Issy Bae

Issy Bae

Published: 04 Aug 2023


The Pozna? International Fair is one of the most iconic and prestigious events in the world of trade shows and exhibitions. With a rich history dating back over a century, this annual fair attracts millions of visitors from around the globe. Located in the vibrant city of Pozna?, Poland, the fair showcases a diverse range of industries and provides a platform for businesses to connect, network, and showcase their products and services.

With its extensive exhibition space, state-of-the-art facilities, and a wide range of events and activities, the Pozna? International Fair has established itself as a key player in the global events industry. In this article, we will explore 14 fascinating facts about the Pozna? International Fair that highlight its significance, influence, and impact on the business world.

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The Pozna? International Fair is one of the oldest and largest trade fair events in Poland.

The Pozna? International Fair, also known as MTP, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in It continues to be a prominent platform for a wide range of industries to showcase their products and services.

The fair covers an impressive area of approximately 100,000 square meters.

With its extensive exhibition space, the fair can accommodate numerous exhibitors and attract a large number of visitors from around the world.

More than 80 countries participate in the Pozna? International Fair.

This global event attracts exhibitors and visitors from a diverse range of countries, making it an international hub for business and networking opportunities.

The fair features over 50 specialized industry sectors.

From automotive and construction to fashion and food, the Pozna? International Fair covers a wide array of industries, catering to the interests and needs of various sectors.

It hosts over 40 international exhibitions annually.

With its robust schedule, the fair offers a diverse range of exhibitions throughout the year, providing ample opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and connect with potential partners.

The Pozna? International Fair attracts over 700,000 visitors every year.

With its reputation as a premier trade fair event, the fair draws a large crowd of industry professionals, buyers, and enthusiasts who are eager to explore the latest trends and innovations.

It promotes business collaborations and partnerships.

The fair serves as a platform for companies to establish new partnerships, expand their network, and engage in fruitful business collaborations, fostering growth and development in various industries.

It offers a wide range of accompanying events and conferences.

Alongside the exhibitions, the Pozna? International Fair organizes conferences, seminars, and workshops, providing valuable insights and facilitating knowledge exchange among industry experts.

The fair contributes to the economic development of the region.

With its significant impact on the local economy, the fair plays a crucial role in driving trade, attracting investments, and promoting the growth of businesses in the region.

It showcases the latest technological advancements and innovations.

At the Pozna? International Fair, exhibitors have the opportunity to present cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that can revolutionize various industries.

The fair promotes sustainable practices.

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, the Pozna? International Fair encourages exhibitors and attendees to adopt eco-friendly practices, showcasing environmentally conscious products and initiatives.

It stimulates tourism in Pozna?.

The fair attracts visitors from across the globe, contributing to the growth of the tourism industry in Pozna? and providing a boost to the local hospitality sector.

The Pozna? International Fair hosts a wide range of cultural and entertainment events.

In addition to the business-focused exhibitions, the fair organizes cultural events, music concerts, and entertainment programs, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

It is a platform for international networking and idea exchange.

The Pozna? International Fair brings together professionals and industry leaders from different parts of the world, fostering cross-cultural interactions, and facilitating the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

These 14 facts illustrate the significance and impact of the Pozna? International Fair in the business world. The fair continues to serve as a beacon for industries to connect, innovate, and thrive, making it a must-attend event for businesses and professionals around the globe.


The Pozna? International Fair is undoubtedly one of the most significant events in the global trade fair industry. With a rich history spanning over a century, it has grown into an influential platform for businesses from various sectors to showcase their products and services. The fair offers a unique opportunity for networking, partnerships, and exploring emerging trends in the market.With its vast exhibition area and diverse range of industries represented, the Pozna? International Fair continues to attract thousands of exhibitors and visitors from all corners of the world. The event not only promotes economic growth but also fosters cultural exchange and intercultural understanding.As the fair continues to evolve, it remains a hub of innovation, knowledge sharing, and business development. Whether you’re a business owner, industry professional, or simply interested in the latest trends, attending the Pozna? International Fair is an experience not to be missed.


1. When is the Pozna? International Fair held?
The Pozna? International Fair is held annually. The specific dates may vary, but it typically takes place in the spring or autumn.

2. How can I register as an exhibitor at the fair?
To register as an exhibitor, you can visit the official website of the Pozna? International Fair and follow the registration process outlined there. It usually requires providing necessary details about your business and the products or services you wish to showcase.

3. Can I attend the fair as a visitor?
Yes, the fair is open to visitors. You can purchase tickets either online or at the venue during the fair dates.

4. Is there a specific theme for each edition of the fair?
Yes, each edition of the Pozna? International Fair has a specific theme or focus area. This allows exhibitors and visitors to have a more targeted and specialized experience.

5. Are there any networking opportunities available?
Absolutely! The Pozna? International Fair provides plenty of networking opportunities for attendees. Be sure to participate in various seminars, conferences, and events organized during the fair to connect with industry professionals and potentially make valuable business contacts.

6. Can I find accommodation near the fairgrounds?
Yes, there are several hotels and accommodations available in close proximity to the fairgrounds. It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance to secure a convenient location.

7. Are there any special attractions or entertainment programs at the fair?
Yes, the fair often includes special attractions, entertainment programs, and live demonstrations to make the experience more engaging and enjoyable for visitors.

8. Can I find food and refreshments at the fair?
Yes, there are multiple food stalls and refreshment areas within the fairgrounds, offering a wide range of cuisines to cater to different tastes and preferences.

9. Is the fair accessible for people with disabilities?
Yes, the organizers of the Pozna? International Fair make efforts to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. There are ramps, elevators, and designated restrooms in place to accommodate their needs.

10. What are the main benefits of attending the Pozna? International Fair?
Attending the fair allows you to gain valuable insights into industry trends, discover new products and technologies, expand your network, and explore potential business partnerships. It is a great opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and enhance your professional growth.