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Québec City Summer Festival, also known as Festival d’été de Québec, is an annual music event that takes place in the beautiful city of Québec, Canada. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture, Québec City provides the perfect backdrop for this world-renowned festival. Every summer, for 11 days straight, the city comes alive with electrifying performances from local and international artists, attracting music enthusiasts from around the globe.

In this article, we will delve into 8 fascinating facts about the Québec City Summer Festival that make it a must-attend event for music lovers. From its humble beginnings to its impressive lineup of artists, you’ll discover why this festival has become an iconic and unforgettable experience for attendees.

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A Historic Celebration

The Quebec City Summer Festival, also known as Festival d’été de Québec, is one of the largest and most prestigious music festivals in Canada. It has been held annually since 1968, making it a historic event that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Quebec City.

Diverse Music Genres

This 11-day festival offers an impressive lineup of music from various genres, including rock, pop, indie, folk, jazz, electronic, and more. With over 250 shows taking place on multiple stages, there is something for everyone, ensuring an unforgettable experience for music lovers of all tastes and preferences.

International and Local Artists

The Quebec City Summer Festival attracts renowned international artists as well as local talents, providing a platform for both established musicians and emerging artists to showcase their skills and entertain a diverse audience. From legendary performers to up-and-coming acts, the festival offers a unique blend of musical talent.

Historic Venue

One of the highlights of the festival is its iconic location. Performances take place in various venues throughout the city, including the historic Plains of Abraham, which offers a beautiful backdrop for outdoor concerts. This historic site adds a special charm to the festival experience.

Interactive Street Performances

In addition to the main stage performances, the Quebec City Summer Festival also features vibrant street performances that bring the city to life. From lively street musicians and entertainers to art installations and interactive activities, the festival transforms the streets into a lively and engaging environment.

Cultural Workshops

The festival goes beyond music and offers a range of cultural workshops where attendees can immerse themselves in the traditions and arts of Quebec City. From dance workshops to culinary experiences and artistic demonstrations, these workshops provide a unique opportunity to engage with the local culture.

Family-Friendly Activities

The Quebec City Summer Festival is not just for music enthusiasts; it is a family-friendly event with activities catered to children as well. Kids can enjoy special performances, workshops, and entertainment tailored to their interests, making it a delightful experience for the whole family.

Vibrant Nightlife

The festival doesn’t stop when the sun sets; it comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene. After the main stage performances, attendees can explore the city’s bars, clubs, and nightlife venues offering late-night live music, DJ sets, and parties, ensuring an unforgettable experience that lasts long after the last show.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for an incredible experience at the Quebec City Summer Festival. Immerse yourself in the music, culture, and history of this iconic celebration. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of one of Canada’s most anticipated events.


In conclusion, the Quebec City Summer Festival is a vibrant and exciting event that truly comes alive during the summer months. With its rich history, diverse lineup of music genres, and stunning venues, it is no wonder that the festival attracts thousands of visitors each year. Whether you’re a music lover, a food enthusiast, or simply looking to experience the unique culture of Quebec City, this festival has something for everyone. So, mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of the Quebec City Summer Festival!


1. When does the Quebec City Summer Festival take place?
The festival takes place every year during the month of July, typically spanning over 11 days.

2. How many stages are there at the festival?
There are multiple stages spread across different locations in Quebec City, totaling to about 10 stages.

3. What genres of music can I expect to find at the festival?
The festival offers a diverse lineup of music genres, ranging from rock and pop to indie, hip-hop, electronic, and even world music.

4. Are there any age restrictions to attend the festival?
While the festival is open to all ages, some of the events and venues may have specific age restrictions. It is advisable to check the festival’s website for more information on age restrictions for individual shows.

5. Can I bring my own food and drinks to the festival?
Outside food and drinks are generally not allowed inside the festival venues. However, there are plenty of food stands and beverage options available for purchase throughout the festival grounds.

6. Are there any special accommodations for people with disabilities?
Yes, the festival has designated areas for people with disabilities and provides accessible entrances, viewing platforms, and restroom facilities. It is recommended to contact the festival organizers in advance to arrange any necessary accommodations.

7. Is there parking available at the festival?
Yes, there are various parking options available near the festival venues. However, it is recommended to use public transportation or taxi services as parking can be limited during peak festival days.

8. Can I buy tickets at the festival gate?
While some tickets may be available for purchase at the gate, it is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance to secure your spot, as the festival tends to sell out quickly.

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