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The Jersey Kite Festival is an annual event that draws kite enthusiasts and spectators from near and far. Held in the beautiful surroundings of Jersey, this festival celebrates the artistry and joy of kite flying. Whether you’re a seasoned kite flyer or simply looking for a fun day out with family and friends, this event promises to deliver a colorful and exciting experience.

In this article, we will uncover eight fascinating facts about the Jersey Kite Festival. From its rich history to the mesmerizing display of kites in the sky, this festival showcases the beauty and diversity of kite flying. So, grab your blanket and sunscreen, and get ready to be amazed by this extraordinary event.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Jersey Kite Festival is an annual event that brings together kite enthusiasts from around the world to showcase their unique designs and skills, offering fun activities for all ages.
  • The festival promotes environmental awareness and offers a picturesque location, exciting competitions, workshops, live entertainment, and delicious food, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere for all attendees.
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The Jersey Kite Festival is an annual event

The Jersey Kite Festival takes place every year and is eagerly anticipated by kite enthusiasts and families alike. This vibrant event showcases an array of colorful kites flying high in the sky.

The festival attracts kite flyers from all over the world

Kite flyers from different countries come together to showcase their unique kite designs and skills at the Jersey Kite Festival. It offers a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and celebration.

It is held at a picturesque location

The festival is held at a scenic spot along the coastline of Jersey, providing a breathtaking backdrop for the kite flying activities. Participants and spectators can enjoy the stunning views of the ocean while admiring the beautiful kites in the sky.

There are various kite flying competitions

The Jersey Kite Festival features a range of exciting competitions for kite enthusiasts of all ages. From traditional single-line flying to intricate stunt kite displays, there is something for everyone to enjoy and participate in.

Workshops and demonstrations are offered

In addition to the kite flying competitions, the festival also offers workshops and demonstrations for those interested in learning more about the art of kite making and flying. Participants can get hands-on experience and tips from experienced kite flyers.

There are fun activities for children

The festival organizers ensure that there are plenty of fun activities for children during the event. Kids can participate in kite making workshops, enjoy face painting, and even try their hand at flying small kites designed specifically for them.

Live entertainment and food stalls

The Jersey Kite Festival is not just about kites. It also offers live entertainment, including music performances and cultural displays, creating a festive atmosphere for all attendees. Additionally, there are food stalls offering a variety of delicious treats to satisfy hunger during the festivities.

It promotes environmental awareness

The festival emphasizes the importance of preserving the environment and encourages participants to use eco-friendly materials for their kites. This focus on environmental responsibility adds an extra layer of significance to the event.


In conclusion, the Jersey Kite Festival is a remarkable event that combines the beauty of nature with the artistry of kite flying. With a rich history and a wide array of activities, it offers something for everyone to enjoy. From the stunning display of colorful kites filling the sky to the exhilarating kite flying competitions, this festival celebrates the joy and creativity of kite flying.Whether you are a kite enthusiast or simply looking for a fun-filled day out with your family, the Jersey Kite Festival is an event that should not be missed. So mark your calendars and make sure to attend this exciting festival to experience the thrill and wonder of kite flying in Jersey.


Q: When and where does the Jersey Kite Festival take place?

A: The Jersey Kite Festival takes place annually in the month of September at St. Aubin’s Bay, located in Jersey, a British Crown Dependency off the coast of Normandy, France.

Q: Is the Jersey Kite Festival suitable for children?

A: Absolutely! The festival is family-friendly and offers various activities that cater to children of all ages, including kite making workshops, face painting, and kite flying demonstrations.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the types of kites that can be flown at the festival?

A: The festival welcomes a wide variety of kites, from traditional diamond-shaped kites to intricate designer kites. However, for safety reasons, there may be restrictions on the size and weight of the kites that can be flown.

Q: Can I participate in the kite flying competitions at the Jersey Kite Festival?

A: Yes, the festival offers opportunities for kite enthusiasts to participate in various kite flying competitions, such as precision flying, aerial ballet, and team flying. Check the festival’s website for more information on how to register for these competitions.

Q: Is there an admission fee for the Jersey Kite Festival?

A: The festival is free to attend, and there is no admission fee. However, there may be charges for certain activities or workshops within the festival grounds.

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