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It is abundantly clear that electric bikes are becoming ever more widespread in everyday life. With the advancement of technology, e-bikes are now a new trend in the market because of their efficiency and how amazing they are.

Technology is always improving, making it available to anyone who wants to give it a try. This also applies to the evolution of electric bikes.

E-bikes have grown to be a highly popular mode of transportation for everyone. Users include commuters, recreational bikers, and those who no longer ride traditional bikes for reasons of age or other disabilities.

While there are numerous things to know about electric bikes, we have brought for you the seven most interesting facts about electric bikes you probably didn’t know.

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China is the biggest producer of e-bikes.

While you would not readily think of China as a particularly eco-friendly place, one of the most interesting facts about e-bikes is that China is the biggest supplier and manufacturer of e-bikes on a global scale. Around thirty-six million e-bikes are made in China annually.

Pedal-assist electric bicycles are the most popular e-bikes.

The most popular electric bike among consumers is the pedal-assisted electric bicycle, taking up 88.36% of the global market. Pedal-assist electric bikes give riders the opportunity to experience riding bikes in the traditional way, albeit with much support from the electrical engine.

Hence, it is recommended for both the elderly and the younger crowd to go for pedal-assist electric bicycles. But there are other types of e-bikes as well such as throttle e-bikes where you don’t need to peddle at all. So you need to know which type of e-bike you want when getting a bike that’s electric.

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Most e-bikes have advanced charging systems.

Since 2019, the majority of e-bikes have included advanced charging technology. The battery and charger in electric bikes work together to provide extremely efficient charging. It has the ability to charge up to sixty percent in less than two hours. Additionally, you can fully charge a five-hundred-watt battery on an electric bike from naught in just 220 minutes. Finally, you can also conveniently charge the battery of the bike even if it’s in use.

In order to maintain optimal heat regulation for greater safety and extended battery life, the battery condition is automatically monitored throughout the charging process. For instance, if a battery cell starts to get too warm. The charging mechanism is sophisticated and smart enough to transfer charge to another battery cell, thereby, protecting the health of your bike’s battery.

E-bikes use smart assistance technology.

E-bikes also use the Smart Assist technology, which provides the best rides. You can completely concentrate on enjoying the ride because Smart Assist eliminates the need to adjust e-bike settings manually. It provides you with the required support automatically, just like a car with automatic transmission.

While not every bike may have this feature, more and more e-bikes are getting this feature. The clever system calculates the ideal amount of electricity a rider requires using sensors and cutting-edge algorithms. The end result is a riding experience that is incredibly smooth, natural, simple, and enjoyable for the rider.

E-bikes also have walk assistance.

Along with smart assistance, walk assistance is a fantastic feature of electric bikes that you probably weren’t aware of. Imagine you have to transport your bike, particularly up a very steep slope. The load of the bike combined with gravity can render the bike much more difficult to control. With this function, it will be very helpful.

When you activate walk assist mode, your bike gives you a certain level of assistance power to help you maneuver the bike. This is particularly helpful if you need to push your bike over obstacles along trails or to a certain location. By reducing the bike’s weight, this support makes it easier to manage the bike’s direction and less difficult to handle.

E-bikes come with wireless compatibility.

While walk and smart assistance are truly genius features, e-bikes can also link to a variety of wireless computers as well as the internet. The majority of e-bikes can display all the pertinent data about your ride. This includes the distance traveled, the average speed, the cadence, the rider’s heart rate, and various other things that would probably surprise you.

But more crucially, it can provide information particular to electric bikes, such as remaining range, level of assistance, and battery life. With this, you can always know how well your e-bike is working even when you’re out riding.

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E-bikes are extremely cost-effective.

Lastly, the most interesting thing about electric bikes might be how little they might cost you. If you calculate the cost of a four-door passenger automobile on a yearly basis, you may come up with a figure of $9761.

Riding an e-bike costs significantly less per year. Electric battery charging, yearly maintenance, battery maintenance, and a few other costs add up to a total of a few hundred dollars, which is considerably less than the cost of a car.


Electronic bikes are an amazing mode of transportation in general. We hope that these seven facts about electric bikes will inspire you to get an electric bike. After all it can help you travel to work or even be a great health benefit if used for exercise!

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