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The Sun Valley Summer Symphony is a highly anticipated summer event for music enthusiasts and fans of classical and orchestral performances. Held annually in Sun Valley, Idaho, this symphony attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. With its breathtaking mountain backdrop and world-class musicians, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony offers an exceptional musical experience in a stunning outdoor setting.

In this article, we will share 14 interesting facts about the Sun Valley Summer Symphony that make it a must-visit event for music lovers. From its humble beginnings to its current status as one of the largest free-admission symphonies in the United States, we’ll take a closer look at the history, highlights, and unique features of this iconic summer event. So, if you’re curious to learn more about the Sun Valley Summer Symphony, let’s dive in and explore what makes it so special!

Key Takeaways:

  • Sun Valley Summer Symphony offers free world-class performances in a stunning mountain setting, featuring diverse musical genres and renowned guest artists. It’s a must-see cultural gem for music lovers of all ages.
  • The symphony actively engages with the community through educational programs, outdoor concerts, and sustainability initiatives. It’s a unique and inclusive musical experience that fosters a love for orchestral music among all audiences.
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Sun Valley Summer Symphony is one of the largest free-admission orchestras in America.

Founded in 1985 by Glenn and Harvey Boyd, this symphony has been attracting music lovers from all over the country for over three decades. With its commitment to offering world-class performances free of charge, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony has gained a reputation as a cultural gem.

The symphony takes place annually in Sun Valley, Idaho.

This picturesque resort town nestled in the Rocky Mountains serves as the perfect backdrop for the enchanting musical performances. Visitors can immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty while enjoying the symphony’s exquisite melodies.

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony boasts a renowned guest artist series.

Throughout the summer season, the symphony invites world-class soloists and conductors to perform alongside its talented musicians. This collaboration results in breathtaking performances that leave audiences in awe.

The symphony features a wide range of musical genres.

From classical masterpieces to contemporary compositions, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony covers a vast spectrum of musical styles. Audiences can experience the richness and diversity of the orchestral repertoire during the summer performances.

Every year, around 100 instrumentalists perform with the symphony.

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony attracts top-notch musicians from renowned orchestras across the globe. These talented individuals come together to create harmonious sounds that resonate throughout the Sun Valley community.

The symphony collaborates with the local community.

In addition to its world-class performances, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony actively engages with the community through its educational programs and outreach initiatives. This commitment to music education ensures that future generations have the opportunity to appreciate and participate in orchestral music.

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony hosts master classes and workshops for aspiring musicians.

Aspiring musicians can benefit from the symphony’s educational programs, which offer valuable insights and guidance from professional musicians. These master classes and workshops provide a platform for young talent to refine their skills and pursue their passion for music.

The symphony presents outdoor concerts in the beautiful Sun Valley Pavilion.

The Sun Valley Pavilion, an expansive outdoor venue, offers the perfect setting for al fresco performances. Attendees can relax on the lawn and enjoy the symphony’s captivating melodies under the starlit sky.

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony is committed to sustainability.

Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, the symphony actively takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes initiatives such as using eco-friendly materials and promoting sustainable practices.

The symphony attracts a diverse audience.

From classical music enthusiasts to families seeking a memorable cultural experience, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. Its inclusive atmosphere fosters a sense of unity and appreciation for the arts.

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony offers pre-concert lectures.

Prior to each performance, informative lectures are conducted to provide audiences with a deeper understanding of the music being performed. These lectures enhance the concert experience by offering insights into the composers and their works.

The symphony collaborates with local schools and music programs.

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony understands the importance of music education in schools. By partnering with local educational institutions and music programs, the symphony helps foster a love for music among young students.

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony relies on the generosity of donors.

As a free-admission orchestra, the symphony relies on the support of generous donors and sponsors to continue offering its world-class performances. Their contributions play a vital role in ensuring the longevity and success of the symphony.

The symphony’s performances are a highlight of the summer season in Sun Valley.

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony has become an integral part of the summer experience in Sun Valley. Its enchanting performances attract locals and tourists alike, creating unforgettable musical memories.


In conclusion, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony is a remarkable event that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for music lovers. With its rich history, breathtaking setting, world-class musicians, and diverse repertoire, this symphony has become a beloved tradition in Sun Valley, Idaho.Whether you are a seasoned classical music enthusiast or new to the symphony scene, attending the Sun Valley Summer Symphony is a must-do summer activity. From the picturesque outdoor venue to the awe-inspiring performances, the symphony captures the essence of summer in Sun Valley.So mark your calendars and prepare for an enchanting musical journey at the Sun Valley Summer Symphony. Immerse yourself in the beauty of live orchestral music while surrounded by the stunning natural landscapes. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.


1. When does the Sun Valley Summer Symphony take place?

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony typically takes place from late July to early August, with a series of concerts spread across several weeks.

2. Is admission to the Sun Valley Summer Symphony free?

Yes, admission to the Sun Valley Summer Symphony is free for all. It is a community-supported event that aims to make classical music accessible to everyone.

3. Can I bring my own food and beverages to the concerts?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages to the Sun Valley Summer Symphony concerts. Picnicking is a popular activity among attendees, but there are also food and beverage vendors available on-site.

4. Are the concerts suitable for children?

Yes, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony concerts are suitable for children of all ages. It is a family-friendly event, and children are encouraged to attend and experience the magic of live orchestral music.

5. Are there any specific seating arrangements?

Seating at the Sun Valley Summer Symphony is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, there is ample space for attendees to bring their own blankets, chairs, or cushions for a comfortable seating experience.

6. Is the Sun Valley Summer Symphony accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Absolutely. The symphony strives to accommodate individuals with disabilities. There are designated accessible seating areas as well as accessible parking options available.

7. Can I bring my furry friend to the symphony concerts?

While pets are generally not allowed at the Sun Valley Summer Symphony concerts, service animals that are trained to assist individuals with disabilities are permitted.

8. Are there any additional events or activities during the Sun Valley Summer Symphony?

Yes, in addition to the symphony concerts, there are often pre-concert talks, educational programs, and other special events that take place throughout the summer festival. Check the official website for a complete schedule.

9. How early should I arrive to secure a good spot?

To secure a prime spot for the Sun Valley Summer Symphony concerts, it is recommended to arrive at least an hour before the start time. This will give you ample time to find parking, set up your seating area, and enjoy the pre-concert atmosphere.

10. Can I take photographs or videos during the performances?

Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited during the Sun Valley Summer Symphony performances. This policy is in place to ensure an uninterrupted and immersive experience for all attendees.

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