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The Ukulele Hooley By The Sea is a vibrant and music-filled event that celebrates the unique and enchanting sounds of the ukulele. Held annually, this gathering draws ukulele enthusiasts from all around the world to experience a weekend of fun, laughter, and melodic strumming by the sea. From its humble beginnings, the event has grown into a must-attend festival for ukulele lovers of all skill levels.

In this article, we will explore 13 fascinating facts about the Ukulele Hooley By The Sea, from its origins to its incredible lineup of performers. Whether you are a dedicated ukulele player or simply intrigued by this charming instrument, this article will give you an inside look into what makes this event so special and why it continues to capture the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ukulele Hooley By The Sea is a global ukulele paradise with workshops, performances, and a seaside strum-along, uniting enthusiasts from around the world for a joyous celebration of music and community.
  • The event embraces musical diversity, supports local causes, and fosters a strong sense of community, making it a family-friendly festival that spreads the joy and happiness of the ukulele to all ages.
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The Birth of Ukulele Hooley By The Sea

Ukulele Hooley By The Sea was first held in 2009 and has since grown into one of the most anticipated ukulele festivals in the world. It takes place in the beautiful seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, just outside of Dublin, Ireland.

A Ukulele Paradise

Ukulele Hooley By The Sea offers a paradise for ukulele lovers, with workshops, performances, jam sessions, and open mic opportunities. It’s a fantastic chance to learn from some of the best ukulele players and instructors from around the globe.

International Talent

The event attracts ukulele enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, making it a truly international affair. Musicians and ukulele aficionados from the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and many other countries come together to share their love for the instrument.

The Main Stage Extravaganza

Ukulele Hooley By The Sea features a main stage where both established and up-and-coming ukulele artists perform. From solo acts to ukulele orchestras, the talent on display is truly awe-inspiring.

Workshops for All Levels

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, there’s a workshop for you at Ukulele Hooley By The Sea. Renowned ukulele teachers offer a variety of workshops catering to different skill levels, ensuring that everyone can improve their playing abilities.

Strumming Along the Seaside

One of the highlights of Ukulele Hooley By The Sea is the popular seaside strum-along. Participants gather on the beach, ukuleles in hand, to play and sing along to beloved ukulele tunes while enjoying the scenic coastal views.

Guinness World Records

Ukulele Hooley By The Sea holds the distinction of attempting and breaking Guinness World Records related to the ukulele. Past records include the largest ukulele ensemble and the most ukuleles played simultaneously.

The Ukulele Marketplace

The event features a vibrant marketplace where attendees can browse and purchase ukuleles, accessories, and merchandise from a variety of vendors. It’s the perfect place to find your dream ukulele or expand your collection.

Community Spirit

Ukulele Hooley By The Sea fosters a strong sense of community among attendees. It’s a place where ukulele enthusiasts from all walks of life can come together, bond over their shared love for the instrument, and form lifelong friendships.

A Family-Friendly Event

Ukulele Hooley By The Sea is a family-friendly festival, welcoming attendees of all ages. Children can participate in dedicated workshops and activities, ensuring that the love for the ukulele is passed down to future generations.

Supporting Local Causes

Ukulele Hooley By The Sea is not just about music; it also aims to give back to the community. The event supports local charitable causes and raises funds for organizations that make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Embracing Musical Diversity

Ukulele Hooley By The Sea celebrates the versatility of the ukulele by showcasing a wide range of musical genres. From traditional Hawaiian tunes to modern pop, blues, and jazz, there’s something for everyone’s musical taste.

The Joy of Strumming

Above all, Ukulele Hooley By The Sea is a celebration of the joy and happiness that the ukulele brings to people’s lives. It’s a reminder that music has the power to unite and uplift, and the ukulele is the perfect instrument to spread that joy.


Ukulele Hooley By The Sea is an incredible event that brings together ukulele enthusiasts from around the world. With its stunning location, amazing performances, and interactive workshops, it offers a unique and unforgettable experience for both players and spectators. The festival’s commitment to showcasing the diversity and versatility of the ukulele is truly commendable, and its friendly and welcoming atmosphere creates a sense of belonging and community among attendees.

If you’re a fan of the ukulele or simply looking for a fun and engaging event to attend, Ukulele Hooley By The Sea is definitely worth checking out. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness world-class performances, participate in workshops led by talented musicians, and connect with other music lovers who share your passion for this amazing instrument.


Q: When and where does Ukulele Hooley By The Sea take place?

A: Ukulele Hooley By The Sea takes place annually in the seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. The festival typically occurs in August, making it the perfect summer getaway for ukulele enthusiasts.

Q: Are there tickets available for Ukulele Hooley By The Sea?

A: Yes, there are tickets available for Ukulele Hooley By The Sea. You can purchase them online through the festival’s official website or at the event’s registration desk during the festival days.

Q: Is Ukulele Hooley By The Sea suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Ukulele Hooley By The Sea caters to ukulele players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. The festival offers workshops and tutorials specifically designed for beginners, allowing them to learn and improve their ukulele skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Q: Can I bring my own ukulele to Ukulele Hooley By The Sea?

A: Yes, you are encouraged to bring your own ukulele to Ukulele Hooley By The Sea. However, if you don’t have your own instrument, there are usually opportunities to borrow or rent ukuleles during the festival.

Q: Are there accommodations available near the festival venue?

A: Absolutely! Dun Laoghaire offers a wide range of accommodation options, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, and rental apartments. It is recommended to book your accommodations in advance to ensure availability and convenience.

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