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Marrissa Cheung

Modified & Updated: 24 Jan 2024


The Killington Wine Festival is an eagerly anticipated event that takes place annually in the picturesque town of Killington, Vermont. Wine enthusiasts, food lovers, and nature enthusiasts all come together to celebrate the world of wine in this charming mountain setting. With its stunning scenery, delectable wines, and a wide range of activities, the Killington Wine Festival has become a highlight of the summer season.

This article will explore 11 fascinating facts about the Killington Wine Festival, from its history and origins to the various activities and wine tasting experiences that attendees can enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply looking for a unique and enjoyable event to attend, the Killington Wine Festival has something for everyone. So grab a glass of your favorite wine and join us as we delve into the exciting world of the Killington Wine Festival.

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The Killington Wine Festival has been a staple event for wine lovers.

The Killington Wine Festival is an annual event that attracts wine enthusiasts from all over the country. This popular festival showcases a wide variety of wines from local and international wineries. With its picturesque setting in the beautiful mountains of Killington, Vermont, it provides the perfect backdrop for a weekend of indulging in delicious wines and enjoying the company of fellow wine lovers.

Over 30 wineries participate in the festival.

One of the highlights of the Killington Wine Festival is the impressive lineup of wineries that participate in the event. Attendees have the opportunity to sample a vast selection of wines, including reds, whites, rosés, and even sparkling wines. Whether you have a preference for bold reds or crisp whites, there is something for every palate at this festival.

Guests can also enjoy local food and live music.

The Killington Wine Festival goes beyond just wine tasting. In addition to the wide variety of wines available, guests can also indulge in delicious local food. From artisanal cheese and charcuterie plates to gourmet dishes prepared by renowned local chefs, there is no shortage of delectable options to pair with your wine. To add to the festive atmosphere, live music performances by talented local artists create a vibrant ambiance throughout the event.

There are educational seminars and wine pairings offered during the festival.

The Killington Wine Festival is not just about sampling wines, it also offers educational seminars and interactive sessions for wine enthusiasts. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about different wine regions, varietals, and even wine-making techniques from industry experts. Additionally, wine pairing workshops provide valuable insights on how to best match wines with various foods, enhancing the overall tasting experience.

The festival takes place over a weekend in July.

The Killington Wine Festival usually spans over a weekend in July, allowing attendees to truly immerse themselves in the world of wine. The event is carefully curated to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all guests. Whether you are a wine connoisseur looking to discover new favorites or a casual wine lover seeking a fun-filled weekend getaway, the Killington Wine Festival offers an unforgettable experience.

It offers a range of ticket options to suit different preferences.

The festival organizers understand that guests have different preferences and budgets, which is why they offer various ticket options. From general admission tickets that grant access to wine tastings and live music, to VIP packages that offer additional perks such as exclusive tastings and early entry, there is a ticket option to suit every attendee’s needs.

The Killington Wine Festival supports local charities.

In addition to celebrating the world of wine, the Killington Wine Festival also takes pride in giving back to the community. The festival often partners with local charities and organizations, donating a portion of the proceeds to support their causes. This allows attendees to enjoy great wine while making a positive impact on the local community.

It attracts both locals and tourists alike.

The Killington Wine Festival is highly anticipated by both locals and tourists. For locals, it is a chance to showcase the local wine and culinary scene and support the community. For tourists, it offers a unique opportunity to experience the charm of Killington and indulge in the region’s finest wines. It is an event that brings people together and fosters a sense of camaraderie among wine enthusiasts.

It provides a platform for wineries to showcase their products.

The Killington Wine Festival serves as a platform for wineries to showcase their products and gain exposure. For smaller, lesser-known wineries, this event offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with a wider audience and potentially attract new customers. It is a win-win situation where festival-goers get to discover hidden gems and wineries get to share their passion for winemaking.

The festival offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

One of the unique aspects of the Killington Wine Festival is its breathtaking location amidst the scenic mountains. As attendees sip on their favorite wines, they are treated to panoramic views of the lush greenery and majestic peaks. This natural backdrop adds an extra layer of beauty and serenity to the overall wine-tasting experience.

The festival promotes responsible wine consumption and safety.

The organizers of the Killington Wine Festival emphasize the importance of responsible wine consumption and the safety of all attendees. They provide designated driver tickets, promote the use of ride-sharing services, and work closely with local law enforcement to ensure a safe environment for everyone. This commitment to responsible drinking ensures that attendees can enjoy the festival without any concerns.


The Killington Wine Festival is a must-attend event for wine enthusiasts and those looking to explore the world of wine. With its beautiful location in the heart of the Green Mountains, this festival offers a unique and memorable experience. From wine tastings and seminars to food pairings and live music, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just curious about learning more about different varietals, the Killington Wine Festival is sure to delight your senses and leave you with lasting memories. So mark your calendars and get ready to sip, swirl, and savor at this incredible event.


1. When and where does the Killington Wine Festival take place?

The Killington Wine Festival is held annually in mid-July in Killington, Vermont. The event takes place at the Killington Resort, a picturesque mountain resort known for its stunning views.

2. What can I expect at the Killington Wine Festival?

At the festival, you can expect a wide variety of wine tastings from both local and international vineyards. There are also educational seminars, food pairings, and live entertainment to enhance your wine-tasting experience.

3. How much does it cost to attend the Killington Wine Festival?

The cost of attending the Killington Wine Festival varies depending on the events you want to participate in. Tickets can be purchased in advance online, and there are often different tiers of pricing options available.

4. Can I bring my own food and drink to the festival?

Outside food and drink are not allowed at the festival. However, there are food vendors offering delicious bites to pair with your wine, as well as water stations to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

5. Is the Killington Wine Festival suitable for families?

The Killington Wine Festival is primarily an adult-focused event. While children are allowed to attend, the festival is centered around wine tastings and adult entertainment. It may not be the most suitable environment for young children.

6. Are there accommodations available near the festival?

Yes, there are various lodging options available near the Killington Resort, including hotels, inns, and vacation rentals. It is advisable to book your accommodations in advance as they tend to fill up quickly during the festival weekend.

7. Is parking available at the festival?

Yes, there is parking available at the Killington Resort for festival attendees. However, it is recommended to arrive early as parking spaces can fill up, especially during peak hours.

8. Are pets allowed at the Killington Wine Festival?

While pets are generally not allowed at the festival, there may be exceptions for service animals. It is best to contact the festival organizers in advance to confirm their policy on pets.

9. Can I purchase wine at the festival?

Yes, many wineries participating in the festival offer bottles of their wines for sale. It’s a great opportunity to discover new wines and take home some favorites.

10. Are there non-alcoholic options available at the festival?

Yes, there are often non-alcoholic beverage options available at the festival, including refreshing mocktails and soft drinks. These options cater to those who prefer not to consume alcohol.

11. How can I stay updated on the latest news and updates about the Killington Wine Festival?

You can visit the official website of the Killington Wine Festival to stay updated on the latest news, updates, and ticket information. You can also follow their social media channels for real-time updates and announcements.