines, some countries returned to normal. When traveling, people always watch out for the internet speed of their destinations. You probably want to post your amazing vacation pictures after just a few taps on your phone. On business trips, you aim to impress your superiors with presentations that perform well with reliable wi-fi connections. And, most of the youth also consider taking up a career in the online gaming industry using different streaming platforms and game competitions.

Let’s face it. We all look for the fastest internet connection at home or while away on work and trips. The internet became an essential part of every person’s life. To help you plan your next trip, we came up with a list of places with the best internet connections. After this, you’ll get to enjoy more than just the sights that these countries have to offer.

Connect Your Gadgets To The Fastest Internet In The World

fastest internet in the world
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A quick Google search can show you a list of countries with the fastest internet in the world. However, the usual list changes over time. Some lists available online remain unchanged because the tally stayed the same for some time. To spare you from searching for an updated list, we enumerated the top countries and destinations that can match your wi-fi connection goals no matter when you plan to travel.

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fastest internet in the world
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Singapore frequently claims the title of having the fastest internet in the world. The continuous innovations on the country’s broadband connection resulted in a record of 247.54 Mbps last January 2021. Singapore also aims to provide the best internet connection to all its citizens. Because of their consistent progress, more than 85% of the country’s population can easily access the fastest internet connection in the world.

Since Singapore focuses on broadband connections, you won’t have to worry about setting up your mobile data. Almost every establishment and space in Singapore lets visitors connect to the area’s wi-fi. Just don’t be shy in asking for the password when you drop by.

Hong Kong (SAR)

Hong Kong
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Hong Kong offers reliable and smooth internet to both citizens and tourists. The country consistently maintains high download and upload speeds under a whopping record of 229.45 Mbps. Because of this, Hong Kong became a well-known telecommunications hub.

Hong Kong also hails as one of the fastest-growing business capitals in the world. Because of this, a lot of companies send their employees to the thriving economic area for business trips and deals. This makes Hong Kong one of the best destinations for both business and pleasure.


Pattaya, Thailand
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Thailand firmly remains in the top three destinations with the fastest internet in the world. This makes the thriving country the third powerhouse in terms of having the best wi-fi connection. You can easily post the beautiful sights you encounter while traveling in the beautiful Southeast Asian country.

Despite the challenges that Thailand faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the country managed to maintain its top 3 spot in locations with the best internet. Last January 2021, the country got a jaw-dropping record of 220.59 Mbps.


Bucharest, Romania
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Despite not being a telecommunications hotspot in Europe, Romania takes pride in having one of the best internet speeds on the continent. The country managed to beat the U.S.A’s wi-fi connection for years with its current record of 198.01 Mbps.

Romania’s smooth internet connection comes as shock to most tourists dropping by the country. However, the surprise doesn’t stop travelers from boasting about Romania’s beautiful castles and Gothic structures on social media. Posting about the country’s sights is an easy feat with their fast internet.


Copenhagen, Denmark
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Denmark‘s internet connection significantly rose its rank of having the best-fixed broadband connection. One of the highest speeds recorded came from January 2021. The Speedtest result rolled up to a shocking 190.32 Mbps. Because of this, you can enjoy the vibrant tourist spots in Denmark without worrying about posting on your social media platforms.

Most tourists love to walk along the colorful streets of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. The beloved destination manages to cater to high-volume download speeds no matter how many people use its internet connections. With this, you can admire the view at Tivoli Gardens or Nyhavn without stressing about your wifi speed.


Paris, France
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France prides itself as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Aside from their breathtaking museums and historic structures, foreigners also flock to the country for its impressive internet speed. France still holds a spot as one of the countries with the fastest internet in the world. A recent tally recorded the country’s broadband speed of 188.03 Mbps.

Because of France’s exceptional internet service, your plan to save up to visit the country would be more worth it. No need to fret about sharing your experience in the City of Love or your stroll around the Palace of Versailles. Thanks to France’s reliable internet speed, you can post every picture or video on all your social media platforms in a matter of seconds.


Principality of Monaco
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Monaco ranked in and out of the top 10 countries with the best broadband speeds. Fortunately, the country bounced back in January 2021 and held the 7th spot on Speedtest’s global index with a recorded internet speed of 187.88 Mbps. You can witness the breathtaking views of Monte Carlo and Monaco Harbor without stressing about your social media posts.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai, UAE
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The United Arab Emirates takes pride in the continuous progress of the country’s internet services. Most of its citizens prefer steady mobile data services to fast wifi connection because most of them are on-the-go. Even tourists look forward to the country’s advances in mobile data services. UAE constantly competes with Qatar’s impressive mobile connection. But, for the first month of 2021, UAE claims the top spot with the best mobile data services with a record of over 183 Mbps.

South Korea

Seoul City Skyline, South Korea
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You probably heard of South Korea’s rise and progress in various fields over just a few decades. Aside from its developments in technology and entertainment, the country prides itself on making a career out of competitive gaming. The youth usually flock to internet cafes after school to test their strategies in various online games. Plus, citizens and tourists alike also enjoy smooth browsing and gaming from their phones. This stems from South Korea’s high-end mobile data that recently recorded a speed of over 171 Mbps.


Skyline of West Bay and Doha City Center, Qatar
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When traveling to Qatar, you have to watch out for the various censorships that go along with their fast internet services. Despite this, many companies still hold business trips in the country because of promising deals and clients. Undoubtedly, we don’t blame them. Qatar sets out an impressive mobile internet speed record of over 170 Mbps.


shanghai skyline at sunset
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China continues to exceed everyone’s expectations with its progressive developments in different fields throughout the years. Despite the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese government aimed to provide at-home alternatives for citizens amidst the lockdowns implemented throughout the country. Because of this, China maximized the use of advanced technology to respond to the impacts of Coronavirus. With their exceptional industrial internet, citizens experience fast mobile connections with a recorded speed of over 149 Mbps.

Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh Saudi Arabia
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Just like most Arab countries, Saudi Arabia implemented strict censorship and filters with their fast internet connection. Citizens and tourists also get to enjoy smooth mobile browsing with a speed of over 115 Mbps. If you happen to stop by Saudi Arabia, you should expect censorship in almost all forms of online media.


Bryggen in Bergen, Norway
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Throughout the years Norway managed to keep its spot in the list of countries with the fastest internet. With just their mobile data, tourists and citizens alike can easily stay connected with their loved ones with an impressive speed of over 107 Mbps. You can boast about your hike at Pulpit Rock or your visit to the Viking Ship Museum on your social media platforms in just a matter of seconds.


Kuwait Tower City Skyline
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Kuwait hosts some of the best mobile data providers in the world. Fixed-broadband connections constantly give out connection errors and problems. Because of this, most citizens and tourists prefer to avail themselves of the different in-home offers for mobile connections. The recorded mobile internet speed of over 105 Mbps is more than enough to give you a smooth internet experience during your stay in Kuwait.


Aerial view of Sydney Harbor and Downtown Skyline, Australia
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Australia offers exceptional internet services to its citizens and tourists. The country provides fast and reliable mobile data with a speed of over 104 Mbps. However, if you hope to get an all-expenses-paid business trip to Australia, you’ll be disappointed. Recent news states that Australia implemented a law regulating internet content.


Amsterdam City, Illuminated Building and Canal at night, Netherlands
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Tourists dropping by the Netherlands look forward to more than just the country’s breathtaking sights. The Netherlands showcases an impressive mobile internet connection of more than 97 Mbps. This makes posting pictures on social media a whole lot easier for citizens and travelers alike.


Skyline of Toronto in Canada
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Like most countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada suffered a great economic loss. In hopes of bouncing back, the country aims to provide affordable internet for its citizens especially for those in need of stable work. For those on the budget, Canada made sure to offer a fast and reliable mobile data speed with a record of over 94 Mbps.

Countries for Online Gamers

Because of various technological advances, people now consider gaming as a promising career path for the youth. Various countries acknowledged the numerous feats of their citizens who made a name for themselves in the online gaming industry. To keep up with this trend, different nations aimed to improve their internet speed to accommodate rookies, competitors, and fans of electronic sports.

Countries that invested in providing fast wi-fi speed for their professional gamers gained immense revenue on the Global Games Market. Now, when we say the gamers, we mean ALL types of online gamers. From desktop computer games to mobile games, the nations who topped the online games industry throughout the years provided the best internet experience for smooth gameplay.

If you hope to pursue a career in the online gaming industry, you might consider moving to the countries that topped the gaming charts for years. It doesn’t matter if you live in one of the areas with the fastest internet in the world, You also have to consider getting the support you need from proper sponsors such as the nation you live in.

Here’s the list of countries that gained the largest revenues from the online gaming industry for the year 2020:

  1. China
  2. United States
  3. Japan
  4. South Korea
  5. Germany
  6. United Kingdom
  7. France
  8. Canada
  9. Italy
  10. Spain

Countries with Slow Internet Speed

To achieve more stable connections, governments need to establish or approve the construction of proper and advanced servers that can cater to larger areas in their jurisdictions. Without this, network providers would continuously suffer from the wrath of unsatisfied internet users.

Now, if you don’t really mind internet connections during your travels, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the moment in exotic places. Just to inform you, we enumerated the destinations with low-speed internet connections.

  1. Turkmenistan – 3.56 Mbps
  2. Algeria – 3.92 Mbps
  3. Yemen – 4.35 Mbps
  4. Cuba – 5.09 Mbps
  5. Mauritania – 5.50 Mbps
  6. Venezuela – 6.15 Mbps
  7. Sudan – 6.26 Mbps
  8. The Gambia – 7.79 Mbps
  9. Burundi – 7.89 Mbps
  10. Afghanistan – 8.20 Mbps

Why Is It Important To Know About The Fastest Internet In The World?

fastest internet in the world
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You probably used Speedtest or other internet speed checkers online. This reason alone justified the importance of learning about the developments of the destinations with the fastest internet in the world. Every country must learn to adjust to the trends of the internet. Most businesses that used advanced SEO and digital marketing thrived in today’s digital age. Potential CEOs fail to test out different trends of modernized business strategies if their country falls behind other nations in terms of fast internet connections.

Each gadget or device contains varying wifi and cellular radio properties. Because of this, you get unique results every time you use an online speed test checker. Online businesses use the data gathered from speed tests to utilize the strategy they need to apply to attract customers to their products. Looking back at the top countries with the fastest internet, most of the said nations and locations managed to keep their economies afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. They strived to meet the online needs of their citizens while monitoring the Coronavirus activity.