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Devondra Emerson

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The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is an annual event that brings together music lovers and beer enthusiasts from all over. This unique festival combines the best of both worlds – live blues music performances and a wide selection of craft brews to enjoy. Held in the scenic Columbia River Gorge, the festival offers a breathtaking backdrop for attendees to soak in the music, indulge in flavorful beers, and create unforgettable memories. Whether you are a devoted blues fan or simply appreciate great music and delicious beer, the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival has something for everyone. In this article, we will explore nine fascinating facts about this extraordinary event, from its origins to the notable musicians and breweries that have graced its stages. So grab a cold brew, find a cozy spot, and join us as we dive into the world of the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival.

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The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is an annual event

The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is a highly anticipated annual event that takes place in the scenic Columbia Gorge area. This festival has become a beloved tradition for both locals and visitors from all over, drawing in a large crowd each year.

It showcases a wide variety of blues music

The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is a haven for blues music enthusiasts. The lineup features talented artists across various blues genres, from soulful rhythm and blues to electrifying Delta blues. Attendees can immerse themselves in the soul-stirring sounds of the blues throughout the event.

Craft beer takes center stage

As the name suggests, the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is not just about music; it also celebrates the art of craft brewing. The festival offers a vast selection of locally crafted beers from renowned breweries in the region. Beer enthusiasts can indulge in unique flavors and styles while enjoying the live music performances.

It features a stunning outdoor venue

The festival is held at a breathtaking outdoor venue that showcases the natural beauty of the Columbia Gorge. With majestic mountains and the scenic Columbia River as a backdrop, attendees can revel in the music and beer while taking in the stunning surroundings.

There are activities for the whole family

The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is a family-friendly event, offering activities and entertainment suitable for all ages. Alongside the live music performances and beer tastings, attendees can enjoy food vendors, art displays, and interactive games, making it a fun-filled day out for everyone.

It promotes local and regional artists

The festival is committed to supporting local and regional talent. In addition to showcasing established blues musicians, the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival provides a platform for up-and-coming artists to share their music with a larger audience. This dedication to nurturing the blues community adds to the festival’s vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

The festival incorporates environmental sustainability

The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is dedicated to minimizing its ecological impact. The organizers strive to implement sustainable practices such as recycling programs and reducing waste. Additionally, the festival promotes public transportation options to minimize carbon emissions and encourage responsible commuting.

Attendees can camp on-site

To fully immerse themselves in the festival experience, attendees have the option to camp on-site. This allows festivalgoers to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and extend their stay, creating lasting memories under the starry night sky.

It supports local charities and organizations

The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival has a strong commitment to giving back to the community. A portion of the festival’s proceeds are donated to local charities and organizations, contributing to important causes and making a positive impact in the region.

The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is an incredible celebration of blues music, craft beer, and community. With its stunning location, diverse lineup, and commitment to sustainability and giving back, it is no wonder that this festival has become a highlight on the annual events calendar. Whether you’re a blues aficionado, a craft beer enthusiast, or simply looking for a memorable experience, the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is not to be missed.


In conclusion, the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is a must-attend event for music and beer enthusiasts alike. With its picturesque location, impressive lineup of talented blues artists, and a wide selection of craft beers, this festival offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a fan of blues music, a beer connoisseur, or simply looking for a fun-filled weekend, the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival has something for everyone. So mark your calendars, grab your friends, and get ready to groove to the blues and savor some amazing brews at this incredible event.


1. When and where does the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival take place?

The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival usually takes place in late summer, typically in the month of August. It is held at Maryhill Winery Amphitheater, situated in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge region of Washington state.

2. How can I purchase tickets for the festival?

You can purchase tickets for the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival online through the official festival website or through authorized ticketing platforms. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance, as the festival tends to sell out quickly.

3. Are children allowed at the festival?

The festival is generally open to people of all ages. However, it is important to note that some areas or activities within the festival grounds might have age restrictions. It is advisable to check the festival’s website or contact the organizers directly for specific guidelines regarding children attending the event.

4. Are outside food and drinks allowed?

Outside food and beverages are typically not allowed at the festival. However, there are food vendors and beer stands available on-site where attendees can purchase refreshments.

5. What types of music can I expect at the festival?

The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival primarily focuses on blues music. You can expect a diverse lineup of talented blues artists, spanning various sub-genres of the blues genre. From soulful melodies to foot-tapping rhythms, the festival offers a great mix of blues music for all tastes.

6. Is camping available at the festival?

Yes, camping is available at the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival. The festival provides designated camping areas for attendees who wish to stay overnight. It is recommended to make camping arrangements in advance, as spaces can fill up quickly.

7. Can I bring my pets to the festival?

Pets are generally not allowed at the festival, except for service animals. It is important to check the festival’s official guidelines regarding pets and service animals before bringing them to the event.

8. Are there any nearby accommodations for those who do not wish to camp?

Yes, there are several accommodations available near the festival grounds for those who prefer not to camp. From hotels to vacation rentals, there are various options to suit different preferences and budgets. It is advisable to book accommodations in advance due to high demand during the festival period.

9. Is the festival wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Gorge Blues and Brews Festival strives to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. The festival grounds are equipped with wheelchair ramps and accessible facilities. Additionally, there are designated parking areas for people with disabilities. For any specific accessibility needs, it is recommended to contact the festival organizers beforehand to ensure a smooth experience.